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Online DVCS Client

Okay, I have been grasping as all sorts of solutions to my problems with questions like Recommended DVCS mechanism for hosting many independent patches and Using Mercurial patch queue repository on BitBucket for many users and patches, but hopefully this will be the last question I need to ask about how to establish source control […]

Embedding a github repository inside a mercurial (kiln) repository – how integrated is it?

Summarised Question: Are github-hosted sub repositories within a mercurial/kiln repository possible, and if so are they automatically updated/cloned when the parent mercurial repository is operated on by a hg clone or hg commit command? Detailed Question: Following on from my question that was answered so excellently here , some of my third party code is […]

Mylyn connectors for GitHub and BitBucket

Does anyone know if there are any stable connectors to integrate mylyn with Bitbucket and Github? For github.com I think I found one, but for bitbucket there is no information on the Eclipse Mylyn project page.

No changes are pushed when using hg-git

I’m trying to get the hg-git extension working under Windows and after hours of fiddling, I finally seem to have it working. However, nothing shows up in my git repository even though the output of hg push reads: importing Hg objects into Git creating and sending data github::refs/heads/master => GIT:8d946209 [command completed successfully Wed Oct […]

Maintaining Git Fork of Hg Repository with Patches

I am maintaining a git fork of an hg repository with some additional patches. What this means is that I have cloned the hg repository and then pushed that repository to a git repository following these directions. I then cloned the git repository, applied some commits and then pushed those commits to the git repository. […]

file grained vs line grained version control systems

What are some examples of version control systems that work on files and on lines of files? In my understanding, a control system that works on file is able to automatically manage merges whenever there are no file conflicts: for example: A,B,C –> A’,B’,C | (branch) ___________ (merge) -> A’,B’,C’ ——-> A,B,C’ In what cases […]

Import history from renamed files and folders to version control

I have a client that hired me to implement version control using Mercurial, for his fifteen year old application. But also wants to have the whole history loaded to Mercurial server, but there is no version control software currently, only renamed files with the date they were changed, like program1.c to program1_20060917.c and program1 copy […]

On Windows, can we put different folders in 1 Git or Mercurial (hg) repository?

On Windows, can we put different folders in 1 Git or Mercurial (hg) repository? Such as putting c:\ror c:\software projects\ruby c:\js test d:\peter_website all in 1 Git or Mercurial repository called code ?

Tips on upgrading CVS to git/hg?

We still use CVS, I use git and hg for my personal use though I’m still a novice at both, but I realize they’re much more modern and better, faster, distributed, etc. It’s just everyone is so accustomed to CVS that I feel a whole slew of issues could arise if I were to be […]

PIP hg+ and git+ always downloads package instead of detecting satisfied requirement

My other question here just got answered about why pip svn+ was always re-downloading entire packages. Now I have a handful more packages in my pip_requirements file that always get downloaded instead of detecting that the package requirements are satisfied. They are the following types: git+git://github.com/yuchant/django-jinja2.git hg+https://bitbucket.org/yuchant/django-storages With svn+ my packages are detected as satisfied […]

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