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Silent merge tool for git

I have a build server set up to automatically keep a few products up to date with code from a “common” repository. The build server merges in the common code, runs all tests and if OK it commits the results. Everything is fine until there is merge conflicts in GIT. Sometimes there are “real conflicts” […]

Is it safe to squash commits from other branch

There are two branches master and feature. The development goes in feature branch and there multiple commits done in that branch, but in between them there were several merges with master branch, so the log for feature branch is for example something like: feature commit 1 master commit 1 feature commit 2 master commit 2 […]

Git – Merge in not updated branch

Let’s say that I have two branches one with new feature and another one of testing. I would like merge the new feature in the test branch. The problem was that my local version of test branch was not updated with last changes and I forgot to update it before merge the new feature on […]

Reverting a pull request completely

Current master has been worked on for the past month. Also a branch called contract has been worked on simultaneously. contract was merged into master by mistake. 100 commits, with dates that overlap master commits that already existed. How can I completely remove the pull request that merged all 100 commits from contract into master? […]

Git cherry-pick will case merge conflict

Currently I got two branches: master beta_001 beta_001 is checked out from master sometimes ago. To make beta_001 update to date to master, commits pushed in master will also be cherry-picked to beta_001. All things worked fine until the day beta_001 was merged back to master. a lot of both modified conflict apperenced like this: […]

Intellij with Git – Contents have differences only in line separators

I’ve just installed intellij with git and pulled down code from the framework. Immediately after doing this, I get hundreds (out of thousands) of files saying that ‘contents have differences only in line separators’. If I change these from CRLF to LF it makes no difference. Any idea how to fix this?

Git merge does not add new files

Here’s my commit history: * Merge commit (missing file a.c) /| || *| Add new file a.c again <- branchB || |* Remove files a.c <- branchA || *| Remove files a.c || \| | * Add new file a.c | | … I have a branchA branch where I added a file. Then, I […]

git: how to auto-resolve files that contains no conflicts

We recently did some refactoring across our solution that contained a lot of refactoring, and most files were modified, some mainly namespaces. We want to merge latest dev into the feature branch, but after the merge we ended up with over a 1000 conflicts. But as we start working through the conflicts, we noticed that […]

Git fetch and merge skipped asking me for conflicts

I am using Intellij and I want to put the latest changes from a remote branch B to branch A. branch A is the master branch. After I git fetch and merge branch B, which have files having conflict with branch A, it didn’t ask me for my decision of what to do with the […]

Why my branch pending after merged in sourcetree graph

My problem is like this: I have a master branch. To release a new version, I made some version related changes and commit the changes. I used to push directly, while now I realized that it is not a good idea. So I checkout a new branch sfma_build. Then I push this local branch to […]

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