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A version control system with minimum space requirements on the client side, and is good with binaries

(This is my first post so be gentle) I am using subversion as version control on large binary. I have about 2.5 gigs of binaries that I update hourly. I get about 400 megs worth of differents each day. Some of the files are PEs but it is mainly compressed files that are difficult to […]

How to use mercurial or git subrepositories that are connected to the latest release tag?

I am looking for a solution that would allow me to use subrepositories that are getting not the HEAD and instead a specific RELEASE tag, or if possible the latest tag. Is this possible, how should I implement this? Did anyone implemented this?

How and when do Mercurial or git diff files?

I am on a project about file sync. I have some questions: Who can tell me how Mercurial or Git diff files and store the diffs? Does it monitor file change? Does it need to diff the whole file when making a commit? Whether it can monitor the change of section by driver? What’s the […]

git repository browsing

I am interested if I can do repository browsing with git in the following way: given a remote repository -fetch only data about the directory structure of a certain revision at the beginning – fetch files individually on choice given the knowledge acquired previously for example(fake commands only to illustrate intent): git clone –dont_get_me_repo_contents_please // […]

Can I use a git repo for a subfolder in a mercurial repo?

I have a mercurial repo in code.google that includes folders like H |_ A |_ B |_ C The top-level folder H contains sub-folders A, B and C. Now, I wanted to use Heroku to test the webserver in B, and Heroku only supports git. Since the testing is temporal, so I do not want […]

Mercurial vs Git in IntelliJ IDEA

Regarding IntelliJ IDEA 12 (or the new 13 Beta, but please specify which), which integration is better, the one with GIT or the one with Mercurial, and why?

Using hg convert to convert git repo to old svn format

According to the following post: http://davidvg.com/2011/12/07/converting-a-git-repo-to-svn a git repo can be converted to an svn repo using hg convert. This works for me, however, the resulting svn repo is to modern for me. The db/format number for the resulting svn repo is 6 (svn 1.8+). I need it to be 4 (1.6+), an older version […]

Is Subversion better at cherry-picking then git (or any DAG VCS)?

I just read http://www.draconianoverlord.com/2013/09/07/no-cherry-picking.html and seems that svn:mergeinfo can track info about single commit merge which happen at cherry-picking. That avoid merge conflict when you merge back your feature-branch with cherry-picked bug-fixes to original branch (where you made bug-fixes before). Here funny ASCII art (which people like at SO): o–o–o–o–o feature ^ ^ \ / […]

Default remote mercurial repository in Netbeans

Every time I want to push my changes to remote mercurial repository, Netbeans prompts the Push Dialog and asks for repository path, username and password. Is there any way I can save these things as default so I can push without being prompted? Not to mention, I have already set HG properties but it still […]

Is there a synopsis about how to do certain things with different scm tools?

I’m quite familiar with Subversion, and I use Mercurial and Git as well. Mercurial looks like a friendly tool to me, as it’s commandline interface is easy to use for Subversion users; but Git doesn’t. Is there a comparison sheet somewhere, which e.g. allows to see at a glance how to revert local changes for […]

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