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Missing files after git pull?

I have a remote that is the same, or similar, to the rails project in my current directory. To sync the two, I do git init git remote add origin blah@blah git pull The problem is that some of the files I had in my working copy were added (ie not in the remote), so […]

(Git Merging) When to use 'ours' strategy, 'ours' option and 'theirs' option?

Definition of recursive merge strategy pulled from the git merge documentation. This can only resolve two heads using a 3-way merge algorithm. When there is more than one common ancestor that can be used for 3-way merge, it creates a merged tree of the common ancestors and uses that as the reference tree for the […]

Can I create local branches in Git without creating remote branches when I merge to remote?

I don’t believe this is the right way to use Git but it’s what I’ve been told to do: Don’t create new remote branches! I might ask a separate question on Workplace.SE about trying to get him to use Git better. I’m working in an Agile environment and I’m used to creating a new branch […]

Is it possible in git to view who merged a branch if it was without a new commit?

User A committed (1) in the “master” branch. User B committed (2) and (3) based on (1) in the “feature” branch. User A merged (3) into the master branch. So now it looks like this: hash3 – (origin/master, origin/feature) commit 3 (User B) hash2 – commit 2 (User B) hash1 – commit 1 (User A) […]

How can I tell which commits are included in merge?

I merged branch develop into branch my-feature with the following command: $ git merge –no-ff develop I expected that afterwards my-feature branch would be ahead of origin/my-feature by two commits: the merge commit and the other that I wanted to bring in. However, git status reports that it’s ahead by three commits: $ git status […]

Git Merge with Remote Master

I’ve contributed to many open source projects. Typically, as external contributors don’t have write access to the repository they contribute to, the workflow is as follows: Fork the repo and clone a private copy git checkout -b feature-branch on the forked repo Push commits to this branch Open a pull request to merge local:feature-branch into […]

Does GitLab permit Wiki Merge Requests?

I know GitLab stores wiki pages in a separate git repository. Therefore, I’d like to know. How can we create a merge request for the wiki project of my project? Is it possible? I found a similar question about GitHub: How to pull request a wiki page on GitHub?, but nothing about GitLab.

Merging in git: via git-svn, says Already Up-to-date, but git-diff says there are differences

I’m using git–svn to work with a codebase and I need to merge changes in trunk to my branch. I have both branches fetched in git, and when I run git diff trunk while in my branch, I can see all the changes. When I run git merge heads/trunk, however, I get a message “Already […]

Why does git merge allow me to lose a line

We recently went through some merge issues with git, and while it probably did ‘The Right Thing'(TM) it wasn’t what I expected. I have reduced an issue to a small public github repository located at https://github.com/geretz/merge-quirk. quirk.c exists on master. merge-src and merge-dst are both branched from the same version on master, which is the […]

How to make a branch from the commit previous to a merge?

I’m using gitflow workflow. From master, I created a hotfix branch and did some fix. Before merging back to master, I figured I’d merge to develop first, just to see the changes in staging and then merge to master. Said merge to develop fix had a conflict that I solved by merging develop into the […]

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