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Git clone/push/pull hangs on compressing objects (on specific pc and network)

I have very weird issue and its more than 2 days I cannot find a solution: git freezes/hangs after i clone/pull/push on compressing objects: remote: Counting objects: 284, done. remote: Compressing objects: 11% (26/233) Conclusions I came up: This only happens on my home wifi and my MAC laptop Its not SSH: works fine on […]

Xcode 6 + OS X Server 10.10 failing initial push to server

I fresh installed OS X Server 10.10 on my iMac the other day. In the Xcode service settings, I have set repositories to be accessed over https and to be able to be created by logged in users. From my laptop, I’m able to add my server to the Xcode 6 account preferences and authenticate […]

How to correctly change filename case in Git on OSX

On OSX 10.10.2 and Git 2.2.1 with this filesystem: File System Personality: Journaled HFS+ Type (Bundle): hfs Name (User Visible): Mac OS Extended (Journaled) I’ve seen several questions and answers related to this: Unresolvable Git error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout The actual solution that worked in that question […]

Check the statuses of all my git repos in one go

I work in an agency so we work on a lot of different projects and git repositories during the week. I’d like to use git from the command line (rather than a GUI) but one thing I’m missing is a reliable, quick, easy way to see which of the repositories I’ve been working on I’ve […]

GitHub “remote: Permission to personalaccount/somefile.git denied to clientaccount”

I have created a new GitHub account recently for a client and used my Macbook to make a new repo and publish some files. (I have never pushed anything with my personal account on my Macbook before that.) When I tried to switch back to my personal account and publish some files to my personal […]

Use ffmpeg on OSX Xcode Project for Mac

I am planning to create a new app for personal use on my Mac that uses FFMPEG library, to store a feed from a RTSP IP camera. Following this official installation procedure from FFMPEG I have manage to successfully achieve the following 2 steps: To get ffmpeg for OS X, you first have to install […]

Macintosh Git SSH key setup

I use Linux, I help some students that have Macintosh. I can coach them through the command line part, but on some Mac setup things I’m helpless. On a Macintosh, we follow instructions here https://help.github.com/articles/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent. We are able to generate SSH keys, upload the public part, and then we can interact with GitHub. We are […]

Git: Preventing Commit During a Rebase

I know how to easily ‘fix’ this state, when I’ve accidentally done a git commit –amend during an interactive rebase. But I’m wondering if anyone has a solution, of any level of complexity, that would allow me to configure git/terminal/bash to PREVENT me from being able to do this. I’m just using Mac OSX Terminal. […]

Unable to setup pods (error: RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -9806)

Last login: Sun Sep 11 13:24:10 on ttys002 Deepanshus-MacBook-Air:~ deepanshusrivastava$ pod setup –verbose Setting up CocoaPods master repo Cloning spec repo `master` from `https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git` (branch `master`) $ /usr/bin/git clone https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git master Cloning into ‘master’… error: RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -9806 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack […]

vscode for git – git would not continue unless you quit editor

I’ve been using Visual Studio Code as git editor for quite a while. At some point recently however, once I’d edit a rebase/commit message inside a new vscode window opened by git, when I click the “close” button of vscode, git wouldn’t continue to next step anymore. The window is closed but vscode process is […]

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