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Where to hook a coding convention script?

When working in large teams code styling tools are often used to enforce coding convention compliance. The problem is not to find such a tool. It is more the question of, when you execute this tool? When do you execute this tool (e.g. astyle)? I worked in projects, that are using the first two approaches. […]

Isn't it strange to have branches for totally unrelated code with master?

Github does this for .io pages. A friend of mine worked at a company that had only one repo and 3 branches for backend, ios and android applications. This seems very strange since the definition of a branch is a state of code that’s derived from other state of the code in time. But those […]

DVCS working on remote server

My workplace is considering moving to a modern (D)VCS which is something that I am pushing for. My boss is in on the idea and the current workflow would be to have a centralized repository where everyone can commit/merge their changes when a task is done, While working on a task each developer can have […]

File backing store for Jazz RTC? Database or file based?

We currently use Clearcase for a large number of large projects. We use SQL Server as the file store in the background, and it has eventually reached a point where accessing files is just too slow. Looking at GIT and Mercurial, we see a distributed VCS based on storing file differences – which has the […]

Interact with remote Mercurial and Git http repositories

Background: I’m writing a Java server application that needs to perform basic interactions with remote SCM systems served over http. Is it possible to interact with Mercurial and Git repositories using some sort of predefined API (or if there is a convention to how these repositories are laid out when served via http) from the […]

RPM spec files in version control system

I faced with task of building RPM packets from sources of c++ (but it may be any other language) project controlled with Git. And my question is where should I store “.spec” files for this task? Should it be stored independently of project main sources or be included in them? This task is complicated by […]

Maintaining a set of small changes not to be committed to SCM

I’m using git, but I’ll be glad to hear answers relevant to other SCMs. I’m having a few small changes which are relevant just for me (using a different build scheme, relevant only for my configuration), and I really need to have them. The right thing to do is of course, merge it into the […]

Choosing a version control system for a simple web site

We’re bringing some of our web development in-house and one of my goals is to get it under version control. Right now I’m looking mostly towards HG and Git, respectively. Bazaar was knocked out of the running due to some flaky behavior. The biggest points on my mind are: Access to our web host is […]

Git/Hg repository(ies) with complex projects structure

at the moment we’re using SVN (yeah, I know that’s shame :)) and we’re checking possibility to move for Git or Hg. At the moment we have one svn repo with structure like that: Platform 1- . Country 1 . Customer A . Project Z . Project Y . Customer B . Project X . […]

Autocreate directories when building

I have a project written in C and I am using mercurial (I can use git too) for version control and GNU make for building. The project includes several empty directories used for build-time generated files, such as dependency makefiles and object files. When I check out the project, however, empty directories are not created […]

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