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A DRCS (git, bzr, merc) that has “pending changesets” like perforce?

We have perforce at work and one thing about it really seems to work quite well with the workflow and that is pending changesets. I can make a new pending changeset, assign changes to it, assign jira tickets to it, etc… I can shelve files there and make other changes in other changesets. Then when […]

Converting hg bookmarks to named branches

After migrating from git to mercurial (not my personal preference 🙂 I have faced a problem: hg convert converts git branches to bookmarks. Is there a way to convert the bookmarks to named hg branches? Is it even required or not, and why? Thank you!

Why git and mercurial dont use database?

I found mail where Linux Torvalds says: …go play with Monotone. Really. They use a “real database“. And became interested – why popular VCS’s do not use databases, and implement own data storing models to achieve same goals – transactions, durability, etc?

SVN & DVCS workflow – preserving history

Is it possible to create streamlined workflow using both VCS (preferably SVN) and DVCS (preferably Mercurial or Git)? Following facts describe desired workflow: There is one central VCS server. Main development happens on central server. Anyone outside core development team (let’s name him Joe) could take a snapshot of source code with complete history. Joe […]

What's the best way to manage multiple dependent projects in Git or Mercurial?

I have a dozen Java projects that depend on each other, and I frequently make changes that cross-cut all of them. However, many of the projects are libraries that could be used independently of each other as well. Right now I use mercurial subrepos, which works well except that very few third-party tools support it […]

How to do “replace with the latest from head” for a file with Mercurial?

In CVS, sometimes I do “replace with the latest from head” to abandon local changes to a file as the local changes might be messed up and one would like to start afresh with that file, while keeping any uncommitted local changes made to other files. How to do the equivalent in Mercurial and Git?

How much is Hg/Git repository corruption an issue?

Environment: 14 or so engineers/physicists/mathematicians (read: none really interested in spending their time on things like repo maintance and similar things) They will be using it, in terms of software engineering nowadays, for rather small projects, but one can expect that a lot of non-code stuff will also wind up in there (data files, some […]

source control structure for a kohana based project

i currently have several projects using kohana as a framework, and what i have at the moment is a directory structure like this project – application – system – modules the “project” dir is under mercurial source control, and i basically copy and paste modules that i use. and commit them to each project. however […]

Version Control: Managing Common Component Source

How do you manage common library source in a DVCS? Currently, my team uses Perforce to manage our software projects. Using Perforce’s “Workspace Mapping” feature, I am able to easily map common library source into dev application directories in a way that keeps the transformation between source management and dev project work transparent. For example, […]

Using Git or Hg, if the whole team is using pull and push from a central server, how is it different from SVN?

Say, if the whole team using Git or Mercurial is doing: (example in Mercurial (Hg)): hg pull hg update [edit files or add files, and test] hg add . hg commit -m “good” hg push I don’t see how it is different from using SVN? If the team never push or pull to another member, […]

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