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How to resolve nuget packages when using git submodules for VS Solution

I have two repositories. The first one is big integration repository with lots of projects in it. The second one is relatively small solution with a number of projects in it that is being developed separately and then integrated into the first solution. I added second git repository to the first git repository as submodule, […]

IIS 7.5 w3wp.exe to run another process

I have ASP.NET MVC3 application that runs on IIS. One of controllers actions starting the process “cmd /C git clone some-repo”. I need to make sure that child process running under the user that already have git being setup. I use application pool with Identity == My Accout (admin + git is works). The processes […]

Version Number in Assembly, GIT and TFService

Until now we used version numbers like 2.4.1 for our VB.NET products. We set them manualy. Now we start to use GIT with Team Foundation Service and want to improve the version number handling. The aim is simple: The format should be Major.Minor.Build.Revision. With Revision automatically inscreasing for each compile. The Build should increase for […]

Wait until Commit-Operation is finished

i have a problem with synchronizing the commitingprocess with LibGit2Sharp. I have a routine that changes one file and commit it in Git. It is possible that the routine comes in quick succession. And there is the Problem, while the last commit is running, the next commit-routine is runs and crashes with an EmptyCommitException. Here […]

How to resolve Branch from LibGit2Sharp.Commit?

Given an instance of a LibGit2Sharp.Commit how do I work out what Branch that exists on

How to get branches using LibGit2Sharp?

I have a git url like git@test-git-server:product/test-product.get which contains 2 branches. I want to get every branch associated with that url. I tried getting information from location directory cloned from that url but it shows only main branch. var repo = new Repository(path); var remotes = repo.Network.Remotes; foreach (var remote in remotes) { Debug.WriteLine(“remote: {0}”, […]

Can I organize Git submodules in a flat hierarchy?

Hey guys, I currently working on a .NET project and several .NET libraries which have the following interdependencies (simplified version): Core (library): no dependencies Testing (library): dependencies to Core Serialization (library): dependencies to Core, Testing Client solution: dependencies to Core, Testing, Serialization My goal is to move as much code to the libraries as possible […]

Azure website – Select website project from solution to deploy

Is it possible to configure which web project in my solution should be used when setting up auto deploy from source control using VSO? I have a solution containing the following projects: Model Data Logic Admin Public Both the Admin and Public projects are web projects. But both web projects use all the other projects. […]

C# Cannot read from App.config file in MVC

I have an MVC project and am trying to store my API keys in a separate config file which I will ignore when pushing the code to Git. According to MSDN I should be able to store them in an App.config like like so <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <configuration> <appSettings> <add key=”APIKey” value=”APIKeyValue” /> </appSettings> </configuration> […]

What's the best way to setup git when having common code that should be used in several repositories?

I’m working as a .NET developer in a development team where we are using kanban for our software development process. We are currently using team foundation server for source control and having a branch-by-feature strategy to ensure that we allways have releasable code. Since there is some “limitations” in Team Foundation Server we are about […]

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