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Explanation of 1 commit ahead of master and 1 commit behind master

I just updated my branch on GitHub with a push. I wanted to add some files that were taken out before. After the merge, my work should match the work on the master branch and everything on both branches should be up to date, but it still says “1 commit behind master”. I also saw […]

Is git not able to tell which commits were only made to that branch?

So if two developers create their own branches (A and B) from the dev branch, make their commits, then A and B are merged in (consecutively) to dev, then B is checked-out again, fast-forwarded, and new commits made, and management says they now need B to go live (to master) but not A, a merge […]

Git & automatically merging branches with master branch

I’m working on becoming more acquainted with git. I’m the sole person working on a project here at work, so I’ve gotten by with just making changes to the master branch all of the time but I need to step it up and be more fluent in working with branches. So yesterday I created a […]

Git merge branches

I would like to merge a couple of branches in my project but I don’t know how to get Git to merge. I am doing my work on Linux Fedora 22. I had the following Git structure on my project, where CAPITAL letters are branches and small letters are commits: ATTINY / >- MASTER – […]

Does Git support automatic merge conflict resolution for append-only files?

In our project, we store localized strings in an XML file that is loaded by the application. These files are managed by a localization management tool, we don’t edit the files directly. Now whenever two developers add new localized strings on different branches, they produce merge conflicts. In the majority of the cases, localization strings […]

Merging strategy with a long development branch. How to prevent heavy conflicts in the future merge?

I’m developing a project where I constantly want to make small improvements on master branch and push them to production. I have problem because I want to concurrently work on a branch that will be pushed only after a long time. If I will use different branches on long_project and not merge them immediately, one […]

After merging, but before committing, how can I force a manual re-merge on a specific file?

During a merge a certain file was auto merged successfully. I now have the results staged but not committed. However I am unhappy with the result in a specific file and want to initiate a 3 way merge manually on said file. Effectively, I want to get the same result as if I’d had a […]

Merging branches in GIT – What does this message mean

In my project I currently have two branches a branch called DEMO and another branch called Master. I am attempting to merge DEMO into Master. The branch Demo has some files that Demo does not have along with some other changes.In order to do that I am using Source Tree to do the merge. After […]

Merge branch 'master'

Beginner: I was trying to do “pull” before a “push” of my new file to GitHub as system asked. When I typed git push it showed me: Merge branch ‘master’ of https://github.com/Wordworth/Test2 # especially if it merges an updated upstream into a topic branch. # # Lines starting with ‘#’ will be ignored, and an […]

How to merge a branch locally and make the log graphs to look like when merged via PR in GitHub

This is the flow using GitHub I am in master in my machine I create a branch some-work, and I work on it, I make a couple of commits I push the some-work branch to GitHub, the branch is created in GitHub In GitHub: I make a PR, merge some-work into master, delete some-work Again […]

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