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Checking if a Git branch has been merged into master when SQUASHED?

I’d like to automate cleaning of remote branches. I want to be able to check to see if a branch has been merged into master already. Originally, my plan was to use git merge-base to see the last common commit. However, it turns out that we squash all of our branches as we merge them […]

How to re-merge a branch, after a partial merge was performed

So I’ve performed a partial merge (via git merge –no-commit) to only bring in some changes from a featureA branch. Then merged in a featureB branch. And now I need the rest of the changes from featureA. Git says there’s nothing to do if I merge featureA again, because Git thinks it’s already been merged. […]

Aborting a merge in git – Best practice

Say you are in a branch topic, you have been working for a while and want to merge in some commits from master. You run git merge and there are a few conflicts. But you don’t have time to resolve the merge conflicts now, and you want to return to the state that you were […]

git read-tree to project root

I have my main_repo with folder structure like this application_root app code foo file1 file2 bar skin lib file1 file2 It’s the main application. And I have another repo with an extension for my main application. The problem is that extension directory layout overlap directories from the root of main project such as extension_root app […]

How to force a true Git merge so a line is drawn from a branch to master even when files are the same?

I did a merge from branch xyz to master involving about 20 files, and there were no conflicts. I cannot remember the options I used unfortunately, but whatever I did, the resulting code is the desired code but no line was drawn from branch xyz to master. I want the line from xyz to master […]

Git rebase or merge

I understand that re-base is good for situations when you want to add a fix to a base branch and put it in all other branches. but it seems much more complicated than a merge(much more conflicts). Am I missing something?

git commands as hg commands

I had worked with Mercurial but now working with Git. I have some difficulty with understanding Git, can you help me, what are the alternatives to Git commands like Mercurial: hg up -C hg revert –all hg purge If I have some conflicts from the Mercurial command “hg up“, I can run commands like hg […]

How can I override the merge-base in a git merge?

My repository has cherry-picks recorded as merges. It throws of git‘s selection of merge-base. Is it possible to specify the merge-base? If so, how? Example: f is branched from master at A. C is cherry-picked to f, but misleadingly committed as a merge with K and C as parents. A-B-C master \ \ K—C’-L f […]

POSIX file “.” as alias causes “CFURLGetFSRef was passed this URL which has no scheme” warning

I am using applescripts supplied by Araxis so that I can use Merge to handle my ‘git diff HEAD` command. However, ever since upgrading to Mountain Lion, each time I run the command, I receive the warning: CFURLGetFSRef was passed this URL which has no scheme (the URL may not work with other CFURL routines): […]

Undo git merge but add commits made after a merge

I merged two branches that shouldn’t have been merged: A & B. I want to undo that merge, and I can easily do that, returning to the last unmerged state of branch A. However, I want to merge individual commits made to a branch A+B after a merge. They don’t do anything with files that […]

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