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Correctly merging and pushing with Tortoisegit?

I am new to git, so am a bit confused about merging and pushing. For a normal branch, I simply commit and push, buts lets say I’ve merged changes from branch1 to master, and now I want to push master, what will be the sequence? Should I just merge and then push or merge, commit […]

Git – How to effectively share code between topic branches?

Simple doing merge between branch gives unwanted code. Cherry picking is not helping since relevant code spilled over multiple commits rebase? not sure about it

how to merging works with git

let say I have a project project —index.php —css ——-main.css —js ——-main.js I and my another two friends fetch the project Then I code a module: project —css ——modules_a.css —js ——javascript_a.js —modules ——modules_a.php and my teamcode code: project —css ——modules_b.css —js ——javascript_b.js —modules ——modules_b.php and my another teamcode code: project —css ——modules_c.css —js ——javascript_c.js —modules […]

How to handle merges/conflicts in my git based wiki?

I’m working on a django-based wiki. It has section edit capabilities (the sections being delimited by the markdown headers) and it is using git (a single repo) to store the revisions, via the Git Python library. I’m trying to figure out how I can handle several concurrent edits of the same page (using git-python). Thanks,

Git merge recursive not doing what I want

Is there a way to have Git force a manual resolution for a file when the file was edited in both branches? My problem is that I want some of the changes from one branch and some of the changes from the other. It turns out these changes don’t always step on each other but […]

git avoid empty merge commit for long-lived feature branch

Setup: the base product – living on the master branch a fork of the base product with customisation for a client – living on a separate feature branch For now all the commits in master should be merged to the feature branch. The feature branch has commits that customise the base product/add new functionality. Is […]

Unable to combine Version2 to Version1 in Git

I have two files which are called version1 version2 Version1 has my own changes, while version2 is based on version1 but it has other people’s changes too. I run the following command at my Git folder where Version1 is git add version2 I now have two separate files in Git. I would like combine them […]

git: merge a portion of one branch's source tree into another, regardless of individual commits

I understand how to merge branches together in git, and I love how easy it makes it. I have a branch that looks like this: project/ |–subproj1/ | |—(files) | |–subproj2/ |—(files) A colleague has a branch that’s made significant changes to both subprojects. More specifically, he’s altered them both to depend on a common […]

understanding commit and merge

I am a little bit confused as to how a branch needs to be merged once work is completed. So I have created a repo which has the following: I’ve based each branch according to issue/feature. Master Development branch-1 – jira issue 1 branch-2 – jira issue 2 branch-3 – jira issue 3 branch-4 – […]

Merge two git repository by applying one ontop of another

I have two git repositories, one “upstream”, that somewhat contains the code from upstream author ( was reacted by an ad-hoc script parsing his in-house rev store ), and the other is the repository I’ve been working in, which is based on one revision on the upstream repository, but uncertain which. I’ve tried going an […]

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