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Merge from upstream with no upstream history

I have a parent repo containing my project, and a sub repo which is based off this project. The parent repo has tagged releases, and the sub repo is based off one of these tags. For example: parent v1.0—v2.0—v3.0 \ child—[changes] Unfortunately when the child repo was created, the parent history was removed and the […]

difference between two tree merge and 3-way merge

I’m reading about git-read-tree and two kinds of merges are mentioned there: two tree merge and 3-way merge. I’m trying to figure out what’s the difference between them. I assume that with 3-way merge git checks how any particular chunk of code looked in a shared parent commit, checks whether any of the commits modified […]

git merge only one parent not a real merge commit

Important Info: Edit: After third try (I watched MERGE_MODE file in .git directory and it did not disappear) it suddenly worked. I’d really like to know why this process can fail but I think nobody could tell me… I have merged multiple branche into one branch. First merges worked very well but the third did […]

How to determine last merged branch in git?

I need to determine which was the last branch merged into master. I have been searching around the git docs but I am still a bit lost. So far I have found the command (assuming master is my current branch) git log –oneline –graph –decorate Which provides me an output like this git log –oneline […]

How to merge back cherry-picked commits in git?

I have 2 main branches master and development. I recently had to push a hotfix that are commits already merged to development, and to do so I cherry-picked commits from development, created a new hotfix branch, added another commit for the fix, and merged that to master. My question is, how can I now merge […]

Change previous commit message after merging with another branch

I have a situation where I need the change the commit message of a previous commit on a branch (lets call it BranchA). I understand that I can change the message using an interactive rebase on that branch git rebase -i <commit-number>. The problem is that I have already merged that branch with another local […]

Pulling from Upstream into empty master causes merging

I´m pretty new to git. I´ve got an empty master branch. And now I tried to pull something from an extern upstream with: git pull upstream master The result is that an editor opens, and says: Merge branch ‘master’ of ….. Please enter a commit message to explain why this merge is necessary, especially if […]

Git, tree conflict in Content.json file in Xcode 7

I have a tree conflict in Content.json files in Image.xcassets while pulling the code from another branch. I have pretty much tried everything that I could find online but nothing helped. Apparently the conflict is in only 3 files but I am not sure which ones of all the Content.json files in the project. I […]

Lost changes in git merge after marking a separate file as “resolved”

I know it’s a tricky subject so I will try to simplify thing as much as possible, tell me if we actually need more details about the changes involved. So basically, using SourceTree, I had to conduct quite a simple operation, merge branch A into B (B originate from A). Let’s says I had three […]

Very large tree: What is wrong with our branch workflow and how to fix it?

My team has started working under git with a workflow close to GitFlow. We had several constraints: We need a branch with all features currently in development to provide users with a testing environment. We called that branch integration We need a branch with only functional features that users validated and every technical feature that […]

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