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Which DVCS work best with Subversion repositories

Subversion works great when we have access to central repository, but sometimes two or more developers work at client where they do not have connection to central repository. I am looking for DVCS that can help us where off-line. It should: cooperate with Subversion repository so developers can checkout before leave, commit locally where off […]

What are your coolest/most unusual hacks using a distributed version control system?

I have been working with git for a few months and I find that most of the things that have transformed my everyday work for the better can be attributed to the flexibility and lack of enforced default policy in a distributed VCS. Quite a few people seem to have felt the same way and […]

How can I export a large Perforce repository into a different version control system without losing the history?

At work we have a large Perforce repository (approx 40k changelists, total storage size ~145GB). We’re generally happy with Perforce with only some mild gripes, but we’re planning to go to a more distributed development model and as a result, would like to move to a more distributed version control system as well. So far, […]

hg-git clone from Github gives “abort: repository is unrelated”

I have a project whose main (Mercurial) repository is on SourceForge, but there are clones on Bitbucket (Mercurial) and Github (Git). Now I have been using hg-git to push the Mercurial repository to Github and from what I understand of the procedure, some metadata is kept in the Mercurial repository in the process. Now, when […]

Getting started with hg quickly for a git user

I’ve got some experience with git. In a new project, they decided to use hg. What documentation out there is most recommended to get started with hg quickly for an experienced git user? Most useful would be a short introduction in the parts where concepts differ as well as a comparison of the relevant command […]

Versioning SQL Server?

My development group uses Visual Source Safe for version control; this choice was originally made due to cost and its tight integration with Visual Studio. As our repository has grown Source Safe has really started to show its limitations and we are considering moving to another solution. Up for discussion are Team Foundation Server, Subversion, […]

hg to git conversion and subrepo merge

Despite involving two subparts, I’m asking this as a combined question because the way it’s broken down into parts isn’t what’s important. I’m open to different ways to achieve what I want as long as the end result retains all the meaningful history and ability to check out, study, and build/test historical versions. The goal […]

hg-git: delete remote branch?

Is it possible to delete a remote branch with hg-git? I can delete the tag locally (hg bm -d old-branch), but it’s not obvious how to tell the git server to do the same.

Make shell prompt show current head when in a VCS

When using a VCS, (I use Mercurial and Git in Linux, Bash prompt), is there any way to have the prompt show the current head or tag in the directory? More than once I have shot myself in the foot by working in one head when thinking I was in another, for example, pushing v0.3 […]

Mercurial clients and GitLab?

Is there a good way to let both git and hg clients use one repo system, like GitLab? Pretty much like bitbucket. Should we just use https://hg-git.github.io/?

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