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3-way merge tools for Mac that show 4 panes

I’m a fan of the 4-pane approach to 3-way file merging. In particular, being able to see Branch A, Branch B, and the ancestor of A and B in 3 read-only panes, then a 4th read-write pane which shows the results of your merge. However, I’ve been unable to find a 4-pane merge tool for […]

Git clone on Mac with HTTPS not working

I use Git in Windows and Linux on a daily basis and I was just trying to get it going on my Mac but am having an issue doing a simple git clone. I used the installer from the Git website as well as the bash script which adds the environment variable in ~/.MacOSX I […]

Disable osxkeychain credential helper in git as installed by Xcode

I need to disable the git credential helper for OS X: git-credential-osxkeychain I’m using git as installed by Xcode Command Line Utilities 4.6.2 in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3. In this installation the default behavior of git pull or git push is for the password to be remembered, thereby freeing the user from having to […]

'git apply' failed with code 1: patch does not apply error in SourceTree on Stage Hunk

When I attempt to stage a hunk or some lines, I get the following error in SourceTree on OS X: Staging entire files works fine. The path of this repo lives on a Windows virtual machine running in Parallels. I suspect a whitespace or newline issue. How do I make this work without reverting to […]

git ignore for directories with spaces on Mac OS X

I’m trying to add some patterns to my .gitignore file to ignore *.mode1v3 and *.pbxuser files generated by Xcode. However, my app name has a space in it, so the files I want to ignore are in the Foo Bar.xcodeproj/ directory. Adding variants of these patterns don’t seem to work: *.mode1v3 Foo Bar.xcodeproj/ Foo Bar.xcodeproj/*.mode1v3 […]

Cannot clone github repo without being logged in as root, regardless of sudo

Running on OSX -> git clone https://github.com/…/project.git Cloning into ‘project’… remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/…/project.git/’ not found …:repos …$ sudo git clone https://github.com/…/project.git Cloning into ‘project’… remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/…/project.git/’ not found …:repos …$ sudo su sh-3.2# git clone https://github.com/…/project.git Cloning into ‘project’… remote: Counting objects: 122, done. remote: Compressing […]

How do I configure git to inherit my specific $PATH environment variable?

My goal is to have a set of dot files shared between the many shell accounts I have so that I can have a similar environment in each one. Because of that, I don’t want machine/environment specific information in my .git files or my .bash files. On my MacOSX machine, the default emacs version is […]

git unable to find certificate in keychain after updating to macOS Sierra

After upgrading to macOS 10.12 Sierra I’m unable to sync with my encrypted SSL git server. The certificate still works fine while accessing the server through Safari. I get this message when trying to push to the server: fatal: unable to access ‘https://….’: SSL: Can’t find the certificate “….” and its private key in the […]

Git repository icon

Is there an accepted path and/or filename scheme for Git repository icons? I noticed that two of the apps I use most frequently (Tower for Mac and Bitbucket.org) have entirely different ways of specifying repository icons: Bitbucket.org requires adding it via the site’s UI, while tower asks to add an icon.png file in the repo […]

Updated Git but still showing old version

I downloaded and installed Git from this link: http://git-scm.com/downloads. However, when I run git –version from the Terminal I get: [~/workspace/ruby]: git –version git version I’ve tried restarting the terminal and my computer. I then tried using the info at https://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/wiki/Uninstall. I did the following in the terminal from within /usr: sudo rm […]

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