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Git: having problems trying to keep a clean history tree

I have here a git repository with a few people working on it. I’ve set up branch.master.rebase = true and branch.master.mergeoptions = –no-ff, but I have came across a problem: Someone tried to merge a feature branch into master. The merge was successful, and git said the branch was 30 commits ahead of origin/master. When […]

Magento upgrading with Git

I am about to upgrade our Magento store from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0, I know how I want to do it, but I’m a little unsure on the commands I needs to use. For starters I have my current store on our production server, I have git setup and a duplicate of the repo is on […]

Merge after rebasing feature branch in git

I rebase my feature branch on origin/develop to be current on the current state of develop. git checkout feature-X git rebase origin/develop But when I do this I have to merge immediately after. This makes things messy. I thought that the whole idea of rebasing was that you could rewrite history (pretend we’re working off […]

Force git rebase to accept my version after an initial merge conflict

Here is a git rebase/merge/continue scenario for which a more expedient approach is requested: Given: a file that has changes in both the present branch and the branch being rebased onto. Already performed: a manual merge of the files. Complication: the following command seems to be required multiple times: it finds only a small portion […]

Merging two branches and Git history

Please can somebody inform me what Git does in terms of history when merging two branches. If I have two branches which are both actively being developed on and both contain commits, which is similar to the following timeline: Branch #1: —-(branch)—-C1———-C2——-(merge)——C5 \ / \ / \ / Branch #2: ———–C3———-C4 How does the history […]

git checkout certain files despite conflict

I frequently find myself wanting to checkout only certain files in a tree but cant because I have modified them locally and dont want the hassle of trying to figure out merge (I dont want to merge anything – I just want the git version of certain files). So how can I force a checkout […]

How do I merge two Git branches, with specific commit ids, into one branch?

I have two commits: [branch]: [commit_id] justin: 94943b74ba273a9f4009 jzbranch: 6070aada7b8a690d410b How do I merge the two branches, into jzbranch, and resolve any differences between the two?

git(hub) remove commit from a merge

My question in similar to git remove commit from a merge but I can’t follow instructions suggested there, since my repository’s history is a little bit different. I’m working on a open-source repository on github. After few months I wanted to update my local repository and I made a useless merge-commit by mistake. The history […]

How to completely remove a merged pull request?

I merged a pull request on GitHub. However, it was a mistake, and I want to undo the merge, its commits, and most importantly, delete all the files introduced by these several commits from the history. I reverted the commit with another one and it works, but the files are still in the commit history […]

Local git repo force updated from a remote git repo. (thick-client deployments)

Update: I think this is related to an issue with the windows git client msysgit. Sorry to trouble you guys. http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/issues/detail?id=379&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Priority%20Component%20Owner%20Summary I’m looking for a way to keep several client boxes in synch with a remote git repo. Forcing updates from the remote repo and abandoning anything that may have changed on the client boxes. […]

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