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Setting up a Git repository on MacOS X with network drive

The given: A mac with my work folder set up as Git repository. A network drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home, if that helps). The task: Set up the specific folder on my network drive as a place where a backup of my repository can be stored. What I tried: Setting up the location through Volumes […]

Tower (Git client) not cloning all directories to the local machine from the remote repository

I have an issue with a new remote repository that when cloned using Tower, doesn’t clone all the directories. When I created the remote repository, I did the following: Created a .gitignore file containing the following line files/cache/* Then ran: git init git add . git commit I then cloned the remote repository to my […]

How to work with two Git repos, one complete, other partial

Consider the following scenario: Remote repo A (master): dir 1 dir 2 file 1 file 2 Remote repo B (branch): dir 1 file 1 What I’d like to do is to keep the common files in the two repos in sync. When I pull, I want to get all changes from Repo B and only […]

on mac git clone over https fails to authentication

On a mac mini with Mavericks I am having problems authenticating when I try to git clone from a private git server. I have installed and configured git on Windows and Ubuntu a few times with this same server and haven’t this sort of problem before. I’m at a loss as to what to try […]

How to make git reset previous credentials on OS X?

I’m a Git instructor, so must have multiple GitHub accounts for demonstration purposes. I’m using Git on both Ubuntu, Windows and sometimes in OS X. I have a problem in OS X where Git remembers the previous credentials. According to the screen shot, I want to push a testing repository to GitHub account of jeud, but Git […]

Using SSH Keys on different Mac

I have GIT and my repos setup on a MacBook Air. I’m trying to clone the repo on my iMac. My understanding was that I needed to copy my key over from the /.ssh folder on the MBA to the same folder iMac. However, when I try and clone the repo on the iMac, I […]

Non-interactive way to create a git flow release / hotfix

From the docs of gitflow I read the following: git flow hotfix finish [-Fsumpkn] -F fetch from $ORIGIN before performing finish -s sign the release tag cryptographically -u use the given GPG-key for the digital signature (implies -s) -m use the given tag message -p push to $ORIGIN after performing finish -k keep branch after […]

lesskey config does not get used by less pager when used with git on OSX

This works fine in Linux so I’m wondering if this is a problem with the version of less that the Mac is running. I have the same ~/.lesskey file set up, lesskey runs successfully in both places, the resulting ~/.less are identical: ec2-user@domU-12-31-39-0F-D6-5D:~/util 1:13:37 % md5sum ~/.less 0d9f50f079b66b8ef8518940b6674a7e /home/ec2-user/.less % less –v less 436 Copyright […]

Best way to sync work environments between multiple computers (Macs)

I’m in the unfortunate position of having to keep three separate macs in sync for development purposes. I’ve already tried everything I could to reduce it down to one computer, but it’s just not possible for legal reasons. So I’d like to keep the three macs in sync. I have git repos for all the […]

When I clone a git repository, why does it not show up in GitHub for Mac?

I am trying to understand Git and GitHub for Mac. Example: I try to clone the FacebookSDK git repo like this. In Terminal I write: git clone git://github.com/facebook/facebook-ios-sdk.git [path to where you want to save sdk] git successfully downloads and clones it and I find a folder called facebook-ios-sdk in the specified path. However GitHub […]

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