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Merge status lost when stashing

It happens that information about a merge are lost after we do a stash. A usual merge and a stashed merge are compared below. Right: merge + push git merge release-2013-10-29 # Everything works, cool git commit -am “Upgraded to release 2013-10-29” git push origin dev Result is as expected, a merge commit: Wrong: merge […]

What might cause `git pull` to fail seeing remote changes?

In what circumstances might the git pull origin master command result in a different working copy state than git checkout master -> git pull -> git checkout feat-a -> git merge master ? The long story. I have a feature branch, lets call it feat-a. I am the only developer working on this branch. The […]

git merge repeating conflicts

I have a branch master and a branch feature which was checked out from master. master gets commits pushed into it from other developers and I regularly merge master back into feature, so that it keeps up with new developments from other branches. However, I keep getting the same conflicts in the same files every […]

Git pull with rebase causing excessive conflicts. How can I fix our workflow?

We have a base system that is customized for each client. The base lives in its own repository, and each client lives in its own repository (originally cloned from base). The goal is to have the ability to add bug fixes/features to base, which can be propagated to clients, on demand. So far the workflow […]

Always overwrite a git deployment branch

We work with front-end code, e.g. HTML, CSS, JS etc We have a preview branch (qa) on Github that, when pushed to, automatically deploys the code to a preview website for our QA team to test. We compile / build our code into a dist directory and this is served on the preview website. Of […]

Git Revert a Revert for a Merge

I had a feature branch created, let’s say feature/branch1 on github. I created a pull request for it and got it merged. When it reached our pipeline, we figured there was a problem and we got it reverted using the Revert button on Git This created a “Revert” PR that we merged with the master […]

git safe rebase or “try rebase, fallback to merge”

I’m thinking of transforming my merge only workflow to using rebase more often. In this particular case, I’m the only developer, but I work on multiple platforms, often editing same files for platform-specific parts, usually with non-conflicting changes. But I’m a bit unsure about this, because of the debate about git merge vs git rebase, […]

How to fool git-svn to recognize merges made with svn?

We have an SVN setup with stable trunk and unstable development branch. Dev work is (mostly) done on the branch and then merged to trunk before deployment. I use git-svn as my SVN client. My merge process from unstable to trunk is as follows: git svn fetch git co -b trunk svn/trunk git merge –no-ff […]

Tools for Maintaining Branches in SVN

My team uses SVN for source control. Recently, I’ve been working on a branch with occasional merges from the trunk and it’s been a fairly annoying experience (cf. Joel Spolsky’s “Subversion Story #1”), so I’ve been looking alternative ways to manage branches and merging. Given that a centralized SVN repository is non-negotiable, what I’d like […]

Merging two git repositories as different versions

I have two git repositories, like this: proj1 proj2 proj1 has a tag v1.0.0 and proj2 has tags v2.0.0 and v2.1.0. Now I would like to merge proj1 (the v1.0.0 tag in particular) into proj2 as if it was an earlier version of proj2, so that I have the tags v1.0.0, v2.0.0 and v2.1.0. I’m […]

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