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GitHub Mac app keeps adding SSH keys?

My GitHub app seems to be adding new SSH keys to github every time I boot up my machine and startup GitHub app. This seems to me like that is not the way it was designed. Is there anyone with the same problem? Could it maybe be because of our changing IP address? (we’ve got […]

How do I fix 'bus error' when trying to do git-commit or git-status

I have a git repository on an OS X server that used to work fine. I was able to add files, commit them, and pull the content to my laptop. Now, when I ssh into the server and do git commit or git status in the repository, all I see in the command line is […]

Git – folder case sensitive issue

I am trying to bring a already existing codebase in version control system like git. I am facing a particular issue where codebase contains two folder with same name but different case like ‘Form’ and ‘form’. Here is the scenario : Suppose, we have three system Linux ( case sensitive file system ) , MAC […]

Git Autocompletion looks weird (and only half-functional)

Following these excellent instructions for enabling Git bash autocompletion in OSX: curl https://raw.github.com/git/git/master/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash -o ~/.git-completion.bash echo “source ~/.git-completion.bash” >> ~/.bash_profile I get the following output when I type “git TabTab” at the command line: Following multiple different tutorials produces the same result. Either I don’t know the right search terms or there is just very […]

What is the most simple setup for a MEAN stack docker container to have the same config on OS X and DigitalOcean?

I am playing around with a MEAN javascript project. (mongoDB + angular + sails.js + node.js) As I am offline a lot of the time, I’d like to keep my dev environment, running in a docker container, on OS X laptop, using boot2docker. The ‘production’ (not actual production, just somewhere I deploy to to show […]

What graphical git tool for Mac can show per-file history better than github?

I want a nice graphical version of git log -p some/file.rb on my Mac. Tower 1.2 boasts a new File History view, but that just shows two dropdowns with SHA1s to compare; it’s slightly less useful than a MediaWiki “compare versions” history (it doesn’t even show commit messages). I can’t find anything in GitNub or […]

Git Segmentation fault: 11

I had to reinstall OS X Lion on my Macbook Pro, and upon trying to use git I got an error stating Segmentation fault: 11. No matter what git command I try I get that error. I’m just doing this through the Mac terminal. No fancy programs or anything external. I uninstalled git and just […]

Set up a homebrew tap with a git repository on a private network

We’re looking at ways to create custom packages and do package management for Macs on which the users do not have admin access. The packages are going to be tools and configurations that are for use within our company only and can not be placed on Github. Is there a way to set up a […]

Can I version a path in git whose name is operating system dependent

I wish to store my Mac, Windows and Linux vim configuration files in git. On *nix systems, your vim configuration files go in ${HOME}/.vim but for the Windows binary, the same directory is named “vimfiles” Can I configure git to accommodate the different directory name?

How do I use Github to access the same project files from different computers?

I work mainly on a desktop Mac but also have a laptop Mac that I use when away from the office. I want to access and work on my latest html, css, php and python files from either computer. I thought Github was the way to do this but am having a problem understanding the […]

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