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Synchronize vim settings across mac and unbuntu server when using NeoBundle

I want to synchronize the vim settings across my Mac and remote linux ubuntu server. I am using NeoBundle for package management. I did the following: On the Mac I installed NeoBundle and created a vimrc file in ~/.vim/. See below for the .vimrc file. On the Mac I symlinked to this vimrc file using […]

how to update git client to overcome the latest vulnerability?

Recently GitHub recommended us to update the git client on our machines. news on vulnerability So I type in console git –version //getting 2.0.1 which git //getting /usr/local/git/bin/git Then I upload one from here(2.2.1, for instance): The Git core team site I unzip it and then I cant figure it out where to put unzipped […]

Why is my Bash script (OSX) running from the Terminal, but not when double clicked?

Here is the full text of my bash script: GitC.sh #!/bin/bash git add . git status echo “Are you sure you want to commit and push? y/n” read yn if [ “$yn”==“y” ]; then echo “Message:“ read m git commit -m “$m” git push sleep 5s else git reset sleep 5s fi I have run […]

Git Push Unable to Create Directory Error

When I try to push a branch that has a slash / such as used commonly in git flow I get the following error: (env)➜ api git:(release/0.15) git push –set-upstream origin release/0.15 Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0) remote: error: Cannot update the ref ‘refs/heads/release/0.15’: unable to create directory for logs/refs/heads/release/0.15: No such […]

Setting core.editor for Git on Mac OSX

After setting Atom as my core editor for Git, when I then commit in Terminal I receive the error: /usr/local/bin/atom -n -w: /usr/local/bin/atom: No such file or directory error: There was a problem with the editor ‘/usr/local/bin/atom -n -w’. Please supply the message using either -m or -F option. From the error it seems that […]

How to batch remove local branches in SourceTree, which remote equivalents have been already removed in the origin?

Sometimes it’s desirable to have local branches in SourceTree even when remote equivalents on the origin don’t exist but in my case I want to remove all (or specific) local branches in batch. Right now my SourceTree keeps a lot of local “feature” and “bugfix” branches, that were made from remotes ages ago (one branch […]

Can't install or run OpenShift RHC client tools on MAC OS X

I’m trying to install and configure the OpenShift Client tools, in order to be able to install and run a WAR app. I have been trying to follow rhc setup – command not found instructions but without success. The point is that when I run gem install rhc-1.38.4.gem it fails because of permissions… ERROR: While […]

Setting up sparkleshare but keeping old ssh credentials

I wanted to try out sparkleshare and looked at the tuorials etc. I understood everything so far, my problem is that I dont know what is going to happen with my current ssh access if i add the new key. I am running the git repo on my own mac mini server. since i need […]

problems with pip install

This is my requirements.txt doc 1 BeautifulSoup==3.2.0 2 -e git://github.com/django/django@f92c9bd5eb272d537051c114bf57ed3aec132b48#egg=Django-dev I am getting an error when I run sudo pip install –upgrade -r requirements.txt Obtaining Django from git+git://github.com/django/django@f92c9bd5eb272d537051c114bf57ed3aec132b48#egg=Django-dev (from -r requirements.txt (line 2)) Command /usr/local/bin/git config remote.origin.url failed with error code 1 Storing complete log in /Users/nai/.pip/pip.log` I am running Git I created my […]

Unable to determine upstream SVN information from HEAD history

I get this on every git svn command I try. I am using git version on OS 10.6 The initial git svn fetch works, and i can do further fetches after that, but they do not enter the log or update the working copy.

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