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Merge tag from remote git repository without its history

Please consider the following situation: There are two repositories, one internal for the company’s developers and one public (e.g. on GitHub). [public-repo.git] [internal-repo.git] \ / \ \ \ (1) pull tag / \ \ \ / \ \-(developer 2) \ (2) push w/o history / \ \ / \-(developer n) \ / [local copy of […]

Why git rebase creates conflicts, but git rebase -i does not?

I occasionally have strange conflicts when rebasing feature branch onto master branch. I’ve changed just some lines in files, but conflict message shows that those files are deleted, which is not correct. Recently I got hint from this question and tried rebasing using git rebase -i and picking all the commits. Using that command I […]

Does git merge –no-commit prevent any changes?

If I’m unsure about a git merge, and I use git merge –no-commit, does this prevent any actual changes occurring in my repo?

Strange merge/rebase result in GIT

guys! I migrated our project from Mercurial to GIT recently, all things works well and we like it more than Mercurial. There is only one thing that confused us. scenery 1: Sometims, one of our programmers may change his system date because of self-testing. It’s a big he forgot to change the system date back […]

How to manage eclipse git authority?

I am working on a java web application project with Eclipse. My team uses Git(which is basically included in Eclipse Luna) as a code merging tool. What I want to do is separate authority by users. like github.com. (As you know, people commit their soucecode in local repository and request ‘pull request’ to Super user. […]

Old git-commits move to new branch

I have the following problem: – I have Master branch and a Dev branch and I recently added another one called TA-17. – I submitted all my commits to this branch merged it with Dev, and closed TA-17 branch. – Then I commited twice something to Dev branch – Now I created a new branch […]

Git Workflow, reverting merge and reaplying it in future

Here is a workflow we use in our company: Master is a branch which should alway stable and is used to build production. When we develop new feature we create a feature branch from master. We have many teams working on many features at same time. When a feature is ready, Master is merged into […]

git rebase after merging published branch?

I want to use rebase to remove meaningless merge-commits. At the same time, I want to preserve the branch history when I branched off to develop some feature. Basically, git rebase when pull from remote develop branch into my local develop branch. (by using git config branch.develop.rebase true) git merge when merging in feature branch […]

Git cherry-pick old commit

I just encountered the following scenario: Some commits in a branch [develop] (multiple people working on it) were causing issues and I wanted to copy them to a separate branch [feature1] so they could be fixed/added to (and the code removed from the current branch [develop]). They had already been pushed to remote [origin/develop] quite […]

Overwrite local changes from remote repository

I have two remote repositories. The first one (Framework) get’s pulled into the second one (MySite). I make some changes to MySite, like CSS for example, and push it all to the MySite repo. Now, if I (or another dev) change a PHP file, User.php for example (which is stored on the Framework repo), on […]

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