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Getting to know internals of Mercurial, Bazaar etc?

I understand that reading the source code is an option, given that these systems are open source, but I am looking for something on the lines of Scott Chacon’s excellent writeup on Git Internals. What Scott’s writeup provides is a brief hands on introduction about how Git internally store things like Blobs, Trees and Commits […]

Visual Studio integration with free SCM

I am looking for TFS free alternatives to manage source code. I ve worked with CVS and SVN. I know GIT and Mercurial, but I still haven´t worked with them. I would to use anyone of them integrated with Visual Studio, with the same ease which use TFS (Solution Explorer contextual menu, a dockable source […]

Confusing .gitignore syntax

I was reading http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/v1.7.10/gitignore.html and the 6 points used to explain the ignore patterns seem to be describing a custom variant of a glob search syntax. I am more familiar with Mercurial, which allows to explicitly ignore via glob or regex patterns, no questions asked. Is there any similar functionality in Git? Can anyone point […]

How can I provide a 2-way mirror of a Git repository with another SCM? (bzr, hg etc)

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been using a 2-way Git mirror of our main Perforce repository at work to evaluate it for our workflow. I have to say I’ve fallen in love with using it but it has had one fatal flaw for me so far: it’s Windows support is terrible. Generally […]

Git and Mercurial: what would be equivalent of Git workflow in Mercurial?

#lets get the latest git pull #lets switch to branch and do some work git checkout -b makeSomeBugs #do the work commit git add . git commit -am “introducing some bugs” #push this for my lazy remote friend to see git push origin makeSomeBugs #uh .. changes on master git pull origin master #do some […]

Rolling back to an old revision in Mercurial (like git reset)

Using git, I can throw away a mistaken or accidental commit using a command like git reset –soft HEAD^ which resets the current branch (such as master) to the current revision’s parent commit HEAD^ without touching the working tree – you can replace –soft with –hard if you want to obliterate the working tree as […]

Create fast-export package from Mercurial repository

I’m trying to find the way to fast-export a hg repository and dump the result into a fast-export compatible format file. Basically I want to do the same that I can do with Git or Plastic SCM: git fast-export –all -C –tag-of-filtered-object=drop –signed-tags=strip > Repository.fast-exported cm fast-export MyProject@PlasticSCMServer:8087 Repository.fast-exported I know I can do the […]

Which is more suitable on Windows, git or mercurial?

I actually use a combination of OS X, Linux and Windows, but Windows is the most important.

Pushing without a commit in Mercurial or Git

Seems like for both Mercurial or Git, if I don’t commit first, then I can’t push? So if I don’t commit (when not ready yet), I can’t push to a remote server to back up my code? The code is in a notebook computer, being carried around, which can be somewhat fragile being carried around.

Distributed Source Control is not for Visual Studio users?

I remember 2 events in SVN history: TortoiseSVN got usable and VisualSVN got usable. The result of the first: “We will never ever want to use SVN with command line”. The result of the second: “We will never ever use SVN & MSVS without VisualSVN” please understand this correct – we do use SVN command […]

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