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Git: Branch for testing with persistent config file

The setup: I have two branches: master and testing. I add new features on the testing branch and then merge them to the master branch. However, in a recent web project, I have a git repository on my server and my local machine, so everytime I merge onto master and push to orign, I can […]

Sourcetree merge broken solution

I am just tried to do my first merge in Git using Sourcetree and it seems to have broken my project. It builds okay but errors at runtime. The error I am getting is: Could not load file or assembly ‘SMyProject_LOCAL_8996’ or one of its dependencies. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the […]

Branching Strategy – Maintaining Multiple Releases

For years we’ve been using TFS (TFVC) as our version control system. We will probably migrate to git anyway, but I am trying to figure out 1) Is there a more sensible branching strategy/model than the one we’re currently using, specifically for maintaining multiple production releases (typically for several different customers)? 2) With regards to […]

Getting push reject when trying to push to a remote branch

After getting changes from a different branch using rebase when, I’m trying push the new changes to a remote private branch I’m getting the following message Push of the current branch XXXX was rejected. Remotes changes needs to be merged before pushing. In this case merge is highly recommended, because there are non pushed merge […]

git removes new file

git removes a new file (I’ll call it missing.txt) and I doen’t understand why. After searching Google and Stackoverflow this seems to be common, but the reasons why this happens very specific to the exact flow. I’d like to understand what happens in my case to prevent it in the future. In the image below […]

All changes overwritten in git

I was working on the master branch in our git repo and merged it to our secondary branch. Another developer who’s very new to git claims he merged his changes into secondary from another branch. When I pulled the latest changes from the secondary branch I see that all of the files and changes I […]

Git Merge Request

Here is my concern about ‘Merge Request’ on Git using RStudio. So, I have pushed a File called ‘A’ on my git repository which however I don’t want to merge it to the main repository. I have a file called ‘B’ which I am planning to push and do the merge request with it. Q: […]

What does git rebase use to determine common ancestor?

I know that I can use git merge-base to determine the common ancestor when performing a git merge, but it looks like this is not true for git rebase Here is my setup before rebase: master branch: A–Y–(C) and dev branch: A—–C–D (C) is the outcome of me rebasing A–C onto A–Y, same content, but […]

Git – Detect if rebased with conflicts

I wonder if there is a way to detect if a commit was rebased with a manual conflict resolution or with Git’s auto rebase (without conflict). In details, lets say, in Gerrit a pending commit needs a rebase because some commits are merged within review period. In that case developers need to upload a new […]

Strategy for maintaining git branches that with different versions of an API?

Is there an effective way of using git to manage two branches that are based on the same code logic but support different API’s? Here is a concrete example: Suppose I have a repo with one Python 2 file called abc.py. In commit A on branch py2, the file contents are: print ‘A’ Now I […]

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