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Tower can't connect to git (permission denied) when certificate has different name

I can’t connect to to GitHub repo from Tower (Mac OS X), getting permission denied error. I suppose this is caused by different certificate name (github_rsa not id_rsa). I added identity to ssh and from Terminal everything is working correctly. Any suggestions?

How do I force Git to use the owner and permissions of the enclosing folder?

I have been noticing that when I pull changes to my server that it automatically adds group write access to the files that are changed. However since I am using suPHP that causes a 500 error, so I am needing to disregard any permissions and ownership that the Git repo may have and replace it […]

Icons on Git Files in local machine

I am coming from SVN world! and with Tortoise SVN if I was looking at my folders and files they had small icons like a green check mark, a blue plus sign, etc so I could visually see what is changed,etc…But I can’t see that visual thing for Git, I installed GitHub for Mac from […]

Git rebase error: This application will not run on your computer

I’m trying to change my commit message using git rebase -i HEAD~2 But when I do it i got a window with a message This application will not run on your computer. Sorry! At terminal I have: /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.0/ usr/lib/ruby/2.0.0/universal-darwin13/rbconfig.rb:212: warning: Insecure world writable dir /Volumes/SSS/Work in PATH, mode 040777 button returned:OK Successfully rebased and updated […]

MacOS Terminal: how to use a seccond ssh key?

I’m working on MacOS and want an SSH/Git login with a seccond ssh-key. I have two key pairs in ~/.ssh/ id_rsa id_rsa.pub id_rsa.gitlab id_rsa.gitlab.pub id_rsa and id_rsa.pub are the older key. This key is working fine. But where the second key is needed, i can’t login. It trys the first key and fails. Running this […]

GIt GUI (SourceTree, Github for Mac, Tower) apps show all files as modified

We have a local development server set up, with Git and whatnot installed. The server is mounted in Finder, which makes it believe it is “local” (from a GUI perspective). I can SSH into the server, run a git status and it returns the results I expect – only modified files showing up as modified, […]

textmate does not save commit message

I’m installing git on a new Mac mini with textmate2 and git It works quite fine, but when I use gca (git commit -v -a) it doesn’t act as before. It opens textmate2 so I can type my commit message, but when I save and close it doesn’t jump back to terminal as before. […]

git-svn: On Mac, “error: git-svn died of signal 6” while using git svn dcommit

I’m using git 1.8 (from MacPorts) on Mac OS X 10.8. svn version 1.7.7. I have a remote repo recently upgraded from svn1.6 to svn 1.7. When running “git svn dcommit”. I got an assert in the middle of it: R Demos/myProject/Mac/Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/Prefab Examples/Detonator-Base.prefab => Demos/myProject/UnityProject/Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/Prefab Examples/Detonator-Base.prefab R Demos/myProject/Mac/Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/Prefab Examples/Detonator-Chunks.prefab => Demos/myProject/UnityProject/Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/Prefab Examples/Detonator-Chunks.prefab R Demos/myProject/Mac/Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/Prefab Examples/Detonator-Crazysparks.prefab […]

Fetch over SSH times out but succeeds over HTTPS

Every time I want to use a normal git server with a clone URL of the form git@…, the request times out. I think this is due to some firewall on my Mac, but I am sure that I have turned everything off. The standard firewall that you can configure in ‘System Preferences’ is turned […]

Initial commit using “git commit -am” failing and causing error when pushing to GitHub

I am new to Git/GitHub and am having enormous difficulty pushing my new repo up to GitHub. I created my project locally, which essentially has the following directory structure: myapp/ src/ <A bunch of source files> build.grade gradle.properties README.md .gitignore For good measure, here’s my .gitignore (in case its the culprit): .idea *.iml *.ipr *.iws […]

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