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migrate git to perforce import

I have a problem to migrate from git to perforce: My Situation: I want to move from one perforce server to my own perforce server. I can only access to the depot my Perforce User is allowed. So i tried git-p4 to export my perforce depot with all history. This worked, I now have the […]

Migrate from GIT to TFS and retain timestamp for check-in

I have tried to migrate a GIT repository to TFS Online with following command git tf configure https://myusername.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection $/NameOfTheProgram git tf checkin –deep –no-lock It worked as it should. I got all files with history in TFS. But there is one detail that bothers me a lot. It now looks like that all the files […]

Migrating a Gerrit project into a different instance of Gerrit

I have MainGerritServer which hosts many projects. Also, I have RogueGerritServer which also hosts many projects. I’m looking for a way to move a ProjectA from RogueGerritServer to MainGerritServer while preserving both Git commit history as well as the Gerrit review history. For example, I want to import Android project’s Gerrit history onto my own […]

Converting big bzr repository to git, what to expect?

I’m trying to convert some old bazaar repositories to git, and while everything seem to go through smoothly, I’m a bit unsure if it really went as well as it claimed. My bazaar repository is structured like so: repo trunk prod feature/feature-branchX feature/feature-branchY I’m using the fast-export/fast-import method for migrating between bzr and git. Initially, […]

How to copy between Subversion repositories preserving properties but not preserving history

How can I copy a folder from one existing Subversion repository to another without preserving history, and in such a way that preserves relevant svn properties (e.g. preserve svn:ignore, svn:eol-style but ignore svn:mergeinfo). To use svn export followed by svn import would not preserve svn properties, so this is not good. We are currently experimenting […]

Migrating Subversion Repositories across servers

We’re in the process of moving servers and one of the last items is moving over the svn repositories. There are about 10 gigs of various svn repositories. They were created using this command: svnadmin create –fs-type fsfs Server A(original) has svn 1.4 while Server B(target) has svn 1.6. My thought was to use rsync […]

Converting non-standard Subversion repository to git

I have a repository whose layout is like this: trunk/ projectA projectB branches/ projectA-1.0 projectB-1.0 tags/ projectA-1.0.1 projectB-1.0.1 I want to convert them to separate git repositories with the trunk/projectA as the top-level directory and all it’s branches as git branches. Whenever I try to specify a git svn init like git svn init -T […]

How can I upload a DB to Heroku

I have a shared heroku app, now I wan’t to create a test app also in heroku with the same code, so I’ve created a new app, ok, the thing is that for the app to work it needs a database, so I’m trying to upload my local DB but don’t know how to. Can […]

Moving Git repository content to another repository preserving history

I am trying to move only the contents of one repository (say repo1) to another existing repository (say repo2) using the following commands; git clone repo1 git clone repo2 cd repo1 git remote rm origin git remote add repo1 git push But its not working. I reviewed the other similar post but i only found […]

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