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Mercurial: Merging one file between branches in one repo

When I have two branches in Hg repo, how to merge only one file with another branch, without having all other files from changeset merged? Is it possible to merge only certain files, instead of whole changeset?

PyCharm: versioning .idea folder while keeping different interpreters across developers

We are using PyCharm as the Python IDE for a project. Developers use different kind of OS setup, e.g., python path is not the same for some of us (some have local interpreter stored at different location or remote interpreters). Unfortunately, python interpreter path is stored in the .idea PyCharm project folder (.iml file). It […]

Workflow to “backport” change into different Mercurial (Hg) branch?

We have two heads. One is our main development head and the other is one that I forgot about until today. We found a bug and fixed it in our main development branch, and I just realized it should be fixed in the older branch as well. I think it would have been better to […]

how to see files in repository before running 'update'

I run hg pull which added new changes to my repository. Before updating my working directory with the new changes i would like to see these new files/changes. I believe in SVN i used svn st -u but how is it done in Mercurial?

Changing a directory structure in Mercurial

I have a single-person single-folder mercurial repository. The directory structure is simple: P104 lecture_notes files under version control live here After a while I realize I want to have two directories within the repository, like this P104 lecture_notes files under version control live here (.hg is here) homework more files under version control Now, if […]

Mercurial: “abandoned transaction found – run hg recover”. Recover does not work

Using tortoise hg on windows, I did a pull from a repository on my local drive to a repository on a usb stick. During the pull i guess there was a glitch in the usb-connection because it got aborted half way through. Now i can’t pull again. I get the message: abandoned transaction found – […]

Going between development & production in Mercurial

I’ve used mercurial for some time now, but haven’t really gotten used to working with branches, so I am struggling to figure out whether this workflow makes sense or not before applying it to a real project. The question: Does it really make sense to resurrect a development branch every time we’re going to work […]

Is it possible to checkout a single directory from a Mercurial (HG) repository?

So, I’m trying to checkout just the TestNG plugin from the Netbeans contrib repository. (Or is it module? I’m new to Mercurial, so I don’t really know the lingo yet.) When I run the following command… hg clone http://hg.netbeans.org/main/contrib/ …I get the entire repository, which contains all of the the contrib plug-ins. Is it possible […]

How to use Mercurial from Visual Studio 2010?

Version Control noob alert I’ve already installed both Mercurial, TortoiseHg and VisualHG into Visual Studio 2010. I’ve set in Visual Studio my source control to Mercurial. When I right click on my solution, I already see HG’s buttons in the context menu that appears there. My question now is, how do I make this version […]

Mercurial log interface

I’ve been going through the tutorial at hginit.com, but I’ve found a rather inconvenient aspect of the hg log feature. Basically, when I type it, I get the newest changes on top, and the oldest at the bottom. But this is simply annoying, as most of the time, you want to see the newest revisions. […]

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