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How to install Git with PCRE support on OSX with homebrew?

When I run $ git grep -P “<pattern>” I get the following error: fatal: cannot use Perl-compatible regexes when not compiled with USE_LIBPCRE How can I install Git with PCRE support for OSX properly?

Is there an objective-c git library that would support push/pull against a remote repository?

Is there an objective-c git library that would support pushing to/pulling from a remote repository? I’m familiar with objective-git, but if I’m reading it correctly, it is for interaction with a local repository. Ideally, the library would work on iOS and Mac OS X, and would be permissible for inclusion in app store apps.

Installing emacs for mac from sources: execute ./configure but 'no such file or directory'

I’m a beginner in this area. I have cloned the sources of emacs from github. As stated in INSTALL file, I executed ./configure but the terminal showed ‘no such file or directory’. I checked the files. There are two similar files, configure.in and config.bat. I don’t know whether these two files is relevant to the […]

Replace Xcode's git with downloaded latest 1.8.3

I want to use latest version of git (1.8.3). Currently when I make git –version it shows me git version (Apple Git-37) which was installed together with Xcode I suppose. I installed newest version but still bash uses Xcode one.. Please advice me how to override xcode git with the path that is installed […]

Async loading of things in .bash_profile – is it even possible?

I’ve got these absolutely delicious bash scripts in my .bash_profile that makes working with git on the command line genuinely pleasant. source ~/dev/git-completion.bash source ~/dev/git-flow-completion.bash Only problem is that they require a lot of disk IO (and some CPU) work to work. Every time I cd into a git repo directory (on an uncached disk) […]

Brew cannot find git, even though git in path (Mac/OSX)

Installing brew reports that it cannot find git, and dies with an error. Brew appears to have be installed (successfully?) > brew (prints the usual help) …but brew doctor is not happy: This is what I get when I run brew doctor, (and when I installed brew for the first time as instructed on the […]

On OSX, git merge deletes file with renamed capitalization

I wrote this script and ran it on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, on the default case-insensitive HFS filesystem. #!/bin/sh -x # create git repo rm -rf caps git init caps cd caps # commit empty file called “file” touch file git add . git commit -am “initial commit” # create branch called “branch” git branch […]

opendiff ( FileMerge ) stopped working with git on Mac OS X

I was using opendiff with git as the difftool on Mac OS X and today it just stopped working. It does not give an error message, it just defaults to dumping the diff on the terminal. I’ve followed the common guides on how to configure this, but to no avail: Created an executable script with: […]

how can i parse the output of `defaults read` on OS X?

how can i parse the output of the OS X defaults read terminal command? it appears to output the ‘old’ NeXTSTEP plist format; things that look like: { “Apple Global Domain” = { AppleAntiAliasingThreshold = 4; AppleCollationOrder = root; i tried writing the output to a file and converting with plutil, but it chokes: > […]

How to suppress the editor for `git rebase –continue`?

I’m often rebasing interactive to make tiny changes in the history (for example removing a blank line, or editing one line). In most cases those changes are based on some peer review. At first I do my change like that: git rebase –interactive 83bbeb27fcb1b5e164318fa17c55b7a38e5d3c9d~ # replace “pick” by “edit” on the first line # modify […]

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