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Is there any way to svn diff or svn merge across multiple non-sequential revisions at once?

So in SVN you can do things like: svn merge -r555:558 svn diff -c551 but (as far as I know) there is no way to do: svn merge -r555:558, 592:594 svn diff -c551, 557, 563 For merges you can always just do several commands in sequence: svn merge -r555:558 svn merge -r592:594 but for diffs […]

“Naive” svn merge from branch into trunk?

I am using TortoiseSVN for my C++ project, and am trying to “reintegrate a branch” back into the trunk. My case is simple enough so that for every file which has changed in the branch, I would like it to completely overwrite the matching file in the trunk. Unfortunately, TortoiseSVN is smarter than me, so […]

How to set kdiff3 as merge tool for SVN

I would like to be able to resolve conflicts using kdiff3, when SVN notifies me about the conflict. How can I set it as a default tool for this?

Subversion merge history visualisation

Are there any utilities out there which can draw pictures of the merge history of a subversion repo – we always commit merges with a (fairly) consistent log message, and it would be handy to be able to automatically extract this info into a single picture that shows what branches occurred when, and what the […]

SVN merge reintegrate missing ranges but nothing to merge

Here is the riddle: C:\code\trunk> svn merge –reintegrate http://svn.e.com/repos/branches/lih –accept postpone –dry-run svn: E195016: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 11430 through 12384 were previously merged from http://svn.e.com/repos/trunk to the reintegrate source, but this is not the case: branches/lih Missing ranges: /trunk:11902 But then if I go into the branch’s directory and try to […]

merging changes from a maven release branch yields conflicts due to changed versions in poms

following standard practice, I have an svn trunk for feature development, and a forked-off branch for building releases. The branch has been created using the maven release plugin, which is also used for creating releases. As it happens, the occasional bug will be fixed on the branch, and those changes need to be merged back […]

Correct workflow for managing a private Subversion fork:

There is an open source project I would like to fork. It has a public SVN repository from which I would like to check out the source, clone it into my private repository, and begin making changes. If possible I would like to be able to merge changes from the upstream repository in the future. […]

How to merge bug fix branch into trunk and release branch

Consider the following situation: Development is mainly done in trunk. Branches are used when fixing complex bugs or developing new (unstable at first) features. Normally these branches are then merged into trunk once development is done. 1 branch is used as current release branch (say currently “R-1.0”). Tags are used for the release (would be […]

SVN – how to apply change made in trunk to all branches

I am a beginner in SVN.I have the SVN directory structure like this: |-trunk |-file1.php |-file2.php |-branches |-branch_1 |-file1.php |-file2.php |-branch_2 |-file1.php |-file2.php In the trunk I have the main version of my application. I have two branches for different clients which have the modifications only in some files. When I find some core bug […]

How do I avoid large number of svn:mergeInfo when merging trunk to a feature-branch in SVN

I am trying to keep a feature branch up to date by merging trunk into the branch. Problem is, that about 2000 files that was there when the branch was created, and that has been left untouched on both the branch and on trunk is getting updated with nothing but svn:mergeinfo. The project is rather […]

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