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How to merge old commit in master branch with xCode 5

Is it possible to merge an old commit I made into the master branch directly in xCode. I know I can merge my current branch into another branch but sometime I continue working on my project while the older commit is being test. When that commit is validated, I want to merge it into the […]

Web GUI Merge Requests Failing after Gitlab Update to 6.6.4

I ran the updates from 5.4 to 6.6.4 to our system and now merge requests in the web gui do not work. All the checks in gitlab pass and the application is configured correctly – all green lights in the checks. At first we were getting the endlessly spinning “Checking for ability to automatically merge…” […]

Update master git repository from files

Hopefully I can explain. We took over development of a site, and there was a transition period where there was two different teams doing dvelopment for a few weeks, and the only deployment path we had was creating patch files for each feature. In this process the master branch we have in git now is […]

How to count conflicts when comparing 3 file versions?

I’m trying to compare 3 files with “diff3″. I aim to count the number of conflicts that require manual merge (when both versions are different than the original version). The basic syntax is diff3 mine older yours but I can’t find out how to get the conflicts only. I have to know if there are […]

How to merge from a pull request into master without closing the pull request

Say I have a branch, demos, which exists to create demo code against whatever is in master. I want the commits to the demo branch to ping everyone pretty frequently, generally by being part of a pull request. That is, I created the branch demos and the initial commit for the branch, and then made […]

EGIT – after merging the second time still got same conflicts

After i did a merge of branch#1 into the master branch- I got some conflicts, so ive fixed them and committed the changes. now, if i execute the merge again, i dont get a “already up to date” message, but instead im getting all the conflicts back. any ideas?

Why are changes that have already been merged now showing up as new changes?

Scenario for my question I made some changes to several files in my machines cloned repo. Committed the changes and pushed them to my fork in GitHub. Opened a PR from my fork to my organisations fork and my changes were merged. Next day Made some more changes to other files in my machines cloned […]

Git merge – changes missing

I ran into a really annoying Git problem and don’t know how to solve it. Hopefully you can give me a hint. I have a child-branch of my master-branch. On that child-branch I made several changes. For instances adding methods to a class and so on. Later on I merged those changes into the master-branch. […]

Is it possible to compare multiple branches to one in git?

Would it be possible to compare Branch 1 and Branch 2 changes against Master in this scenario? * * Branch 2 | / |/ | * Branch 1 |/ * Master Ideally this is something difftool would be able do.

Git selective merge of content in thesame file

I performed a git merge between two branches with selective commit to certain parts of the code, not all, on one particular file (call it X). Now i want to merge in the remaining code which i did not merge in the previous step but for some reason git gives me that branches already up […]

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