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Merge from different branch into different folder

we recently moved from SVN to GIT. Since the project is quite big with SVN we used to branch folders rather than the whole project. The current structure is now: trunk core web db branches MainDevBranch A (branched from trunck/core/web) OtherBranch(branched from MainDevBranch) Now merging OtherBranch>MainDev branch is working fine but I couldn’t get to […]

Git –> Committed, revert -m 1 commitID, remerged, and merged code does not build in Jenkins

Note: Utilizing sourcetree for Git interaction I committed 17 ticket branches to the QA branch. QA then came back and said the Jenkins build was blocked. I assumed it was due to conflicts in two of the branches, that I had resolved with my branch (theirs), rather than the QA branch (mine). Based on a […]

Git ignore files when merging branches

I know it’s been answered before, but i didn’t make much sense of the answers. I have a repository with two branches that run in parallel. One is master and the other one is seed. The seed and master branches contain two files that are needed for local and live server environments, so they differ. […]

Git Flow: Automatically Close Feature Branch After Merged to Master

Summary: I would like to stop team members from closing feature branches and only close feature branches after they have been merged into master. I have the following git environment in bitbucket: master (prod) env/stage env/qa env/dev All env branches protected. All feature branches branch off env/dev then when completed, the dev creates a pull […]

How to merge features branches to branch develop in Git?

I am new to Git and I have a simple question Though this has been asked many times in this forum, I want to restrict my question to the following scenario 1) Feature A (Files A, B and C were modified) cut from ‘develop’ 2) Feature B (Files A and D were modified) cut from […]

git merge multiple branch then selectively undo

This might be because of a wrong work process, but here is the situation. I am in the testing team, and I merged 20 branches to the master to test each features(each branch represents a feature). I found 5 branches were not good with bugs, and only want to push the 15 good branches. Since […]

git merge forked repo to local repo

I have made a lot of changes to a known repo on Github to fit my current needs. After a while I had noticed that the repo had received a lot of bug fixes I would like to put in my local repo. So I forked the updated repo and cloned it, and then put […]

Git – how to block merging from master into another branch

As .gitignore doesn’t work per branch and I need to keep a file in master that shouldn’t be in other branches, I wish to block any merging of master into other branches. I am expecting some .git* like file which I can set in the repository itself that a merge of master into another branch […]

Merge changes from branch into different branch without merging the branch

I had a process in place where I would work on separate ‘development’ branches then merge them into the ‘stable’ master branch when finished. I would then create a new branch for the next development branch created from master. This ensured each development branch would always contain the most recent stable changes. But I made […]

Workflow for git merging and cherry picking in a migrated subversion repository

My team is transitioning from SVN to git, and one of the things I’m trying to sort out is a long term branching strategy. In SVN we had our trunk, and then several release branches which each represented a major platform revision (V1, V2, etc). Our workflow for something like a bug fix or patch […]

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