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Merging multiple git branches into master?

So I have 3 git branches: master refresh auth_upgrade I haven’t really been using branches like I should…so master is way out of date, refresh is somewhat out of date and auth_upgrade is actually the branch that is completely current. So…I ultimately want to make auth_upgrade the master branch and then git push it to […]

git format-patch : how can I get it to ignore already merged commits?

I’m working on my copy of the perl repository on github and created a branch titled “perl-d-add-tests-2” for doing some changes, where I have commited some commits. I submitted these commits upstream and they were applied into “blead” (the main perl development branch). I pulled from the upstream repository, and did a “git merge” from […]

Multiple users in git, coming from using mercurial

I’m using git for a class project so I can work with my team. I used mercurial last semester for this but have switched to git since msysgit has a portable version. In mercurial, when 2 users made changes from the same changeset, one pushes, and the others commits would become a separate branch that […]

Git merge issue

I am using a local repository (which doesn’t work at all like the local repository seemed to work in the Xcode demo I watched on Lynda.com). The only way I can get it to work is to create another copy of my project directory and then point to that as a working directory within Organizer. […]

Can cherry-picking from a branch cause trouble rebasing this branch to master

Context: I have an experimental branch crazy-idea where I did some wild things in a dedicated sub-dir madness/{src,docs}. A ton of commits, with notes, pictures, hacky scripts to create plots. Now that I have fully understood what I’m doing it’s time to edit the actual source files in src/ by adding new functions and alter […]

How to replace a git submodule with vendored in code?

I’ve been in the process of getting rid of git submodules lately. Sometimes I’m adding new files where there’s been the submodule. I’m looking for a nice way to drop a submodule, and add some files in it’s place without creating merge problems for pulling users. Here’s what I’m talking about: This is a commit […]

Command/steps for merging one branch into another more than once?

I get “Already up-to-date” messages when trying to merge one branch, ‘feature_1’, into another, ‘release_1’, more than once where changes have been committed to feature_1 in between merges. That is, I have something like: # Developer 1: create feature_1 branch with initial commit git checkout -b feature_1 origin/master git commit -am “Initial commit.” git push […]

git branch merging

I’m going through a tutorial and it said this command, “git branch -a” would list all my remotes, both local and remote. So i did that and this is what i got. David-Adamss-MacBook-Pro:releventz davidadams$ git branch -a * master remotes/flashdrive/master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/master David-Adamss-MacBook-Pro:releventz davidadams$ Master is the branch i’m currently on and is […]

Can I generate a “merge tool viewable” diff output with git?

For small chunks of code, I can manage writing: git diff SOURCE_FILE but when it gets past a number of lines, it gets difficult to watch. Is there someway of generating two files, one being the staged one, the other containing the modifications, and compare them using a tool like WinMerge?

Github – search merges

Is it possible to search through merge conflicts only in github? I was doing a merge a few days ago. I remember merging something with something else, and now i’m getting an error that seems related to that merge. Only issue is I can’t remember for the life of me where I made that merge. […]

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