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Best way to merge a git revision into a mercurial repository?

I have a git repository, which has changes that I am slowly bringing into a mercurial repository. (It’s a weird history, and I’m hand checking everything, and just as well that I am). Currently, I’ve generating a diff using git diff, and merging it using patch. That had a few problems, so I switched hg […]

Forking on Google Code (or any other SVN hosting)

Sites like github, bitbucket provides an excellent/useful feature of “forking” projects. This allows one to simply fork a project and work on their desired features (before submitting it to the projector owner and getting commit access). How is this workflow best achieved for SVN projects (especially the various ones hosted on Google Code that are […]

How can I mark a group of changes/changesets in SVN, Hg, or Git

I would like to mark an arbitrary group of commits/changesets with a label. Commit 1 *Mark 1 Commit 2 *Mark 2 Commit 3 Commit 4 *Mark 1 Commit 5 *Mark 2 The goal is to easily locate all the changes for a specific mark, and to have that grouping persisted in the VCS directly, as […]

How do I completely clean a git working directory?

In mercurial, I am used to being able to do hg up 00 to completely clean out the working directory. This resets the working directory to it’s state immediately after having performed the hg init. Is there any equivalent in git? Note that hg up 00 is not the same as hg up 0, which […]

Is it possible to detect if a site is using a version control system

Guessing this is most likely not possible, at least by any easy or legal means, but I’m curious if maybe there is some small thing left behind in the public domain by a version control system that would be possible to detect. Even if its not possible to detect every type of version control, maybe […]

Mercurial copy patch to repository

I’m using Mercurial repository and I have a patch in ‘git‘ format and I wanted to know how I can apply that patch to my current repository which is Local. Thanks

Open two GIT branches in two separate IDE instances?

We are migrating from Mercurial to GIT. With Mercurial we have separate repositories compared to one repo with separate branches in GIT. Thus with Mercurial it’s straightforward to open two separate repos in two separate instances of your IDE. How can you do this with GIT as there is (I believe) only one branch current […]

Converting Git workflow to Mercurial

I’ve been using Git for a while, and I’d like to convert my usual workflow to Mercurial. In particular, I’m interested in converting the workflow I would use to contribute to a Git project in order to be able to contribute to a Mercurial project. Typically, for a project on GitHub, I would fork the […]

Merging two branches without actually merging

This looks like a fairly common and straightforward requirement, but I’ve looked into transplant extension, rebase, import, export, etc, and I have yet to figure it out. Hopefully I am missing out something obvious. I would like to “merge” two branches (named branches, to be specific) such that the branches themselves don’t go away. Essentially, […]

How do i update my code base in git without having to delete, stash or checkin my current changes?

My team just moved our project from mercurial to git and I’m still getting used to the workflow. When we used mercurial my flow would look like this: write some code hg pull hg update resolve any merge conflicts continue writting code, repeating the above steps until finished hg pull (and resolve all conflicts) hg […]

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