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Deploying a netbeans java ee project into openshift

I have a Netbeans java ee project with Wildfly server. It works OK locally (on my laptop, deployed as localhost:8080/myserver/login) However I want to upload it into the openshift cloud. My project structure is not Maven like but the original netbeans with web.xml inside WEB-INF etc Is it necessary to convert my project into a […]

Resetting Netbeans 8.x GIT versioning (folder ?)

I am using Netbeans 8.1 IDE (Windows) and I am a complete noob at versioning on the first step of the learning curve, and I have accidentally deleted the GIT folder (was apparently empty) created by Netbeans 8.1 upon Versioning Git initialisation. Now I see all my files in Netbeans tree-view green-coloured as if versioning […]

Differences between NetBeans Git integration and git command line

I am just now trying to learn Git; both the git command line application (henceforth, simply “Git”) as well as the Git integration in NetBeans (henceforth, simply “NetBeans”). From what I can tell, only some of the actions performed within NetBeans actually show up in Git. It is as if NetBeans has its own separate […]

How do I move the added text region in Netbeans

I keep running into the following problem and it really exacerbates my OCD. Look at the following screenshot. I added that whole testAction function to the end of a class but instead of highlighting the whole function as having been added (with that green border), it skips one of the curly braces of the if […]

SSH problem using Netbeans and Git

I have looked at the other posts from the other folks regarding this issue but I still have problems getting ssh to work with netbeans & git on windows 7. I am new to git so I am sure I am missing something somewhere. I have done init git on my Ubuntu server. I have […]

Gitolite client side on Windows machine

I am a developer and recently my company have decided to work with Gitolite repository. I work on a Windows machine and I have created my private/public key using PuTTYgen and I sent my public key to repository administrator and he added me as a developer to the project. I am using Netbeans with Git […]

Netbeans push 401 error

Hi, I’m trying to use the GIT plugin, I have changed files and now I’m trying to push files to my git repo. right click -> git -> add, right click ->git -> commit, I put my username and password to repo, choose branch [master] -> [master] And I got 401 Authorization Required. Password is […]

Accessing a repo in Netbeans with git

I created a repo in my webroot folder on my server, and I’m trying to clone it within Netbeans (through a git plugin). I’m using CakePHP, so I added my “app/” folder as a tracked folder. When I get a directory listing, I can see a “.git” file, but inside Netbeans, if I go to […]

Netbeans fails to merge because of ignored files

I try to merge my git repository with a remote one and what i get is this: Merge Result: Failed Merge of HEAD with remote-rep/master failed because of these files: /path/to/some/file.jpg The whole folder that file is in is shown as ignored by git. I checked it in .gitignore and it is there. Those files […]

Advice on using GitHub

I’ve recently started using GitHub. I am working on a project both on my work PC and my home PC. The problem I’ve encountered is that when I make changes on my work PC and ‘push’ the changes to GitHub, when I go home and want to ‘pull’ these changes onto my home PC, it […]

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