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How to fix Mercurial stuck on Git subrepo push?

I have root Mercurial repo (web site). I clone WordPress from GitHub mirror into /wp subdirectory. Since I want very specific (stable) version of WP, but no ongoing development I do git checkout 3.4.1 (where 3.4.1 is tag). I setup it as subrepo in root Mercurial repo and commit (WP revision gets captured fine in […]

“Unregistered Git root detected” because parent directory of project is versioned by Git

I set up a PyCharm project /parent/project, that is managed by Mercurial at /parent/project/.hg. Independently of this project, /parent is managed by Git at /parent/.git. Unfortunately, this causes PyCharm to complain: “Unregistered Git root detected: The directory /parent is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.” What’s a clean solution for this? Ideally, […]

How get local root path in svn?

Mercuril, Git and Bazaar has a way to get path root: git rev-parse –show-toplevel hg root bzr root How print the local root path in subversion? Update Example: > svn checkout https://example.com/svn/foo ~/foo –username fabiocerqueira > cd ~/foo > svn root (don’t works) /home/user/project/foo/

Which has better .NET implementation, Mercurial or git?

I need to access some DVCS from my .NET code and because I’m familiar with Mercurial and Git, which one of that two has better .NET client library? And I don’t mean just a wrapper, I mean a full .NET implementation not requiring any command line calls in the background. Note: If the answer was […]

Converting a CM Synergy archive to free source control

Because of downsizing and cost-saving our organisation is moving from CM/Telogic/Rational Synergy to free tools (most probably SVN). Is there anyway to transfer history and branch information from Synergy to a free tool?

Using Git or Mercurial, how would you know when you do a clone or a pull, no one is checking in files (pushing it)?

Using Git or Mercurial, how would you know when you do a clone or a pull, no one is checking in files (pushing it)? It can be important that: 1) You never know it is in an inconsistent state, so you try for 2 hours trying to debug the code when your code is in […]

Mercurial Bookmarks and 'Git like branching'

I am not having any luck using Bookmarks in Mercurial for Git like branching. From the article: https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/BookmarksExtension, I’ve set “track.current” to true in my .hgrc file. Excerpt below: By default, when several bookmarks point to the same changeset, they will all move forward together. It is possible to obtain a more Git-like experience by […]

Strategies for multiplatform project repository design

I am looking for strategies regarding repository layout/design when dealing with multiplatform projects. Usually dependencies are: Project has single name/brand Each platform has separate source code Platform code shares common resources Design docs and other documentation is shared between platforms I’ve already tried (using git) following: Solution A: Each platform project resides in its own […]

Is there a mercurial equivalent to gits no-fast-forward merge?

What is the mercurial equivalent to gits no-fast-forward merge (in case a fast forward would be possible)? Edit Assume you have a branch/bookmark at your head/tip of master/default: o feature | o | o master/default | … A simple fast forward merge would result in: o feature/master/default | o | o | … A no-fast-forward […]

merge-base analog for Mercurial and bzr (to find common ancestors as possible for a merge)?

Git have merge-base command that show common ancestors of two or more branches. What analog for Mercurial and bzr?

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