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Diffing between two entire directories/projects?

I inherited a project originally stored in CVS with all the revisions. I made quite a few edits, and I’m trying to compare all the changes I made in the original directory, in regards to new files added versus the old ones. Is there some sort of utility for hg/git where I can do a […]

How to move bugfixes across branches in DVCS?

If we discover bug in some branche we fix it (check New release on picture). But also we interesting in moving this fix to Old release and Main development branch: a–>b–>c (Old release) | A–>B–>C–>D (Main release) | 1–>2–>bugfix–>4 (New release) svn remember in svn:merge properties (from svn 1.6, 2009) which revision merged to which […]

Team Foundation Server and branching characteristics, compared to others

What are the branching characteristics of TFS? I am asking the question because I don’t have experience of the tool. Let me discuss what context I am putting it in… Early Branching/Heavy Branching If we look at the tools Perforce, Subversion, CVS, for instance, we see that branching is effectively taking a copy of the […]

Is Perforce worth it?

A colleague of mine has become excited about the possibilities with PerForce (we basically need an abillity to logistically group patches and changes, and having the SCM support this natively would be very nice). We currently use CVS and are open to all posibillities. We are only few developers who use plain Eclipse and run […]

git equivalent to hg mq?

I just started using Git alongside Mercurial to familiarize myself with Git. I use the mq extension in Mercurial extensively to manage local patches, and I’m looking for a Git equivalent. Should I just use Git branch? Or are there better ways to manage local patches that enable easily applying and removing the patches? Thanks,

Hg: How to do a rebase like git's rebase

In Git I can do this: 1. Start working on new feature: $ git co -b newfeature-123 # (a local feature development branch) do a few commits (M, N, O) master A—B—C \ newfeature-123 M—N—O 2. Pull new changes from upstream master: $ git pull (master updated with ff-commits) master A—B—C—D—E—F \ newfeature-123 M—N—O 3. […]

Git equivalents of most common Mercurial commands?

I’ve been using Mercurial but would like to do a quick demo of Git. What are the Git equivalents of: hg init . # start a project in the current directory hg addremove # look for any added or deleted files hg commit -m “comment” # commit any uncomitted changes hg status # what have […]

Handling renames: svn vs. git vs. mercurial

How do each of these VCS handle renames? I have found a lot of contradicting information stating that git tracks LOC (lines of code) instead of files, renames would therefore have no meaning for it.

Git serve: I would like it that simple

I want to know how to simply publish over http = much like Mercurial’s hg serve! On the Windows/work box do this: git serve and then on the Linux box SIMPLY go: git clone http://project project finished.

Converting a Mercurial (hg) repository to Git on Windows (7)

I’m really quite frustrated at this point. I have an existing hg repository that has months of coding history in it, and I want to get this into a private Github repository so I can work on it from there. Unfortunately I use Windows and I can’t seem to find any way to convert the […]

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