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How do I make a pull request using EGit?

I have a local master branch and I want to create a pull request with a repo owned by somebody else. When I attempt to “push branch”, I get the following text: “can’t connect to any URL: https://github.com/jleclanche/fireplace: git-receive-pack not permitted” I’m guessing that what I’m doing here is actually trying to merge, rather than […]

Web-based Git Repository Manager

I’m looking for a web based git repository manager. I have found Indefero but It is pretty hard to configure. Does anyone knows any web based git repository manager(repositories,users and keys) that I could install in my server for free? Preferably PHP. Thanks

Proprietary + Open Source setup in Git? (eg. chrome/chromium)

How would you setup an code repository where you have a proprietary version and an open source version, say like Chrome and Chromium? With Git, would you use two branches or two repositories? How would you keep the “private” version up to date with the open source one?

Once patch is applied by linux maintainer, when and in which linux git branch I can see my patch?

I submit my patch to lkml community and its been applied by the maintainer yesterday, but I couldn’t see my patch in linux-next.git yet. I want to know if it is the correct branch to see my patch ? if ‘no’ where can I see ? If ‘yes’ do I need to wait for some […]

Feature branches and Pull Requests – Git

Can I make users of an open source project, clone the project, branch off to a feature branch, make their changes, test by rebasing their code on top of the current working branch and then push, for a pull request, their feature branch so I can rebase their changes into my work? (not sure if […]

Add encrypted variables to travis.yml and push to open source project

I have been contributing to open source project & in one of the issues, I have to upload a folder to AWS S3. I have created an amazon aws account and everything is working. But I am not able to find a way to correctly encrypt the credentials in the travis.yml file & make a […]

How to retain complete copyright on a free project

Before all sorry for any spell and grammatical error, I’m not very good in English language. I’ve in mind a very annoying question and I’m not good enough to answer it precisely. Contest: I’m about to start a project and make it ‘open source‘. Not in the FOSS definition, but simply “anyone can download it, […]

On downloading Android source, all I get are a bunch of empty folders

I have tried the steps in the Android Source page. I can see the sync happening but the process completes without downloading any real source files, there are only empty folders with some their names ending with {.git}. Is there something wrong here ? or Is there a step I do not know of that […]

git repository not accessible read-only

CloudBees… When I attempt to try to pull down the read-only git repo source, I get this error: git clone git://git.cloudbees.com/sillyweasel/coffeescript-roo-addon.git Cloning into ‘coffeescript-roo-addon’… fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /sillyweasel/coffeescript-roo-addon.git Is there a reason why people cannot access my open source repo? The repo landing page offers up this URI as […]

Why am I not listed as a contributor to a project that merged my PR?

I had a PR merged to the master branch of an open source project on GitHub. The project is not a fork, and if I view the file in the master tree that I edited in my PR, I am listed there as a contributor to that file. For some reason, however, I am not […]

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