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Git in TFS – Remove branches after merging

We recently migrated to Git hosted in TFS ’13. A few branches have been created, merged and then deleted using Visual Studio. However, these branches are still visible in the TFS web interface when going to Code > Branches. I expect this to become a huge mess if this will not be cleaned up regularly. […]

How come “git pull origin master” doesn't actually change the files in my computer's directory?

I’m still quite new to Github, though I’m in a position where I have to actively use it. Anyways, I used “git pull upstream master” to pull and merge the latest code for the project I’m working on. I thought this command would update the actual files on my computer (the ones that appear in […]

Any way to automatically merge approved nonconflicting Gitorious merge request?

We are using Gitorious, installed on a local server to host our shared git repositories. When a developer sends a merge request from his public clone to main repository, the owner/integrator/architect has to pull the request into his local git repo, merge and then push it back up to gitorious hosted main repository. This is […]

Git. Merging changes from one file to another files WITHIN the same branch

I have two files: master/newsletter1/file.html master/newsletter2/file.html newsletter1/file.html has a lot of new changes that I want to merge into newsletter2/file.html. How can I achieve this? Everything I have read seems to resolve around merging between branches, but these are in the same branch :/

Is there a mercurial equivalent to gits no-fast-forward merge?

What is the mercurial equivalent to gits no-fast-forward merge (in case a fast forward would be possible)? Edit Assume you have a branch/bookmark at your head/tip of master/default: o feature | o | o master/default | … A simple fast forward merge would result in: o feature/master/default | o | o | … A no-fast-forward […]

Git: How do I merge complex branches that have widely diverged with some missing history?

I have two “branches”, both of which started from the same code base, but both of which were imported to git after they diverged. The prior history is lost, and additionally both branches have extensive changes recorded in their git history. What is a good strategy to approach merging features and bugfixes between these two […]

Is git's merge conflict resolution more efficient than other SCMs and merge tools?

Is git‘s merge conflict resolution inherently more efficient than other SCMs (CVS,Subversion,etc.), and also standalone merge tools? If so, why? Clarification: here I’m more interested in the algorithm itself – is it any different from a plain diff3 method? Some tools claim to be smarter in that(e.g. Guiffy), is it worth plugging one in as […]

How do I remove git's MERGE_MSG?

I’ve tried a few things suggested, but nothing seems to remove it. This started occurring when I upgraded to Mountain Lion OS X. Anytime I do a git pull, it displays this annoying as heck empty editor with the title MERGE_MSG. How do I prevent that from popping up globally across all my apps?

merge-base analog for Mercurial and bzr (to find common ancestors as possible for a merge)?

Git have merge-base command that show common ancestors of two or more branches. What analog for Mercurial and bzr?

Git unmerged paths

I have the following git status and I need to get rid of the two plugins below: # Changed but not updated: # (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory) # # unmerged: vendor/plugins/pluginA # unmerged: vendor/plugins/pluginB In issue is […]

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