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git merge of head with origin/master failed because of these files in Netbeans

We are working with Netbeans and sometimes get an error when pulling/pushing from git git merge of head with origin/master failed because of these files: “…/Filename.java” What can we do? How to solve this in netbeans? We tried everything -> commit -> pull – same error -> commit -> push – same error no windows […]

xCode 4.5 git merge fails to commit or give errors

I have two branches that I am trying to merge in xCode 4.5. After I resolve the two conflicting files and press the “Merge” button, the merge screen disappears, no errors come up, and it looks like it is successful. But unlike my previous experience with xCode 4.4, nothing is actually committed. If I try […]

How to successfully keep master and development branches in sync? GIT

I like to do development on my development branch then merge into master when I am ready to push to production. As long as I don’t commit anything to the master branch all goes smoothly. However, I have come across situations where I have committed something to the master branch that conflicts with something that […]

Does the git branch renaming affect branch hierarchy?

I’m working on a multi-branch project managed by GIT. Our workflow is currently this one : master |-> v1/master |-> v1/dev Note : Each developper make a “fork” of v1/dev to realise task. Potentially we have numbers of branch heritated from v1/dev We need to add branch whose heritate from v1/master named v1/debug. And the […]

git fails because of an untracked working tree file

I’m not an expert at google. Needless to say, I’m not even sure what this means or how to resolve it? >> git merge admin_playground error: Untracked working tree file ‘vendor/gems/panda-1.0.0/.gitignore’ would be overwritten by merge. fatal: merging of trees 538b2824765956cc44c42a8ad628e4f4 and d5d4cda68518cd1c81bf70ba8c339fea6 failed I am trying to perform a git merge and getting this […]

3-way merge tools for Mac that show 4 panes

I’m a fan of the 4-pane approach to 3-way file merging. In particular, being able to see Branch A, Branch B, and the ancestor of A and B in 3 read-only panes, then a 4th read-write pane which shows the results of your merge. However, I’ve been unable to find a 4-pane merge tool for […]

Publish fork of GitHub project to new NPM module but keep option to merge with original?

A high quality open source repo exists on GitHub and NPM, with a wide user base. I’ve forked the project and made a substantial extension. I think is ready to merge back. But (appropriately) its the project owner who gets to make that call not me. And it’s now been several weeks without reply. Several […]

Automatic merge branch into master on sucessful build in travis

I’ve trying to do a setup, where I use Travis CI (http://www.travis-ci.org) to build and test my program each time I commit to GitHub. My GitHub setup is to have a master and a slave/test branch, which I commit to before merging into master. However, as of right now I’m doing the merging manually on […]

git merge -s recursive -X ours vs git merge -s ours?

In man git–merge doc, git merge -s recursive -X ours: This should not be confused with the ours merge strategy, which does not even look at what the other tree contains at all. It discards everything the other tree did, declaring our history contains all that happened in it. I have tested these two but […]

GIT: How to pull changes from branch after a reverted merge

I hope the title is not very confusing. History (aka What I did wrong): Let’s say there are two branches, master and feature. Feature is a branch where I keep a longer feature project and from time to time I use git pull origin master on that branch to stay updated with changes in main […]

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