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Merging a branch on a not updated master

Issue I merged a branch in a master not updated at last commit. What I do I merged a branch in master git merged BRANCHNAME Conflicts Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. git commit -a -m “Resolved conflicts while merging email-fix branch” Then I tried to push all to origin master, […]

Git branch checkout says files would be overwritten alothough my working directory is clean

I have the following branches master -> php-merge-2016, master -> css-merge-2016 and master -> css-merge-2016 -> b4-selector-removal. To start with I need to merge b4-selector-removal-new to php-merge-2016. Currently I am working on branch b4-selector-removal and all changes are committed and pushed to remove repository and git status shows “working directory is clean” So to merge […]

Git pull or git fetch ignores some files

We are developing multiple projects on the same base, so we have a company repository with some branches(1 per project + some for merging of projects) and each dev works in his own repo with the same(more or less) branches. Now that one of the projects went live, it basically became the master. Other projects […]

Squashing a Large Branch with Several Merges with Itself

I have a feature branch off of master as shown below. –S1– (side branch) / \ / \ -F1—F2—F3—F4—F5–> (feature branch – HEAD) / / / / / / / / –M0—–M1—M2—M3—M4 (master) I’ve bene working on this branch for a long time, so periodically I merge in any updates from master git checkout feature […]

Am I doing it wrong? Merging SVN changes from trunk into a git branch. Using merge –squash

We use branches to do our work and keep trunk pristine for the most part. Before merging my changes from my branch into trunk, I want to make sure that I’ve got the latest changes from svn/trunk into my local branch. It’s taken me a bit to figure it out but here’s the workflow I’ve […]

Git won't re-merge after resetting a merge without a commit

I started a merge from one branch to another. Fixed conflicts, did a test run and noticed a problem. Rather than try to fix the bug post merge, I decided to reset and fix the problem. Fixed the bug, committed and pushed up the change. Now when I try to merge again, git tells me […]

Git merge and resolve any conflicts to current branch

So I have my master branch, along with branch ‘bob’. I’ve made many changes in both and now I want merge master into bob to keep him updated. The only thing is, if there is a conflict I want it to automatically resolve to bob. I’ve been recommended the following: git checkout bob git merge […]

Create a git branch from selected commits on another branch

I created a “feature” branch off master and worked for a long while. I then fetched the latest master branch commits and rebased my “feature” branch commits on top of it. Then I merged “feature” into master. However, I forgot about the merge and continued committing into the “feature” branch. I want those commits in […]

Git Post Catastrophe Team Workflow with Sencha Touch and Cordova

Quick Version The Problem Our team struggles with git. Unfortunatly I am the most knowlegable in Git and have been fight a battle to keep us using it. We develope iOS apps with Sencha Touch and Cordova. There’s a lot of generated files. Some are generated then we need to modify. 3 out of 4 […]

Git: Selecting a subset of changes for a release

I’m attempting to work out the best way in which to select a subset of commits from one branch to another with minimal affect on history (such as duplication of commits) for my particular workflow. Here’s a description of my workflow, plus the scenario I’m attempting to use it in. Workflow master: Represents what’s currently […]

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