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Merged branches locally, now how do I get GitHub to show that as a pull request?

So I have two branches which I merged locally and thus created a commit. I then pushed the unified branch to my remote where the two branches existed. I’m guessing this is not how it is done since Github doesn’t reflect the merge, it simply shows a commit on branch A with the merge message. […]

Git workflow when delivering to clients

During the last two years I’ve been using the following branching model while developing a large B2C app: A Successful Git Branching Model. In this case, code that was merged to master was only the production one, i.e. the exact version that was deployed to the app stores. Now that my work there is over, […]

Squash or remove past merge commits

I am currently working with a group of others on a project for a uni assignment. We’ve all got to use Git (much to my pleasure) and we’ve set it up so that no-one commits to the main repository on GitHub and everything is done via pull-requests. We are also making use of the gitflow […]

Squash commit to master that preserves correspondence with dev

In a common git workflow, you branch off master into a feature branch or a dev branch, make many small commits, and then merge back into master when your work is tested. To keep master’s history clean, you can git merge –squash dev. This allows you to preserve the more granular history in the feature […]

Is there a way to give git metadata to mark a line as not being automatically mergeable?

In git, the default behavior is to automatically merge files if possible, and this makes sense in most cases, but here is an example where an original committer may know that automatic merging of a certain line in the file may be incorrect. For example, adding an entry somewhere in a list may not work […]

Git merge didn't merge two files only?

I have master branch, and a release branch. Last commit on the release branch added couple lines to files, let’s say, A and B. Then these changes were merged into master (things happen). Later, number of other commits were made to master, one of which removed those couple lines from A and B again. Now […]

Issue tracker management when merging two GitHub repos

I have two GitHub repos I am merging into one repo (Project B merging into Project A). I already understand how to merge the repos. Instead, my question is regarding the GitHub issue tracker. On Project B, many commits referenced and closed many GitHub issues for that project. When I merge the Project B code […]

Undoing a merge done with –no-ff

I’ve heard that a git merge done with the –no-ff flag preserves full history making it easier to pull out a specific merge. I’ve not seen it explained, though, how to undo a merge made with –no-ff. Also, I can’t see how it makes it easier to unmerge than a fast-forward merge. Can someone shed […]

What is the path of 2 different files merged with the option -X renam-threshold=N%

I was working with one file A at a certain commit. On one branch, I renamed this file ( -> I moved it to a newly created repo called Rep) and added a new function. On my master branch, I as well added a new function. I merged these two files using git merge newBranch […]

Git merging two separate repos from the same project, from different points in time

I’ve done something like this in the past: remove .git directory git init making commits… I have a copy of project where I still have old .git directory. How could I incorporate it into new repo? I just want to add this previous history to the repo, as if I never deleted this .git directory.

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