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Pygit2 – Merging a branch with no fast forward

I am essentially trying to do a “git merge –no-ff branch” to merge my branch back in. Looking at the Pygit2 documentation, I am not entierly sure what the correct way to do this is. The direct thought would be to do something like this: repo.merge(branch.target) However, I do not see any options for merging […]

Amalgamate two merges in Git

I have a Git branch which is a topic branch that shows the project master. I merged it with the master and resolved a conflict manually. After that, a critical bug was fixed in master and I merged again, this time without conflict. I did not commit anything myself between the two merges and I […]

Does GIT merges based on datetime?

I would like to understand how GIT merge happens. Master & Feature A–B–C –G–H–I –D–E–F Here is the changes made and date when it was changed. G(Master) – Aug – 8th H(Master) – Aug – 10th I(Master) – Aug – 15th D(Feature) – Aug – 9th E(Feature) – Aug – 11th F(Feature) – Aug – […]

git: How can I move a branch to an arbitrary commit?

I have the following git schema: with the following branches: mybranch and origin/mybranch, master and origin/master Commits B and D have initially been merged on commit C and then they were merged into commit A. mybranch and origin/mybranch point to A and master and origin/master point to C. I would like to have master and […]

Print a list of conflicts that will result from a merge

I’m looking to merge two git repos, and I’m told they cannot be resolved automatically. I’d like to type a sequence of commands into the terminal and obtain a list of lines from files in either repo that are preventing the merge from taking place automatically. I’m one hundred percent sure I’m not the first […]

How to overwrite changes and avoid merge in GIT

I am using GIT. We have a master branch. From this branch we created another branch called test. My friend is making changes in test branch while I am working on master branch. I pushed my changes to master branch & he also pushed his changes to test branch to repo. Now if I say […]

Git merge two repositories

I was a question regarding merging two git repositories. The one git repository, let’s name it X, is being hosted on GitHub and is lead by one team member. While the other on BitBucket and being lead by myself. You must be asking yourself why exactly are we doing so? The main reason is that […]

git merge upstream and the rebase further down causes me to merge again

I forked out a repo and worked for a while with some 10 commits (10c), then I merged from upstream (m1) and then worked for a while and had 3 commits (3c). Iam trying to rebase now, while 3c is ok, when I go beyond m1 to rebase/squash messages, It is asking me to merge […]

git merge: PR on master “messed” up my test branch, how do I fix it?

I am used to use git. My normal workflow is: dev –> test –> master I love it and it works great. Now, in a project I am working on with other remote developers, I have been instructed to include a pull request of someone else’s work in our common repository. I got a PR […]

Git merge: is it possible to avoid auto-merge for non fast-forwarded files?

When I do a git merge I would like that only the files that can be fast-forwarded (i.e. the files that have changed only on one of the branches being merged since the last common revision) are automerged, while all the other files (that have changed on both branches, even if on different lines) are […]

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