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How to Tell if Pull Request Has Been Merged

So my question was kind of addressed by this post, but I’m still a little confused. Basically, I’m checking out a repo on GitHub, and I see that there are currently 34 open and 173 closed pull requests. My current understanding is this: If somebody makes a stupid pull request, the maintainers will close it […]

How does this workflow result in discarded work?

I was linked to this blog on another question, and I read this warning about a certain git workflow: Here’s the actual scenario that caused an enormous amount of hair pulling. The team was using the merge workflow. Lots of people changing things really fast. The typical style was Work on your stuff Commit it […]

How to make git ignore certain file conflicts and differences?

We have an automatically generated javascript file which is tracked in our git repository. The problem is that it includes a (useless) timestamp in a comment, which often creates trivial merge conflicts for us. I’d like to avoid having these conflicts. I thought I had found a solution with .gitattributes and filter/smudge. I set it […]

What's the difference between git merge –no-ff and git merge –squash

I’ve working with a small team using the ‘merge workflow’ and we recently switched over to the ‘rebase workflow’ as per Sandofsky’s article. our current workflow: git checkout master, git pull origin master git checkout -b feature_branch, do some work and git commit -am “msg for feature branch” git checkout master, git pull origin master, […]

git merge does not produce conflict on code deletion

A co-worker and I are in the planning & testing stages for converting our development group to using git as the source control tool. We have established a workflow that emphasizes code safety and workflow simplicity. However, in testing different merge cases, I have found situations where git merge will automatically merge differences when it […]

GIT, merged two branches, pushed on server, now how to unmerge them

Need urgent help in GIT i have my code in master branch, then there is another branch named dev, dev is ahead of few commits than my master branch, before merging i even took a master branch backup ‘master-backup’ then i merge dev into master, and push the merged master branch onto server (git push […]

How to deal with merges of topic branches after a squashed merge of parent

Say that I have the following scenario: A — B — C — D — H master \ / E — F — G topicA \ I — J — K topicB topicA was merged into master using the –squash switch, which means that master doesn’t know the history of topicA. If I now merge […]

GIT: How do I rebase nested branches?

My structure looks like this-> master develop project <sprint_number> <task_number> I work on the task_number branch. Then I merge task with the sprint branch. Then I merge sprint with the project branch. In this way, all of the commits on project are sprints, and all of the commits on sprint are tasks. After merging into […]

a way to make –no-ff the default behavior of git merge

I want to know if exist some way to make: git merge –no-ff mybranche default behavior for git merge? The –no-ff flag causes the merge to always create a new commit object, even if the merge could be performed with a fast-forward. This avoids losing information about the historical existence of a feature branch and […]

git branch — merged

I just accidentally typed git branch — merged instead of git branch –merged and now when I type it correctly, I see a new merged-in branch called “merged”. I’m not sure if this is a feature of git branch, or what. It looks like it creates a new branch from my last commit of the […]

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