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How can I convert to Mercurial without the extra “committer:” line in the log?

Converting a repository from Git to Mercurial results in a load of spurious “committer:” lines in each log message. I can’t figure out a way to not generate these. If I convert a SVN repository, these lines aren’t added. It seems to be a git thing only. This is easy to test. Here’s how on […]

How can I limit the Git/Mercurial log to commits whose logs contain at least one of two strings?

Is there a way where I can send two choices for git/Mercurial commands? I want to search the history of git repository and Mercurial repository for specific word, say “commit”. However, I am not sure how is it written in commit message “commit” or “com-mit”? So, I want to send these options with the command. […]

Mercurial Git Network view

I really like github‘s “network” view, i.e. an horizontal graph of the commits, without the log informations. It is really useful to see the commit graph in an intuitive way. If there any tool that provides this for mercurial (and/or git)?

New repo or new folder in repo?

So when it comes to re-writing a whole system do you prefer to make a new repo for the re-write or just a new folder in the existing repo? The reason I ask is the new folder method requires some for though for the directory structure as you would need to start with some thing […]

What's the Mercurial equivalent for git hash-object and how do I get the hash of a certain commit?

If I run git hash-object on a file, I can get it’s SHA, and if I look around with ls-tree I can see what signature an object had at a certain revision. If I do three commits with Mercurial, of a file, can I see what hash the object had at the 2nd commit? Can […]

Refactor during a feature implementation with mercurial

I need advice on my development process with mercurial when working on legacy code. When I’m developing a new feature for a legacy project, I often need to refactor a part of the existing code during a feature implementation. I mean, I didn’t anticipated the refactoring and I need to do it before proceeding to […]

Equivalent to git clean -xfd ; git reset –hard in Mercurial?

My usual workflow to update my self-compiled software is git clean -xfd git reset –hard git pull ./configure # … What would be the equivalent for clean -xfd and reset –hard in Mercurial?

How can I move all my modification to a branch

I create a working repository in HG. And I have modified some files. How can i move my all my modification to a branch (a branch that I have not created)? (kind of ‘git stash’ and the move the stash away change to a branch. Actually, I am not sure how I can do that […]

How do you manage your ignores?

In order to stop writing my .hgignore for every new repository; I decided to create a separate repository for my hgignores which currently looks like: hgignores ├── cpp ├── eclipse ├── intellij ├── java ├── latex ├── linux ├── netbeans ├── osx ├── python └── textmate Now for each repository, I am pasting the relevant […]

Does git force you to pull changes to the tip? Does your push include those files?

With Mercurial, if you try and push and there were commits made to the main repo, you are forced to pull and merge. The problem is, when you go to commit your changes, the changeset you push contains files that you were forced to merge. You didn’t touch these files, yet the history shows you […]

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