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Managing personal libraries in C

Over the years, I have accumulated code that is common in my projects and have decided to split it into libraries for easier reuse. Until recently, I was content with just copying over the needed files into my current project, but that starts getting inefficient; I have to include the source for these libraries in […]

Multiple projects using the same module under heavy development

I have a series of applications, called app1, app2, app3 running on my server. They are all Github repos. All of them depend on on a module, changing-module, that is under heavy development. The module is published on npm. I am having trouble deciding how to deploy the apps as well as the module. Please […]

Pip installs module but module is missing

I’m new to git, pip, Python, and Heroku (where I’m building my project), so bear with me. I’m building a Python app on Heroku and decided to use a library from GitHub (specifically https://github.com/arcward/ticketpy). I installed it through pip install ticketpy and it worked fine, and later re-installed it manually with python setup.py install which […]

Single git repository, from dual git repositories?

I have two modules that make up a single project: one module has nanoc in it and generates templates for another project using node.js / express.js and gruntjs as the build file. The entire project structure looks like this at present: project_root – nodejs – .git – Gruntfile.js – etc… – nanocproj – .git – […]

How to show git diff –name-only between 2 branches for a specific module (or multiple modules) within a repo

I am trying to work out a way to get git to show the list of “name only” changes between 2 commit points (be them tags or branches) for a specific submodule. I can do this easily using git diff for a single repo by doing the following: git diff –name-only commitPointA..commitPointB (Here is another […]

Git workflow for sub projects?

We have a custom built project “kickstart” This kickstart can have modules added to it quite easily. When we build these modules we build them all based on one clean master copy of the kickstart which is version controlled. When we start a project we create an empty repo, set up the kickstart repo as […]

Releasing & maintaining modules for nodejs

So I’ve just released my first module for nodejs. Things that I did: picked a SEO-oriented name posted the code on github added the module to the list of modules published the module via npm publish Now, Do I need to do more than that, to make sure who needs it will get to my […]

I want to play a sound ( a song from my computer,preferred) on completion of my python program

First of all, I am new to python. I am trying to make a web crawler that keeps keeps checking a particular website until it finds a specific tv series keywords available. I have gone through the other answers many times by now, but nothing works for me. I am unable to install pygame as […]

add python modules that depend on each other as git submodules

I have these 2 little modules in 2 separate git repositories: RepoA/A.py def foo(): return “Hello World” RepoB/B.py import sys try: import A except ImportError: print(“Dependency not available!”) sys.exit(1) def bar(): return A.foo() + ” EXTENDED!” You see that B currently assumes A is importable globally (either installed or in the script-execution directory). Both have […]

How to trigger a individual job in jenkins with github repository

Our project is hosted on github and we’ve setup a Jenkins server, the question is we have lots of modules in the project and every module has it’s own job, previously we were using perforce that it can update source code in specified modules thus only the jobs belong to those modules which have been […]

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