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Git: how to reverse-merge a commit?

With SVN it is easy to reverse-merge a commit, but how to do that with Git?

What are the benefits of Mercurial or git over svn for branching/merging?

I’ve heard for instance that merging branches with git or mercurial is easier than with svn. Reading last Joel on software blog entry, I didn’t get it exactly why. Could you provide a concrete example where merging with git/mercurial lead to less merge conflicts compared to svn please?

Using Visual Studio 2012's built-in merge tool with Git

So, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but the new Merge Tool packaged with VS2012 is sick-o to the max. I’ve recently moved to Git for my source control and really want to be able to set up VS2012 as my default difftool/mergetool. Any suggestions as to how to do this? I’d rather the diff/merge […]

Should I merge .pbxproj files with git using merge=union?

I’m wondering whether the merge=union option in .gitattributes makes sense for .pbxproj files. The manpage states for this option: Run 3-way file level merge for text files, but take lines from both versions, instead of leaving conflict markers. This tends to leave the added lines in the resulting file in random order and the user […]

Disable Git Rename Detection

I have a file, foo.txt Create and checkout branch ‘branch_A’ git mv foo.txt bar.txt followed by git add -A then git commit -m “renamed foo.txt” Checkout master, git checkout master remove foo.txt and commit. Now merge branch_A, git merge branch_A And with this, I get an merge conflict (rename/delete). CONFLICT (rename/delete): Rename foo.txt->bar.txt in branch_A […]

Moving Git repository content to another repository preserving history

I am trying to move only the contents of one repository (say repo1) to another existing repository (say repo2) using the following commands; git clone repo1 git clone repo2 cd repo1 git remote rm origin git remote add repo1 git push But its not working. I reviewed the other similar post but i only found […]

git rebase interactive: squash merge commits together

I wanted to have a simple solution to squash two merge commits together during an interactive rebase. My repository looks like: X — Y ——— M1 ——– M2 (my-feature) / / / / / / a — b — c — d — e — f (stable) That is, I have a my-feature branch that […]

git: merge two branches: what direction?

We have the following situation: A — B — C — … — iphone / … — last-working — … — master Between last-working and iPhone, 32 commits were made. Between last-working and master, a lot of commits were made. What I want now is a new branch where I have iphone and current master […]

Really flatten a git merge

There’re few question about “flattening merge” on StackOverflow, with an answer usually being “git rebase“. These answers though miss one crucial point – order of commits. Suppose there’s a branch A with commits of Jun 1 and Aug 1, and branch B with commit of Jul 1 (UPDATE to reinstate the usecase described below: branches […]

git subtree: possible to change subtree branch/path in a forked repository?

In a repository A the folder sub is included as git subtree of the repository S – pointing to master branch. I have forked repository A into F. Now I want to do one of the following in F: change sub to use a different branch of S (ie develop branch) or: change sub to […]

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