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Mercurial vs Subversion. Whose performance is better?

There are a lot of articles about SVN vs. Hg in general. I would like to concentrate only on performance. Real-live experiences preferred. Here is my set-up: (future setup) Windows with IIS fro Hg (current setup) SVN 1.3.2 on top of apache under windows I would like to have statistics for most commons operations (commits, […]

Would like to create some defaults for my .hgignore files in TortoiseHG/Mercurial

I’d like to make it so that every time I create a new repository, certain filters automatically get added to my .hgignore files by default. For example, for C# projects, I would like these to be added: glob:bin/* glob:obj/* Is this possible? How? If it can’t be automated, is it at least safe to copy […]

Why Kiln is based on Mercurial, and not other (D)VCS

What were the reason for chosing Mercurial as a basis of FogCreek Kiln, a source control management system with tightly integrated code review, and FogBugz integration? Why Mercurial, and not other (distributed) version control system, like Bazaar, Git or Monotone, or creating own version control system like Fossil (distributed software configuration management, including bug tracking […]

Find deleted files in Mercurial repository history, quickly?

You can use hg grep, but it searches the contents of all files. What if I just want to search the file names of deleted files to recover one? I tried hg grep -I file-name-pattern pattern but this seems to return no results.

Mercurial from Subversion: moves, renames and tags

I have a subversion repo with the following layout: svnrepo/projectA/trunk svnrepo/projectA/tags svnrepo/projectA/branches svnrepo/projectB/trunk svnrepo/projectB/tags svnrepo/projectB/branches which I would like to move to a mercurial repo with a revised layout: hgrepo/projectA hgrepo/projectB What is the best way of doing this? Some of my thoughts are: Option1 Rearrange the paths in subversion (using svn move) to an […]

Mercurial with multiple projects

I have a couple of projects with different release cycles sitting in my SVN repository. Releases are created by using the classic tags structure in SVN. When there are bugs to fix in releases a branch is created from a tag, the bug is fixed and then merged from there into trunk. Now, for multiple […]

Is there a way to remove the history for a single file in Mercurial?

I think I already know the answer to this but thought I would ask anyway: We have a file that got added to a Mercurial repository with sensitive information in it. Is there any way to remove that file along with its change history without removing the whole repo?

Mercurial — revert back to old version and continue from there

I’m using Mercurial locally for a project (it’s the only repo there’s no pushing/pulling to/from anywhere else). To date it’s got a linear history. However, the current thing I’m working on I’ve now realized is a terrible approach and I want to go back to the version before I started it and implement it a […]

Source Control – Distributed Systems vs. Non Distributed – What's the difference?

I just read Spolsky’s last piece about Distributed vs. Non-Distributed version control systems http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2010/03/17.html. What’s the difference between the two? Our company uses TFS. What camp does this fall in?

Mercurial: How to ignore changes to a tracked file

I have a file with database settings in my project which I have set to some defaults. The file is tracked by Mercurial and checked in. Since this file will be edited with different values various developer machines, is there a way I can tell Mercurial to ignore new changes to this file? I tried […]

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