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Mercurial repository layout for multiple branches

I have a number of quasi-related projects that I want to version control. In SVN I would set them up as multiple directories within a single project /scripts #updates in sync with project1 & project2 /project1 #requires database /project2 #requires database /database Naturally other SVN layouts are possible for this toy example, but this layout […]

interoperation between mercurial and subversion

A similar question has been asked recently, but is not the same. The Mercurial website has a detailed page listing comparisons for 4 different options for getting Mercurial and Subversion to interoperate. I am wondering if anyone out there has tried one or more of these, and could relate any really good or really bad […]

How can I force mercurial to accept an empty commit

I’m trying to convert an SVN repo with hgsvn and I have some commits where SVN properties where modified, but since Mercurial doesn’t use those, it sees this as an empty commit and aborts. Is there any way to force this hg commit to accept a commit that doesn’t change anything? I’m not familiar enough […]

Adapting svn:externals usage for move to Mercurial

We’ve got in a corporate environment an svn repository structure which looks like this: root libs shared_lib1 shared_lib2 private_lib public_code private_code where public_code is an external repository which is open source and where people from outside the company have read-write-access. shared_lib1 and shared_lib2 are also external repositories shared with a different group of programmers from […]

Recommended Mercurial repository/folder structure for an SVN user

I am experimenting with Hg with a view to moving away from SVN but wanted some opinions on how I should structure my Hg repository. I come from a SVN background (which may of tainted my outlook on how this should work!) and my repository currently looks something like this: Project1 trunk branches 1.0 1.1 […]

Mercurial to Mercurial to Subversion Workflow Problem

We’re migrating from Subversion to Mercurial. To facilitate the migration, we’re creating an intermediate Mercurial repository that is a clone of our Subversion repository. All developers will be begin switching over to the Mercurial repository, and we’ll periodically push changes from the intermediate Mercurial repository to the existing Subversion repository. After a period of time, […]

folder structure in a mercurial repo?

I have just switched from svn to mercurial and have read some tutorials about it. I’ve still got some confusions that i hope you could help me to sort out. I wonder if I have understood the folder structure in a mercurial repo right. In a svn repo I usually have these folders: svn: branches […]

Using Mercurial, is there an easy way to diff my working copy with the tip file in the default remote repository

When using mercurial, I’d like to be able to diff the working copy of a file with the tip file in my default remote repository. Is there an easy way to do this? I know I can do an “hg incoming -p” to see the patch sets of changes coming in, but it’d be nice […]

Migrating away from Clearcase

We are migrating from Clearcase to another VCS (probably either SVN or Mercurial). For companies that have made this transition, what factors did they find important in selecting another VCS tool, and what practices did they find eased the transition?

Migrating from Mercurial to Subversion

Possible Duplicate: Converting from Mercurial to Subversion Hi. Does anyone know of a relatively painless way to migrate a Mercurial repo to a fresh Subversion repo? Thank you.

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