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Reverting a git merge -s ours

I want to revert a merge because instead of using git merge -s recursive -X ours, I’ve used git merge -s ours. I’ve read this blog post about reverting merges, but it doesn’t seem to work for my case. So, I have the master branch, and then the topic branch. At some point I merged […]

Timestamps in Git

Questions When I commit a revision to a branch is their a “commit timestamp” recorded and if so is it ever used and for what? It seems to me like the commit chains/trees would be all you need. If there is a “commit timestamps” who records it, the client (committee) or server (main repository)? When […]

What is the most efficient way to handle merge conflicts on your compiled SASS css file?

I am working on a project with several developers that uses SASS, Drupal, and Git. We currently are keeping the compiled CSS file in version control. The problem is that every time a developer pulls they get merge conflicts on that compiled CSS file. Since that file is created by compiling the SASS files, it […]

git merge after file renamed

I have two files A and B in master. I created a branch feature where I modified both A and B. Then, someone else deleted B and renamed A to B in master (using git mv). When I merge feature into master, git compares B in feature with B in master, which is not as […]

Merge branch to master with all changes?

This question already has an answer here: How to replace master branch in git, entirely, from another branch? [duplicate] 5 answers

How to resolve a git-svn rebase with moved files?

I have a problem rebasing my long-lived branch (called ‘metrics’) onto the latest version of my ‘trunk’ branch. The goal is to get my changes rebased, and then committed back to SVN. The rebase has 75 steps right now, and step 40 is applying significant source code changes onto files that were relocated in svn. […]

Git questions – not in a branch?

Firstly, how can I see which branch I am currently on? I typed “git branch” but it returned * (no branch) master so then when I commit, where are these changes being committed to? Secondly, how can I get the changes I have made onto the master branch?

How two git merge and keep some diff?

I have a config file: in branch master: url=http://somewhere.com in branch local: url=http://localhost:8080 I wanna keep all things the same, except the url value in the config file.

git merge vs. git rebase when bringing aosp ics branch into master

Which is a recommended method when bringing aosp ics branch into master(my project main branch), git merge or git rebase? (By the way I read When do you use git rebase instead of git merge?, but still confused which is the proper thing to do in that situation.)

Git Workflow Issue – Squashed Commits and Conflicts

We’re currently using git and I tried to come up with a reasonable workflow for people to use, but there’s currently one issue that I’m not sure how to resolve. If there is a conflict when we do the merge back into the master branch, we lose the history in the squashed commit message, which […]

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