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Deploy and build my go app on my server

I’m totaly new to go (it looks fabulous btw). So I want to build a “web-“app in go with the revel framework. The problem is I code on my mac (os : darwin, arch : amd64) and I want to deploy the app on my server (os : ubuntu 12.04, arch : amd64). I “go […]

Git: 'rebase' is not a git command. See 'git –help'

I set up github for mac and now I am trying to use the git command from the terminal. If I try to run the git rebase command I get the following message > cd /Applications/GitHub.app/Contents/Resources/git/bin > git rebase git: ‘rebase’ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’. >git –help usage: git [–version] [–exec-path[=<path>]] […]

Git core.editor on Mac OS X

How can I change the core.editor of Git to start a program such as Smultron? All I can find are examples for terminal editors or TextMate.

Is there a way to add a hidden folder (with . prefix) to SourceTree?

I’m using Spacemacs on OS X. I want to add the folder .emacs.d to SourceTree since it’s clone of a git repo. However I can’t even locate any hidden folder from SourceTree -> File -> Open. Does that mean I’ll have to rely on some other git interface?

Netbeans Project from Mac to Windows

I created a Netbeans CPP Project in my Mac and uploaded it into git. The project has collaborators who use Windows. When I pushed my project into github , I pushed the makefile information too (the whole project). Now the collaborators are getting build errors because the reference contains my Mac filepaths. The Windows machine […]

Untrack all files on git

In the move from C9 to hosting on my Macbook via SSH, I’ve had to re-download Kohana and change some other things just to get my site working; I don’t want those to be committed. Is there any way to untrack all tracked files so only future changes are committed? Or is there something else […]

Quick guide to get started using Git + GitX with Xcode projects on the mac?

Using Git on the mac feels like a huge pain, and the Git documentation is just huuuuuuuuge. Maybe someone has a top secret blog article or even screencast to share, that explains the basics fairly simple and quickly? Creating a repository. Big pain. Opening that repository with GitX: Pain. Working in Xcode and then committing […]

Git: Deleted current branch and lost reflog

I ran into an unusual git issue earlier that I’ve since resolved, but I’m still curious as to why it happened. The problem occurred when I accidentally deleted the branch I was currently working on. Normally git wouldn’t allow this, but due to case-insensitivity on OSX I got myself into a situation where I thought […]

How does man find git's subcommand manpages?

On my linux system, I can do “man git log” (note the space), and this will show me the manpage for git-log(1) (with a dash), as expected. On my MacOSX machine, “man git log” only shows the manual page for git(1). How does the linux man know that the two arguments “git” and “log” should […]

How can I set up my own local Git server on my own computer?

I want to use my own server (i.e. when I use the push command. How can I set up my own server? I’m using MacOS X.

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