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Clone git repo hosted on a Windows shared folder from Mac OS X

I host a git remote repo on a Windows shared folder. I clone it using: git clone //git-host-pc/SharedFolder/MyProject/ This command works from a Windows PC, but on a Mac, I get this error: fatal: repository ‘//git-host-pc/SharedFolder/MyProject’ does not exist Trying git clone smb://git-host-pc/SharedFolder/MyProject gives me this error – fatal: Unable to find remote helper for […]

Git, Tower, and SourceTree

I’m trying out both Tower and SourceTree GUI’s on my Mac and I have two very basic questions: Do either of these these GUI’s install the Git executables or do they use the Git installed on my Mac? Where would Git be installed on my Mac? At the command prompt I’ve typed “which git” but […]

How do I install the Git man pages on OS X?

I installed Git via the Mac OS X link here http://git-scm.com/download After installing it, I try the following in the Terminal: $ git help fetch $ git help remote $ man git $ man git-fetch However, I get the message No manual entry for git-<subcommand>. How do I install the man pages for Git? I […]

git – can't push to remote, error 'fatal: Not a git repository'

I am having problems setting up Git with Github. I am following the instruction on the Rails tutorial online on their site, but I am getting a fatal error. Now I want to remove the connection to see if that solves the problem, but its not letting me, keeps giving me a fatal error. I […]

How can i make ZSH use the latest git version?

I am using ZSH with oh-my-zsh on OS X. Today I used hombrew to update to the latest version of git (1.8.something). However, if I run ➜ ~ git –version git version (Apple Git-33) I see that still an older version is used. On bash everything works fine and the latest version of git […]

Undo a git clean command?

I just used a “git clean” command and managed to delete my Documents, Music, and other directories. Is there a way to undo this and somehow get those files back? I did this via Terminal on Mac. Time Machine isn’t setup either.

How do I allow 2 people to work on the same local copy of a git repository? Or can I?

This might be verbose, but I’m just starting out with git, so I’m still learning here. Before now, I’ve had a team of developers all working off of the same hard drive with a local copy of all of our dev files. So we have 1 hard disk and 4 developers. All of us use […]

Git pathspec error: Iconr did not mach any files

I have tried to commit my project in Xcode. But it gives me this error: error: pathspec ‘RGZH/Pixate/Iconr’ did not match any file(s) known to git. I have seen this question: Removing a weird file from git repository on mac Tried it but gave me the same error. Iconr is also exactly the same like […]

OS X 10.10: Errors in locating and using brew and Git

Last time when I was using brew and Git, which was a couple of weeks ago, everything was working perfectly fine. Now, however, when I type git –version in the terminal I get git: error: unable to find utility “git”, not a developer tool or in PATH. I do have a Git folder in my […]

Where is the git working directory?

Fellow coders, today is my first dive into git using Tower on the Mac – life’s too short to mess with the command line 😉 I did read a few intros and tutorials but none addressed the question I’m writing about. I’m having some trouble understanding the working directory concept in git vs. SVN. What […]

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