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how can i maintain consistency within a central database with must be able to be used offline?

I am planning an application to support reporting on IT-Security Issues for the company i am working with. A critical requirement is that working offline must be possible. Still data should be synchronized with a central (meta)Database. So if John woulb be to create a new report within the application whereas Sarah would be to […]

MS Access, Is there any way to develop by more than 1 people?

This question already has an answer here: How do you use version control with Access development? 20 answers

How can I obfuscate database authentication info during open-source development?

I’m working on an open-source web application that will retrieve and display data from a database whose authentication info I would like to keep under wraps, but at the same time, I would like anyone to be able to view and contribute to the source code. The idea is that we don’t want the database […]

How can I get all the data types specific for a certain version of MS Access or/and every versions of MS Access?

I am trying to list data types from Microsoft Access 2000-2007 (depending on the MS Access database version) in a combobox for a C# program. I want my program to be capable of opening MS Access 2000-2007 databases. If I open a MS Access 2003 I wish my program to be capable of using the […]

MS Access Front-end: Does each user need their own copy?

In one of my Stack Overflow questions about MS Access front-ends, an SO community member suggests that each user should have their own copy of the .MDB or .ACCDB front-end file: Don’t put the database on a network drive and share it with users. Give each user their own copy. Is this necessary? What are […]

Version Control for Access VBA code?

Possible Duplicate: Version control for VBA file Does any kind of version control exist? If no, is there any good solution for collective development of MS Access 2007 database with VBA ?

Serialize MS Access Database Objects to Text File(s)

Is there some code out there that lets me serialize all the objects in an MS Access MDB File. All the Objects like Table definitions, Table Data, Query defintions, Report definitions, VB Modules should be written to one or multiple text files. It is not necessary to reverse the operation (but would be nice to […]

Extracting Source Code from an MS Access DB

I have an Access DB that I would like to extract the source code from so I can put it into Source control. I have tried to extract the data using the Primary Interop Assemblies(PIA), but I am getting issues as it is not picking up all of the modules and forms. There are 140 […]

Version control Access 2007 database and application

I need to version control a Microsoft Access 2007 database and application. Currently everything is contained in a single mdb file. The application includes: Forms VBA code Actual database I would assume I need to separate the database from the forms/code. I would like to be able to version control the forms/code as text to […]

How do you use version control with Access development?

I’m involved with updating an Access solution. It has a good amount of VBA, a number of queries, a small amount of tables, and a few forms for data entry & report generation. It’s an ideal candidate for Access. I want to make changes to the table design, the VBA, the queries, and the forms. […]

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