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Smartgit – cannot connect to repository while on a MAC

I am trying to connect using SmartGit 6.5.5 (build #4184) to a GitHub private organization repository. However, on Mac OS X, it’s not working. On SmartGit, I go to Repository -> Clone, then in “Remote Git or SVN Repository” I type in the following address: https://github.com/JBCJBCJBC/Testing.git“ It does not work on my Mac OS X. […]

Missing Git Configuration Dot files

Earlier in the week I decided to try and turn all my dot files into a git repo using symlink and I broke a lot of my dev set up. While I’ve restored what I can, I’m still having a few trailing issues that I’m unsure how to solve. One example is when I run […]

Watch for file changes and add changes to github?

On OSX I want to create a script that ‘when a file changes, automatically runs git add [FILES CHANGED]; git commit -m “Changing ${file names}”; git push -u origin master” I understand there is fswatch, however, this keeps a process running. Maybe I can try running “git status” and if != “On branch master nothing […]

How to use different keys for different Bitbucket repos in SmartGit?

When using SmartGit as SSH-client, it caches the first selected key. And when further you trying to pull/push to another repo, SmartGit says “Access denied”. SmartGit saves to preferences what key should it use to connect to the Bitbucket. But all repos has address: ssh://git@bitbucket.org in SmartGit preferences.

git line-ending issues in macos

I am developing the application in multiple OS (Mac OS and Windows) In windows everything works fine, but in mac i am not able to proceed because of end of line problems. When I open .js file in MACBOOK, it is having extra characters. My code is available in git and my .gitattributes file content […]

Failed to connect SourceTree to AWS CodeCommit

I’m using Atlassian’s SourceTree to work with git on Mac OS, and choose AWS CodeCommit as the remote hosting server. Following these steps for HTTPs connection between AWS and my local repo, here’s how my git config –global –edit looks like: Then try to clone a created empty repo from AWS to SourceTree: And I […]

Git pull –all behaving differently on osx / linux

I thought running git pull –all was pulling the contents of all remote branches to the local repository. Until this morning anyway, when I ran this on my MacBook: [me@macbox folder]> git –version git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50) [me@macbox folder]> git branch * foo master [me@macbox folder]> git remote -v origin git@gitserver:me/myrepo.git (fetch) origin git@gitserver:me/myrepo.git […]

git: where is my configuration information coming from?

I have two conflicting config definitions in my git setup. $ git config –list|grep diff.tool diff.tool=p4merge diff.tool=extDiff How can I tell where each of these definitions are being set on my MacOS system? related windows question here: Where is this value in my configuration coming from?

Git 1.9.1 and 2.5.4 compatibility when working on the same repository

I have a repository that is stored on Dropbox which is shared between all my machines. On OSX I have Git 2.5.4 installed (courtesy of some bloke at apple) and on Mint I have 1.9.1 installed. I’m just worried that some of the meta-data that gets stored in the .git file might be different across […]

Beyond Compare 4 failing as git difftool on OSX when already running

I’ve recently switched to using Beyond Compare as my git difftool/mergetool on OSX. It works fine when Beyond Compare is not already running – git difftool A B works as expected with A appearing in the left pane and B appearing in the right pane. However, if a Beyond Compare session is already open, the […]

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