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Git directly commit file to git and/or gitlab

So, here’s my use case: I’m attempting to develop an internal Mac app for the non-developers on my team, to edit some of my game’s parameters. Ideally, the application will be able to recreate the necessary config files and directly commit/push them to my gitlab instance, which would trigger a CI build. I know I […]

setting up or switching two different github account on mac

I want to switch between two different github accounts on my mac. For example, I am currently using my personal MAC and I have set up my personal github account on this MAC. But at home I have to do some office work and want to use the office github account. I want to ask […]

How do i access a GIT repository through VPN with XCode or Sourcetree (on a mac)

It should be simple, but i just cant get anything to work. My Mac mini was connected to the office network (Windows server) and the repository is located on a server harddisk. I have a cloned working copy on the mac etc. Now the Mac is sitting somewhere else and is connected to the server […]

Command not found error on git-tf clone

Installed Git and Git-TF on my machine. I can open the terminal type in git-tf –version and see the current version running on my Mac. (Running a Mac with 10.8.5.) But when I run a git-tf clone command I get “command not found”. I’ve checked my $PATH to ensure git-tf’s location is listed. Is there […]

Configure a project to preserve case on OSX

I’m working on projects where some of the developers are using case-insensitive OSX filesystems. I was wondering if there’s a configuration file+directive I can put in git projects to override/set system-level git configs for case sensitivity. Specifically to “turn it on” so that when the case of a path changes, git will track it as […]

How to push a Git repository containing multiple projects

I have an Objective-c project, which I originally started in Xcode3. This has a Help Book, started in a directory at the same level as the project. I have since added a Automator Action, which is a self contained project, but I added a Workspace to include in the Application bundle. When Xcode introduced Source […]

Git ssh protocol for remote repository gives Permission denied (publickey) message

I try to create remote repository in my own Ubuntu server(SFTP). I installed and config Git by follow this link : http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-on-the-Server-Setting-Up-the-Server. Then try to push my code to server from my local machine it gives following error. $ git push origin master Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make […]

git merge default commit message has message from all merged commits

Our team uses JIRA’s “smart commits” for time tracking. However, some users, upon merging branches, end up with a git merge message like the following. Merge branch ‘master’ into FEATURE_BRANCH * master: (3 commits) ISSUE-108: Added logging dependency #time 30m ISSUE-110: Fixed a bug #time 1h ISSUE-118: Bikeshedding #time 4h The problem is that for […]

How to set up OS X terminal color theme?

I’m trying to set up the terminal of my computer (Mac OS X). I have watched some tips on how to set up the theme of the terminal going into preferences but it’s not just changing the background colours, I need to make that when listing the files appears with different colours. I have successfully […]

GIT fatal: unable to write new index file

My Company (Web Development) has decided to use Git. All repositories: employee (local repo) and remote repositories (bare repo) are stored on the central development server (OS X 10.9.1, Mac mini middle 2011). Developer connect to the development server from their iMacs over local network (OS X 10.7.5, 10.8.1 and so on, only Macs) and […]

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