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Visual Studio Tools for Git commit system

I’m moving from Subversion to Git under Visual Studio 2012. In a small team we work with master branch shared across team members. In Subversion when two team members change the same source file and there’s no unsolved conflict the logic on commit is: First team member update the local (no changes here) copy and […]

Enforce no-ff merge across a team

So at work we’re implementing a new, nice Git branching strategy – Awesome! In order to preserve the new (and nice) structure of our repository, we would like all merges to be done with the –no-ff flag (and the –no-commit flag to allow for better merge commit messages). However, it seems that just asking everyone […]

git: how to review changes done in branch

Consider the following situation: Multiple branches – master, dev1..dev-n and feature1. Some development has occurred on feature1 branch (commits done to that branch) and I need to review them. However… Feature1 branch was split off master branch at some point in the past. before merge into master, master was merged into Feature1 branch Feature1(+master) were […]

`git rebase` entire branch-tree

I have two unrelated “parts” in my git repository, one of which contains merges: X—Y A—B—C / \ D—E—F—G—H Now Y and D contain exactly the same filesm (think of the 2 parts as a single disjoint history) I would like to rebase the entire second part (D..H) onto the first part, so i get […]

Git pull and merge during a merge

With Git I have done a pull on the other developers branch, then I merged into my branch. When I ran the app I realized the other developer forgot to check in a new resource, he promptly checked it in. How do I grab that new file while I’m in the middle of a merge? […]

Merge two git repositories into one, keeping (renamed) master branches

Preamble I have two separate projects that grew into one. They both have their own git repository. /project/ /project/app/ /project/app/.git/ /project/helper/ /project/helper/.git/ Both git repositories have some unique branches, and both have of course their own master branch. Question I would like to merge both projects into one like so: /project/.git/ The unique branches aren’t […]

Create a branch for a new feature on local branch only or on both local and remote branches?

I follow this tutorial : gitflow Normally, when I implement a new feature, I create a new branch (only for local), after I finish my changes, I pull the develop branch, merge with my local branch and push back to develop git checkout -b new-feature git add . git commit -m “finish the new feature” […]

How can I 'git merge' a new file based on a tracked file of a different name?

I’m quite new to git and have following problem: I’ve worked on a some large code file in my private branch and refactored it so most of it was moved to few other code files. Now I’m trying to merge back to master via “git merge –squash –no-commit mybranch” but then I’m trying to commit […]

Atlassian Stash says that the second pull request merged remotely

There were 2 different pull requests: A and B. When the A pull request has been merged into master in Stash, Stash shows that pull request B has been merged remotely (but it didn’t!). Somehow it worked automatically. There are no hooks. I tried running: git log –merges But I can’t see the merge commit […]

git – How to checkout all changed files between two commits

I have a branch A and a branch B. Branch B is three commits ahead of A. I can use git diff to list the changed files between A and B. But my question is: How can I checkout all those changed files between A and B while I am on A, then commit them […]

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