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Git – View conflict resolutions after merge commit

I branched off of master a month ago and worked on a big project. Then I merged it back to master. No surprise, there were merge conflicts. I resolved them and committed the merge. Now a few days later I am testing some code and I found some changes that had been made on master […]

GitLab specific merge request

I have i18n branch on GitLab. Where i have already made few commits with pushes. The problem: Client wants me to make merge request to master branch but only with some specific files ( select the smallest possible set of changes ). How is it possible ? As i see it gathers all commits to […]

Why git can't merge renames with modifications?

I’ve faced a merge behavior I can’t explain. The following script initializes the repository and makes some branches with modifications and renames. $ git init $ emacs file.txt $ cat file.txt 1 2 3 4 $ git add file.txt && git ci -m “initial” $ git branch A && git branch B && git branch […]

Unable to merge branch in in-house TFS GIT from Visual Studio 2013

I’ve looked around SO and either can’t find an answer close to my question or don’t fully understand the answers being explained. I am having an issue trying to merge a development branch into the master branch (both origin branches) I receive the error 2 uncommitted changes would be overwritten by merge I have switched […]

How to find branch whose commit have been merged or rebased

Git makes it really easy to find merged branch with git branch –merged. Some projects like to rebase feature branches and I’d like to find, with git tools, whether my feature branch has been integrated or not (either merged or rebased). Is it possible to find if the patch of a given commit (or branch) […]

Git command error

I have updated files in my local instance and my git have 3 days old files. So i want to commit my changes for that i done following command to merge changes in git and my local instance Sudo git pull –> pulling files from git So it will give some error like i have […]

Double plus sign for the last line in git-diff of merge

Simple conflict situation during git merge. E.g.: index e910fdc,492c972..0000000 @@@ -1,10 -1,5 +1,18 @@@ ++<<<<<<< HEAD +1 +2 +a +4 +5 +6 +b +8 +9 – newnewnew ++newnewnew ++======= + aa + aa + cc + aa -aa ++aa ++>>>>>>> br2 This is diff for not staged both modified file. I’m interested why at the […]

Can't merge master to feature branch after reverting a pushed merge

We have been working on a feature branch with git for a while. Every now and then, I merged the master into this feature branch to keep the feature branch in sync with the master and to facilitate merging the feature branch into the master at the end. Then, I accidentally merged the feature branch […]

Best way to merge from another git repository

Hi guys I’d like to hear your opinions. I have a situation we have migrated to git recently. After first migration and some development works have been done, We just notice that migration had went wrong. We re-created a new repository. The problem here is commit hash is all different between repositories. I would like […]

Fix the way a merge was done in Git

Here is the situation I’m facing: a development branch was merged in the master. The work done in the branch was great, but the resolution of the conflict was very bad (used –ours) -x–x–x–M–z–z / -a–a–a What is in the x and the a is fine, but the problem comes from M. So, ideally, I […]

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