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Unable to diff files in two separate branches in Git

I have FileA in branchA and FileB in branchB. The problem is that I can access only one file at time. I would like to be able to compare the files by FileMerge or meld, since they are the only diffTools whichI have found for Mac. How can you diff by meld/FileMerge the two files? […]

Resolving a 'both added' merge conflict in git?

I’m rebasing in git, and one conflict I get is ‘both added’ – that is, exactly the same filename has been added independently in my branch, and in the branch I’m rebasing on. git status tells me: # Unmerged paths: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # (use “git add/rm <file>…” as appropriate […]

How can I merge many commits, but leave one out?

Suppose I have this feature branch “foo”. Now I want to merge it back into master, but I’ve added some debugging code that I don’t want in master. The debug code is in it’s own commit, so I could use git cherry-pick on each commit and leave out this commit. But that’s gonna be quite […]

difference between git merge origin/master and git pull

I’m working on a local branch “BDD-local” and would like to get the changes from other developers. The other developers are using their own branch and once they are happy with the unit tests, they push the changes to remote repo (origin/master). I was going through several posts here and getting conflicting information. Few people […]

git: How do I add a custom merge strategy?

I’m trying to add a custom merge strategy similar to the one in this question: Git merge conflict to always take the newest file I’ve saved the script as git-merge-latest.sh and added the following lines to .git/config: [merge “latest”] name = select latest file merge driver driver = git-merge-latest.sh %O %A %B However, when I […]

Can git-svn correctly populate svn:mergeinfo properties?

I am evaluating git–svn and trying to determine how well it will play with a particular svn repository. I am mostly concerned with getting git-svn to perform merges in such a way that the svn:mergeinfo property is correctly set in the subversion repo. Is this possible? Here is what I have done so far: # […]

Git – diff3 Conflict Style – Temporary merge branch

I am doing a merge with merge.conflictStyle set to diff3. Normally, this inserts three (3) sections separated by four (4) sets of characters. The Git Documentation for Merge clearly explains what these symbols mean for a simple case (as described below). Regular diff3: Here are lines that are either unchanged from the common ancestor, or […]

Trouble merging upstream changes back into my branch

I’m running into conflicts while trying to merge upstream changes back into my branch and I’m not sure how to resolve them. I created my own fork. I cloned it. I made changes to the branch on my fork, committed, and pushed. But then the main fork updated, and I tried to update my own […]

Git unmerged path issue

I merged branch dog into animal. When I go to commit, I get the following: Unmerged paths: (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) (use “git add <file>…” to mark resolution both deleted: ../public/images/originals/dog.ai added by them: ../public/images/original_files/dog.ai To make a long story short, I had different directory names and file names in each branch. […]

Git: how to reverse-merge a commit?

With SVN it is easy to reverse-merge a commit, but how to do that with Git?

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