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Git Flow: Automatically Close Feature Branch After Merged to Master

Summary: I would like to stop team members from closing feature branches and only close feature branches after they have been merged into master. I have the following git environment in bitbucket: master (prod) env/stage env/qa env/dev All env branches protected. All feature branches branch off env/dev then when completed, the dev creates a pull […]

How to merge features branches to branch develop in Git?

I am new to Git and I have a simple question Though this has been asked many times in this forum, I want to restrict my question to the following scenario 1) Feature A (Files A, B and C were modified) cut from ‘develop’ 2) Feature B (Files A and D were modified) cut from […]

git merge multiple branch then selectively undo

This might be because of a wrong work process, but here is the situation. I am in the testing team, and I merged 20 branches to the master to test each features(each branch represents a feature). I found 5 branches were not good with bugs, and only want to push the 15 good branches. Since […]

git merge forked repo to local repo

I have made a lot of changes to a known repo on Github to fit my current needs. After a while I had noticed that the repo had received a lot of bug fixes I would like to put in my local repo. So I forked the updated repo and cloned it, and then put […]

Git – how to block merging from master into another branch

As .gitignore doesn’t work per branch and I need to keep a file in master that shouldn’t be in other branches, I wish to block any merging of master into other branches. I am expecting some .git* like file which I can set in the repository itself that a merge of master into another branch […]

Merge changes from branch into different branch without merging the branch

I had a process in place where I would work on separate ‘development’ branches then merge them into the ‘stable’ master branch when finished. I would then create a new branch for the next development branch created from master. This ensured each development branch would always contain the most recent stable changes. But I made […]

Workflow for git merging and cherry picking in a migrated subversion repository

My team is transitioning from SVN to git, and one of the things I’m trying to sort out is a long term branching strategy. In SVN we had our trunk, and then several release branches which each represented a major platform revision (V1, V2, etc). Our workflow for something like a bug fix or patch […]

forgot to pull changes before merge

I have a local branch feature, and to make future merge into master easier my intention was to “update” the feature branch by doing: git pull –rebase git checkout feature git merge –no-ff master git push origin feature After resolving merge conflicts, but before commit and push, I realised that I had forgotten to run […]

How git decides what commit modifies a given path? Inconsistent results obtained

When I use git rev-list (or git log) with the — option to restrict commits to those that modify a path, I am getting resuls where I fail to see the consistency. Worse than that, results vary with git version (pre 1.8.4, results were consistent; in 1.8.4 or 2.5.0 they don’t seem consistent to me, […]

git procedure to merge branches from origin

I am a member of a Github repository where there are three branches, master, dev and deployment. I cloned the repository on my local computer with: git clone git@github.com:COMPANY/repo.git What I need to do is to merge the changes that were pushed in the dev branch into the master branch, and then the master branch […]

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