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Merging: Hg/Git vs. SVN

I often read that Hg (and Git and…) are better at merging than SVN but I have never seen practical examples of where Hg/Git can merge something where SVN fails (or where SVN needs manual intervention). Could you post a few step-by-step lists of branch/modify/commit/…-operations that show where SVN would fail while Hg/Git happily moves […]

Distributed Version Control Systems and the Enterprise – a Good mix?

I can see why distributed source control systems (DVCS – like Mercurial) make sense for open source projects. But do they make sense for an enterprise? (over a centralized Source Control System such as TFS) What features of a DVCS make it better or worse suited for an enterprise with many developers? (over a centralized […]

Partial clone with Git and Mercurial

Is it possible to clone only one branch (or from a given commit) in Git and Mercurial? I mean, I want to clone a central repo but since it’s huge I’d like to only get part of it and still be able to contribute back my changes. Is it possible? Like, I only want from […]

How to search through all Git and Mercurial commits in the repository for a certain string?

I have a Git repository with few branches and dangling commits. I would like to search all such commits in repository for a specific string. I know how to get a log of all commits in history, but these don’t include branches or dangling blobs, just HEAD’s history. I want to get them all, to […]

Git and Mercurial – Compare and Contrast

For a while now I’ve been using subversion for my personal projects. More and more I keep hearing great things about Git and Mercurial, and DVCS in general. I’d like to give the whole DVCS thing a whirl, but I’m not too familiar with either option. What are some of the differences between Mercurial and […]

How to export revision history from mercurial or git to cvs?

I’m going to be working with other people on code from a project that uses cvs. We want to use a distributed vcs to make our work and when we finish or maybe every once in a while we want to commit our code and all of our revision history to cvs. We don’t have […]

Describe your workflow of using version control (VCS or DVCS)

I’d like to learn other people workflow when using either vcs or dvcs. Please describe your strategy to handle the following tasks: Implement a feature Fixing bugs (during development and deployed app) Code Review Refactoring code (post code-review) Incorporate patches Releasing the newer version of your app (desktop, web, mobile, would you treat them differently?) […]

How and/or why is merging in Git better than in SVN?

I’ve heard in a few places that one of the main reasons why distributed version control systems shine, is much better merging than in traditional tools like SVN. Is this actually due to inherent differences in how the two systems work, or do specific DVCS implementations like Git/Mercurial just have cleverer merging algorithms than SVN?

Popularity of Git/Mercurial/Bazaar vs. which to recommend

Going by the number of questions on this site for these three distributed version control systems, it seems like Git either is more popular, or is more difficult (hence requiring more questions), or has more features (hence requiring more questions). Or most probably a combination of the three. (Let’s say that popularity on this site […]

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