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Nginx Configuration Versioning Strategy

currently a project my team inherited has a complete mess on the nginx configuration across 10+ environments, we would like to implement a versioning strategy however im not sure how people “normally” achieve this. you make the whole nginx conf folder a git repo and ignore what you do not want to version? or have […]

How do you support 'go get' using bitbucket server?

I would like to support requests of the form: go get acme.com/component where component is a git project stored in Bitbucket Server which can be retrieved via: git clone http://acme.dev:7600/scm/project/component The go 1.8 client does not know how to fetch the component based on the go get parameters so it does an HTTPS get (as […]

How can I serve nested projects in Nginx

I have a Lumen api project with multiple git tags for api versioning. So I have to deploy multiple checkouts of the project. The folder structure on the server looks like this: var www api-staging master v1 public index.php … v2 public index.php … lastest public index.php … … Now I’d like to serve the […]

How to manage differences using same code base for multiple Rails 2.3 websites

We have a website using Rails 2.3.x, bundler, nginx, passenger and git, and would now like to use the same code to deploy a very similar site. Differences between the two will include: Locale Databases Validations in some cases Views in some cases What is the best way to manage these differences while using the […]

setting up git instaweb with nginx

I’m trying to setup gitweb with Nginx. But git instaweb supports very few web servers including httpd, apache, webrick etc. I tried to use nginx as http daemon in git instaweb, but it failed. [smit@smit-pc:/src/project]$ git instaweb -d nginx Unknown httpd specified: nginx I also tried to configure it in .git/config as given in git-instaweb […]

Github Service Hooks: post-receive via PHP

I’m having some issues deploying via service hook and I think it’s a matter of permissions, but I’ll state all the facts first. Server: Nginx w/ PHP-FPM on Arch Linux Nginx is running as user http and has ownership of the directory to be updated by the script. I’ve also created an SSH key for […]

Rails / Carrierwave / GIT / nginx / Capistrano – can't create a directory in git releases folder

I’m using carrierwave in a rails app to upload files. It works fine on my development environment, but on my production VM (Ubuntu), I’m getting this error: An Errno::EACCES occurred in users#update: Permission denied – /home/yards/apps/yardsapp/releases/20130616143623/public/uploads/tmp/20130616-1438-14186-3184 /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/fileutils.rb:244:in `mkdir’ I’m pretty sure I understand what is going on, but I can’t seem to figure out a […]

WebDAV for Nginx in Archlinux

This is a linux newbie here, so please be patient with me. I have installed Nginx onto an Archlinux virtual machine, and it works (perfectly well) as a reverse proxy to provide SSL and Auth to a farm of backend servers. Now I would like to configure a location to serve WebDAV as well. I […]

White screen and PHP error when attempting to access Laravel on Production

I added my Laravel application to a Git repository. Pushed it up and pulled it down on a fully provisioned server setup I have used for previous Laravel projects. I attempt to access my site at the .com and it is rendering a white screen. Checked my Nginx log and found the following: [RuntimeException] Error […]

How I can resolve 502 error on Gitlab?

So, I try to install Gitlab and I have some problems. At the end of Installation from source, when I try to start all services, I have a 502 error. I have this message when I try sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production : Check GitLab API access: FAILED. code: 502 gitlab-shell […]

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