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Merge Unity 3D scene with Git

I’m trying to implement a Git for a game project of mine. For scripts, it would work well because they are already in text. But what about scene files? They are binary files so merging them will be quite hard. What if I put a game object in the scene and another co-worker put another […]

Git cherry-pick causes merge conflict while merging does not

I am trying to learn how to use git cherry pick, I read the manual pages that git returns by doing git cherry-pick –help but that did not seem to help. I will try and explain the problem below. I have two branches master and other. On branch master The commit history is 0x2 Second […]

how to identify branches that need to get merged in git

I make a lot of bugfix and feature branches and in the end merge them all into a release candidate (rc). but when i test the rc I am not sure if i have merged in all the branches. How can I find out which branches are missing? I tried gitk, but it seems it […]

Using git log to display files changed during merge

I’m executing the following command: git log –name-only –pretty=”format:%H %s” — *.sql –grep=”JIRA-154″ which returns results in the format: [commitid1] [comment] path/to/file1/file1.sql path/to/file2/file2.sql path/to/file3/file3.sql [commitid2] [comment] path/to/file2/file2.sql path/to/file4/file4.sql The output is redirected to a file and the format is exactly what I’m looking for, however merge commits are a problem. The files that have been […]

How to overwrite my local branch content to my local and remote development branch?

We are a team of developers, using git for version control system. I add some changes to the local branch and push it to my local and remote development branch. The other developer, when merge his content to remote development, found my changes. But by mistake my changes were deleted by this developer and he […]

What is the proper way to do “Checkout with Rebase” and then push the merged files in Intellij IDEA

In Git, I have two branches: master and myFeatureBranch (which I created via IDEA’s new branch while I was on master). In the time since I created myFeatureBranch, other team members have committed several changes to master. I would like to bring in those changes, and I am aware that I will have merge conflicts. […]

Find the merge commit that modified a given line?

We’re using a git-flow style workflow, and we want to find out which pull request included changes to a given line of code. Suppose we have the following history: c—e—g / \ -a—b—d—f—h— master My pull request was merged in h with commit message “Merge pull request #123”. If I do a git blame on […]

Move files between Git repos while preserving history

Possible Duplicate: How to move files from one git repo to another (not a clone), preserving history I followed the steps at How to move files from one git repo to another (not a clone), preserving history and I did get the files moved over, but it brought the ENTIRE history of the repo with […]

How to re-format the patch after merge in Git?

Let’s assume that there are two branches, master and slave, and they edit the same file and the same line. Initially, the contents of the file is foo bar then in the branch slave it is edited to become foo bar baz Now the user of branch slave formats the patch (git format-patch master) and […]

Is it better to use a separate commit message for a git merge?

I come from an SVN background so I’m not sure what the typical git workflow looks like. When you merge in SVN, you provide a commit message describing the merge. This is necessary because SVN’s merge-tracking has historically been poor. I noticed that git’s default behavior is to automatically commit the results of the merge […]

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