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Coming from mercurial to git – merging?

I have used mercurial for quite some time and now I switched to git, because my new team uses it as default version control tool. Let me explain – In mercurial I clone project from bitbucket, i make some changes to project. Then I pull from bitbucket again and merge my changes with everything that […]

Is there a Windows version controll client that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion (all in one)

Well The question says it all.. Is there a Windows version control client (not clients) that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion (all in one)? I don’t mind having ^Tortoise(Git|Hg|SVN)$(yes I wrote it as a regex) installed but my context menu is getting unmanageable 🙂 It would be nice if there was something like SourceTree but […]

Vim: highlight changes compared to latest repo commit

If I am editing a file in a Git/Hg repo, is there any plugin that helps highlighting newly added/changed/deleted lines in Vim? Please note that I am not looking for a side by side comparison thing. Thanks.

git –bare clone analogue for Hg (Mercurial)

I want to checkout only history of a repository. Does there any option to clone history as like as git –bare clone <repo_url> option?

Disconnected Version Control

My team works in disconnected mode. i.e. They develop the applications and use SVN inside the company network to manage versioning for the code. I am sitting in customer’s office with no direct access to my company’s network from customer machines. I maintain my own SVN where I checkin the code drop received from my […]

mercurial (hg) syntax equivalent of git's “^”, meaning the commit PRIOR to the specified commit

In git, for a given commit X, X^ means the commit prior to X. Is there an hg equivalent?

Are there any free version control hosting applications I can host myself?

I’m looking for some server software that would allow me to manage git, mercurial or even subversion repositories on my own server (I’m not picky, I can live with any of those). The perfect thing would be of course a private downloadable version of github or bitbucket server application… The main feature I need is […]

Version control; choices, choices, choices!

Our setup as follows: We have a local development server running Ubuntu, with a setup to mirror that of our live host. Each developer works on a Windows machine and accesses the files from the local dev server. The projects in question are a number of websites built in PHP. Seeing as there are no […]

is there a way to pipe the git or Mercurial diff output to a GUI Diff tool?

the diff result in text might be hard to get used to at first. Is there a way to pipe that output to a visual diff tool, such as something like $ hg diff –visual code.rb or $ hg diff code.rb | sometool so that the result can be viewed visually?

How to do hg revert –all with git?

When using Mercurial it is possible to issue the following command: hg revert –all –rev <revision> The content of the working directory is set to the specified <revision> but you stay where you are in the tree (same parent, branch, etc). How to do that in git? It should behave like git reset –hard <commit> […]

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