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SVN, GIT or Mercurial for local servers

I am looking to install on our local server a version control system. I’ve been looking at the pros/cons of the SVN and GIT, and even Mercurial. We have about 30-35 different websites currently. Would I create 1 repo that contained all of them as folders? Also which would be better to handle all of […]

What arguments can be made to a client/boss for SUN Teamware -> modern SCM migration?

The team where I work still uses SUN Teamware for Source Code Management (SCM). I’ve worked with it for a while now (over 10 months) and I don’t have any particular complaints about it. Teamware has been used to manage Sun’s largest source trees, including those for the Solaris operating system and the Java system, […]

ISO a version control tool that can manage files that are NOT under a directory tree marked as managed by the VC tool

Most of the version control tools that I am familiar with [*], and all of the modern tools – CVS, SVN, git, Mercurial, Bazaar – have some sort of of “marker” in the directory tree. E.g. if you want to version control file /a/b/c/file.txt, you establish a repository at some level of the tree, e.g. […]

TFS Shelve vs DVCS (e.g Git, Mercurial) offline commits

While presenting DVCS concepts to my TFS-using co-workers, I was stumbled with the following questions: “How is these ‘offline commits’ are different than TFS shelving? I can use it to backup my changes, rollback to a specific change and compare my current changes to a shelved changeset.” The only answer I had is that TFS […]

Does SVN allow commit and push?

I haven’t worked with SVN in years. Now I have to. With SVN do you get a ‘local’ copy that you work against and then when you have things right do you push them out to the rest of the team? Or is commit all you have? Meaning that you work on something and risk […]

Maintaining development branches where one branch is a subset of another branch

Background: I’ve inherited some MATLAB code to analyze data for my Ph.D. research. To help me better understand the code, I’ve pared the code down to the minimum subset of files required to run the code for a sample test case. Question: I would like to commit this code to a version control system as […]

Installing hg-git on Windows 7, using MinGW to Compile

I’m trying to follow the directions at https://gist.github.com/1059280#comments for installing hg-git on Win7 with MinGW for compiling (from reading across StackOverflow and elsewhere, it seems that the only bit that needs to be compiled is the dulwich package [git for Python bindings of some sort, I gather.]) I’m using Python27 even though the directions on […]

Mirroring repository via fileserver

Is it possible to mirror a repository (in your choice of SVN, Git, Hg, etc.) by publishing changes to a “dumb” fileserver, and re-assembling them at the other end? Possible concerns include Handling of files that are moved/renamed/deleted Binary files Empty directories For example, I understand svn diff > r1.patch means you lose the binary […]

Git rebasing not working correctly?

Git rebase doesn’t seem to be working the way I’d expect, based on my understanding of rebasing, and based on how I’ve seen rebasing work in Mercurial. I’ve generated an example to illustrate the strange behavior, and am hoping someone can explain why Git is behaving the way it is. Consider this state of the […]

DCVS + hosting for a startup commercial multiplatform phone app

I’m in lean startup mode, working on a simple phone app that will be published initially as a iThingy app and an Android app with, possibly, Blackberry and Symbian versions to follow. I’m about to go from no repository to needing a central repository that up to 4 very part-time resources will be sharing. Two […]

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