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Git: why necessary to update master first?

I forked an open source project (let’s call it project X). In my own fork, I created a new branch (let’s call it feature-branch-1) to work on a feature for the next version of X. The owners of X created a new branch for the next version (let’s call it X/nextgen). Once I was done […]

git reverting the commit which committed already

I have two branches: 1.5.testing and 1.9.testing. I pulled latest code from 1.5.testing (git pull origin 1.5.testing) I want to merge to 1.9.testing. so git checkout 1.9.testing (pulled latest from 1.9) and merged 1.5.testing by git merge 1.5.testing I got conflicts and I resolved in 1.9.testing then committed and pushed. After two days I found […]

Push commit from local branch A to branch B when branch A was merged to branch B in GIT

The situation is almost described in the header: I had branch A and branch B Branch A was merged into branch B I commited locally to branch A How can I move local commits from branch A to branch B without losing them?

How do you merge and close a pull request that has a conflict?

Say I merge in one pull request, which then makes another one out of date and unable to be merged in. I then do the following: $ git remote add <username> <URL> $ git fetch <username> $ git co -b <pull-request-branch> <username>/<pull-request-branch> $ git rebase master Make the appropriate changes $ git add . $ […]

Diff only local changes in a merged branch in Git

Using Git, I branched from “trunk” the branch “A”, then committed several changes. Then, I merged from “trunk” because it was merged with branch “B” and I had to sync with those changes. Then I made additional changes on branch “A”. This is a diagram of the tree: branch A: T1–A1–A2–M–A3–* / / trunk: T1———-T2 […]

Git merging master to branch – conflicts (coming from Subversion background)

Subversion Background: We are transitioning from Subversion to Git. We used Subversion trunk to be our “gold copy”, create long-running feature branches, and we would merge trunk to branch many times. Finally when the feature was complete, we would merge the branch back into trunk. When we did this, if Bar.java was modified in trunk, […]

Merge current commits of broken git repo into (old) fixed repo

I am working on a project which has a central SVN repository. I chose Git to work on local tasks via git svn rebase and git svn dcommit. Recently, I realized my local Git repo was damaged – possibly due to harddisk failures. Unfortunately, all my backups show the same errors: the history is cut […]

Step-by-step usage of Visual Studio Git Extension for merging

Every group project I work on in Visual Studio using it’s Git Extension plugin, we run into problems merging. Strange or unexpected merge conflicts occur for specific cases, and I don’t know where we’re going wrong or how our interpretation of how to use git is askew. Our setup is this. There is a master […]

Stop Modifications in new feature Branch from Merging into Master using GitGui

For some time I have been modifying small files (typically documentation or styles) in our git repository. Recently a developer started working on a new search feature and subsequently created a new branch – let’s call it ‘new_search’. The process I had followed up until recently was to: Using Git Gui, Fetch From Origin / […]

Suitable options for git log -p if worried about evil merges

I’m worried that a given branch I’m looking at may have some evil merges in it. What options should I add to git log -p to be more verbose for diffs displayed for merge commits?

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