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Best way to sync work environments between multiple computers (Macs)

I’m in the unfortunate position of having to keep three separate macs in sync for development purposes. I’ve already tried everything I could to reduce it down to one computer, but it’s just not possible for legal reasons. So I’d like to keep the three macs in sync. I have git repos for all the […]

When I clone a git repository, why does it not show up in GitHub for Mac?

I am trying to understand Git and GitHub for Mac. Example: I try to clone the FacebookSDK git repo like this. In Terminal I write: git clone git://github.com/facebook/facebook-ios-sdk.git [path to where you want to save sdk] git successfully downloads and clones it and I find a folder called facebook-ios-sdk in the specified path. However GitHub […]

Newer version of git installed on OSX but not being used. How can I find it and use it?

I’m trying to update git from the default mac version to a newer version. I already have a newer version installed (as seen below) but I don’t know where it is. Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ cd Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ git –version -bash: git: command not found Aarons-iMac:~ AaronWilliamson$ brew upgrade git Error: git 2.2.2 already installed How can […]

How can I change Git username when I want to pull or push repo?

The default account that used to pull or push on git is not my account. Every time I do git push, it automatically uses the default account to do this. I searched a lot and successfully changed the username and email in ~/.gitconfig. But it’s still not woking, when I try to do push or […]

Brew unlinked kegs in your Cellar

When I run brew doctor on my terminal I get this output: Warning: You have unlinked kegs in your Cellar Leaving kegs unlinked can lead to build-trouble and cause brews that depend on those kegs to fail to run properly once built. Run brew link on these: automake libgpg-error libksba libtool And then, when I […]

.git/config file reads “command not found”

I am attempting to learn git and using mac osx 10.8 Upon looking in the .git/config file in the repository I have created, the file reads, /.git/config: line 1: [core]: command not found /.git/config: line 2: repositoryformatversion: command not found /.git/config: line 3: filemode: command not found /.git/config: line 4: bare: command not found /.git/config: […]

error: Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory

First, let me tell you that I have already checked all the similar threads and searched google to find what the problem may be, but no success. My problem is that I’m trying to use sparse checkout in git, but I get this error: error: Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory I have […]

Syncing repository branches with a remote repository in git

I just got a mac and I’m having issues with command line git. When I clone a repository, none of the branches are being tracked. Is there a way to clone a repository and also clone the branches locally? I know that I can make a new local branch and track a remote branch, but […]

Unable to add Git repository hosted on OS X Server

I created a repository on OS X Server called myTestRepo. For HTTPS Access, I am allowing logged in users to read and write. When I try to add this repository in Xcode, I get an error. In repository address, if I enter ssh://iMac/git/myTestRepo.git I get the following error Could not read from remote repository. If […]

git archive –format=tar HEAD:mydir/ | tar t -> fatal: current working directory is untracked

I’m trying to archive a folder in my git repository: git archive –format=tar HEAD:mydir/ | tar t However, the error message I’m getting is: fatal: current working directory is untracked The instructions I followed were here. My git version is: 2.1.2 A google search only came up with 6 links, all of them a few […]

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