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Git merge updates to a past branch

I have this project I’m working on where I’m building a framework for some content. During development I had a bunch of demo content so I can see what I’m doing essentially. This was all being done in the dev branch. At some point I branched off the dev branch and created a new branch […]

Git: is it safe to rebase a branch already merged?

Is it safe to rebase local (private) feature branch, if it’s already merged to master, and I decide to tweak the feature later by rebasing the feature branch on the current tip of master? I know it’s death sentence to rebase a shared branch, but is it safe in this case, as long as branch […]

Resolving git conflicts with SSAS analysis cube projects

We have an SSAS project in which we’re developing a number of cubes. We’re finding that when two people work on cubes at the same time, we hit this conflict problem: <ProjectItem> <<<<<<< HEAD <Name>MyCube.cube</Name> <FullPath>MyCube.cube</FullPath> <Dependencies> <ProjectItem> <Name>MyCube.partitions</Name> <FullPath>MyCube.partitions</FullPath> ======= <Name>TheirCube.cube</Name> <FullPath>TheirCube.cube</FullPath> <Dependencies> <ProjectItem> <Name>TheirCube.partitions</Name> <FullPath>TheirCube.partitions</FullPath> >>>>>>> d58147eef253310de9599cfe490eb0cede21c4e9 </ProjectItem> </Dependencies> </ProjectItem> One user has […]

Git revert merge plus one commit on top to re-merge again

I did huge merge, from ide (intellij idea), so when all conflicsts were resolved, and som code were modifed, and I did commit (the merge one), then noticed that there are two files are remaning to commit. So I did commit again. There are two questionss: Why did I have second commit. Is that because […]

Git: “This branch is behind” after pull request

I’m new to Git and Github. I have a repo with 2 branches: Master and Develop. Master is the base branch and considered the stable branch (this is the branch pulled by my webserver). Develop is the branch where all my latest code is in. So after developing some new features, I created a pull […]

Diff & Merging between different VCS

I am transferring a old SVN repository to Git. Most of the folders in the SVN-repo are already transferred into a new git repository, with success. My team is still building on the SVN repo, and I’m also working on the GIT repository. Because the structure on the new repo (git) is totally different (new […]

Merge dev branch into master issue with git

I’m still relatively new to version control and thought I was being clever with the following. I was updating a CodeIgniter site to version 3 from 2. I branched master to CI_UPGRADE_3, did the upgrade the merged back to master. It broke. The system folders files had the old and new entries in the files. […]

How can i merge a git commit from a different branch?

Collaborating with a dev, i want to merge a selected commit from his branch into mine and push it to production.

Squash feature branch commit after merging from master

I am trying to squash commits in a branch to that when it is finally merged to master (after pull request if aproved) the commit history looks clean.Hence before raising the pull request I do a git rebase -i and rewrite the history. However while developing the feature in its branch I have to merge […]

Git workflow–merging master into work branch for final merge

A coworker uses a git merging strategy that I’m unfamiliar with and seems kind of unusual, and I’m trying to make sure that I understand how merges work. My understanding is that the normal flow is this: checkout a new branch from master work on that branch for a while when you’re done, checkout the […]

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