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Git workflow for sub projects?

We have a custom built project “kickstart” This kickstart can have modules added to it quite easily. When we build these modules we build them all based on one clean master copy of the kickstart which is version controlled. When we start a project we create an empty repo, set up the kickstart repo as […]

Releasing & maintaining modules for nodejs

So I’ve just released my first module for nodejs. Things that I did: picked a SEO-oriented name posted the code on github added the module to the list of modules published the module via npm publish Now, Do I need to do more than that, to make sure who needs it will get to my […]

I want to play a sound ( a song from my computer,preferred) on completion of my python program

First of all, I am new to python. I am trying to make a web crawler that keeps keeps checking a particular website until it finds a specific tv series keywords available. I have gone through the other answers many times by now, but nothing works for me. I am unable to install pygame as […]

add python modules that depend on each other as git submodules

I have these 2 little modules in 2 separate git repositories: RepoA/A.py def foo(): return “Hello World” RepoB/B.py import sys try: import A except ImportError: print(“Dependency not available!”) sys.exit(1) def bar(): return A.foo() + ” EXTENDED!” You see that B currently assumes A is importable globally (either installed or in the script-execution directory). Both have […]

How to trigger a individual job in jenkins with github repository

Our project is hosted on github and we’ve setup a Jenkins server, the question is we have lots of modules in the project and every module has it’s own job, previously we were using perforce that it can update source code in specified modules thus only the jobs belong to those modules which have been […]

How to Export Sheet Buttons and Details with VBA

I’ve been messing around with importing/exporting VBA modules and classes in an Excel app that I work on. Seems really useful to use with version control. I like it. I can easily implement code changes in modules, export my changes, commit and push my changes, and “reload” (delete all modules and re-import) my changes in […]

Cloning a project from git returns the project though modules show as directories

Pre-problem: the usual apology if this question has been settled. Problem: I have cloned a project from a a shared repository on bitbucket to my IntelliJ-IDE. The issue is that only the root folder shows as a module while all sub-modules show as sub-directories(without the little blue square to indicate module-type in the project-view). Surely, […]

Nuget : how to NOT remove old packages after package update?

A couple months ago we’ve started using Nuget in our ASP.NET MVC projects. We’re building a lot of applications that consist of several reusable compontents. For example: Application A – Authentication Module (nuget package with JavaScript/Templates/Controllers/POCO) – Payment Module (nuget package with JavaScript/Templates/Controllers/POCO) Application B – Authentication Module (nuget package with JavaScript/Templates/Controllers/POCO) But our team […]

How to integrate a maven project with parent pom as module?

I’d like to use a parent maven project/aggregator to build my project and a dependency which I have in my source root as git submodule, e.g. aggregator pom.xml – dependency pom.xml – project pom.xml I naively adapted this layout from GNU C/C++ projects, like coreutils which simply checkout dependencies as submodules and updated them to […]

Use different git repo for different modules

In my Android application I’ve created a new library module. Now I have this structure: Right now I have under version control on Bitbucket whole project less datingcorelib. I would like to use a different repo to this library module. It’s possible to use two different repos on the same project? Thanks in advance. Regards.

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