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Correct procedure to use pending branch changes in a new branch

You submit a pull request to merge Branch A into master. While this is pending (1 hour or so) and you want to use the pending features of branch A while you are waiting, you make Branch B Should Branch B be a branch off of Branch A or should Branch B be a branch […]

Merging in git after changing file name capitalization

So I changed all the file names in my repo from upper case to lower case. If I tried to do it the standard way I would get the following error. $ git mv Actuals.py actuals.py fatal: destination exists, source=Actuals.py, destination=actuals.py So i used the force option $ git mv -f Actuals.py actuals.py warning: destination […]

can we add merge –no ff in .gitattributes file without modifying gitconfigs

We are using TFS-Git as our source control . We are following git branching workflow and pull requests to merge our code to stable branches. We recently observed that pull-request merges on TFS are doing “git merge” by default , and we were been expecting a “git merge –no-ff” on each pull request merge. I […]

In Git How to know the list of conflicts (path) that have been resolved?

Suppose I have many conflicts after merge and I have resolved some but I forget what they are, can I know which conflicts that have been resolved? Or can I know the initial conflicts (before resolving any one of them)? git status doesn’t work since the status of resolved conflict is “modified” and I can’t […]

Is there an easier way to integrate a subdirectory of an existing repository into another repository than sparse checkouts + subtree merge?

I have an existing code base (fairly large, being worked on by about a dozen developers) with a structure much like ourproject/src/gui ourproject/src/libs ourproject/src/shared ourproject/src/backend ourproject/tests … I would like to reuse most files beneath src/shared in a separate project, hosted in a separate Git repository – preferably in a subdirectory, something like myproject/src/3rdparty/ourproject/src/shared Now, […]

Git (github) specify binary file behavior

I have some binary files e.g. pdf in my git project and would like to specify the behavior for that file. Is it possible to ignore the file when pulling and always overwrite githubs copy with the local copy when pushing. For example: I have a latex project and like to have pdf preview on […]

How to “git show” a merge commit with combined diff output even when every changed file agrees with one of the parents?

After doing a “simple” merge (one without conflicts), git show usually only shows something like commit 0e1329e551a5700614a2a34d8101e92fd9f2cad6 (HEAD, master) Merge: fc17405 ee2de56 Author: Tilman Vogel <email@email> Date: Tue Feb 22 00:27:17 2011 +0100 Merge branch ‘testing’ into master This is because, for merges, git show uses the combined diff format which omits files that agree […]

Merge multiple commits git

I have following commit’s in my branch $ git log –pretty=oneline aa2ea957db6bf5f097b0e2f046c4c3f76758c6d9 Merge branch ‘CentralCache_Stats’ of gi ==> When I pull from master it create new commit don’t why ? 4ece4416421334e8be75893ef1416bb8509d2a44 [744] New API for central cache informa ==> I make changes and did commit –amend then also it create new commit. a49d7ef9f2e0c7adedb8dee96f79ce1d9e2855db Merge branch […]

Atlassian Stash: Is it possible to prevent merging pull requests containg merges?

Some people in my team use git pull to sync their feature branches with master during development. Due to that, pull requests end up having multiple merges, and as a result it’s sometimes hard to reason about the code in the pull request and even harder when reviewing history in gitk. Preaching to them about […]

Should I file a pull request or merge when updating branches on a single developer GitHub project?

I’m using GitHub Desktop to manage my GitHub repository. It’s a project with multiple branches (I’m using this model), and I’m in a situation where I sometimes want to have updates made in one branch present in another. In my particular situation I’ve got a develop branch and a feature branch I created from develop […]

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