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How to get rid of ESC[ characters when using git diff on Mac OS X Mavericks?

Since I installed OS X Mavericks, the result of the command git diff is rendering ESC[xxx characters like this: ESC[1mdiff –git a/console/org.linkedin.glu.console-webapp/decorate-grails-methods-plugin/plugin.xml b/console/org.linkedin.glu.console-webapp/decorate-grails-methods-plugin/plugin.xmlESC[m ESC[1mindex 3b65cf1..0ca5d7e 100644ESC[m ESC[1m— a/console/org.linkedin.glu.console-webapp/decorate-grails-methods-plugin/plugin.xmlESC[m ESC[1m+++ b/console/org.linkedin.glu.console-webapp/decorate-grails-methods-plugin/plugin.xmlESC[m ESC[36m@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ESC[m ESC[mThe purpose of this plugin is to decorate various grails methods.ESC[m This used to render properly prior to installing Mavericks. I […]

Why is the following command inconsistent in my repository?

In my repository, which has mixed line endings. I am using Mac OS X, and git I would like to renormalize this repository so that every file has line endings that agree with the .gitattributes file. To this end, I have checked out the latest change: git checkout origin/develop git reset –hard git rm […]

Update Git to Latest Version (mac)

I’m running Git version The binary is sitting in /usr/local/git/bin. Is there an easy way to update to the latest version? Thanks

Git using wrong email address when talking to Heroku

git clone git@heroku.com:myapp.git Results in a “myoldemailaddress not authorized to access myapp” myoldemailaddress was an email address I was using on an old heroku account, but it seems to be stuck using it, I can use my new one. I’ve removed the .heroku directory, and regenerated it, it has the correct user name and password, […]

Is there a posh-git equivalent for the Mac?

I just found (and have fallen hard for) Powershell with the posh-git module installed. I’d really like something similar on my Mac. Does such an equivalent exist?

git checkout — <files> doesn't discard changes?

I have changes in my working directory that I’m trying to discard (reset to the current indexed version of the files), however, git checkout — <file> will not discard the changes. I’ve attempted to manually remove the files (rm -r files) then run git checkout — ., which displays the files as modified again. $ […]

Git doesn't work after upgrading Mac OS X El Capitain

This question already has an answer here: change xcrun developer path for Android Studio 2 answers

Homebrew update fail: “Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge”

I am running: brew update And I get an error: error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: samtools.rb Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting It turns out this is a well known error. In fact, it’s mentioned on the Homebrew wiki: After running […]

OS X – Can't start Git: /usr/bin/git Probably the path to Git executable is not valid

I get this error in Android Studio: Can’t start Git: /usr/bin/git Probably the path to Git executable is not valid. It gives me an option to fix it, where it takes me to the area in Android Studio to set the path to git. I see it is set to /usr/bin/git And I check that […]

How to configure kdiff3 instead of emerge as a git mergetool?

I have Git on mac OSX Snow Leopard and I tried to edit my merge and diff tool to use kdiff3 instead of emerge. But when I try to use it does not launch the GUI of kdiff and keeps me with a cmd based interface. My setting in gitconfig are: [merge] tool = kdiff3 […]

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