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Why is branching and merging easier in Mercurial than in Subversion?

Handling multiple merges onto branches in Subversion or CVS is just one of those things that has to be experienced. It is inordinately easier to keep track of branches and merges in Mercurial (and probably any other distributed system) but I don’t know why. Does anyone else know? My question stems from the fact that […]

Using Git how do I find changes between local and remote

Here are two different questions but I think they are related. When using Git, how do I find which changes I have committed locally, but haven’t yet pushed to a remote branch? I’m looking for something similar to the Mercurial command hg outgoing. When using Git, how do I find what changes a remote branch […]

Is there a way to use a Mercurial repository as Git submodule?

I been happily using submodules to track all the libraries my project depends from. The thing is I’m using a library called core-plot that only has a public mercurial repository. I can probably mirror it in a readonly Git repository, but is this the best option I got? I had seen there is modules in […]

What makes merging in DVCS easy?

I read at Joel on Software: With distributed version control, the distributed part is actually not the most interesting part. The interesting part is that these systems think in terms of changes, not in terms of versions. and at HgInit: When we have to merge, Subversion tries to look at both revisions—my modified code, and […]

Mercurial (and, I guess Git) with Dropbox: any drawbacks?

I have a Mercurial repository for a personal project, and I have been storing the master repository in my Dropbox for a few weeks now (something along this line; and I understand it’s also possible with git). The idea is that it serves both as a way to work with multiple machines and as a […]

Convert Mercurial project to Git

I need to convert a mercurial project to a git project, but I would like to keep the commit history intact. My current solution was to just remove hg related files and then git init && add manually the files I needed, but that would not keep the history. Are there any solutions to this?

Git interoperability with a Mercurial Repository

I use GIT on a Mac. Enough said. I have the tools, I have the experience. And I want to continue to use it. No wars here… The problem is always with interoperability. Most people use SVN, which is great for me. Git SVN works out of the box, and is a no frills solution. […]

What is the Difference Between Mercurial and Git?

I’ve been using git for some time now on Windows (with msysGit) and I like the idea of distributed source control. Just recently I’ve been looking at Mercurial (hg) and it looks interesting. However, I can’t wrap my head around the differences between hg and git. Has anyone made a side-by-side comparison between git and […]

Merging: Hg/Git vs. SVN

I often read that Hg (and Git and…) are better at merging than SVN but I have never seen practical examples of where Hg/Git can merge something where SVN fails (or where SVN needs manual intervention). Could you post a few step-by-step lists of branch/modify/commit/…-operations that show where SVN would fail while Hg/Git happily moves […]

Distributed Version Control Systems and the Enterprise – a Good mix?

I can see why distributed source control systems (DVCS – like Mercurial) make sense for open source projects. But do they make sense for an enterprise? (over a centralized Source Control System such as TFS) What features of a DVCS make it better or worse suited for an enterprise with many developers? (over a centralized […]

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