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Is there a way to get git to autocomplete commands based on a shortened version?

When working for another company, I often used Mercurial for revision control. I actually like git better, but one thing that really annoys me is that in Mercurial, if I type: hg stat It is smart enough to realize that the only command that could have been in place of this is hg status, thus […]

Hg-git not pushing commits on Github

I have this problem with hg-git where I can’t push any commits to Github anymore. When before I had no problems at all. I have a Mercurial repo in Bitbucket where I push to Github, with hg push git+ssh://git@github.com:userid/MyRepo.git This used to work, however now, when I do this, hg always return that there was […]

Mercurial “submodule” inside a Git repository

This question already has an answer here: Is there a way to use a Mercurial repository as Git submodule? 2 answers

sourcecontrol – pulling in only specific revisions

I am familiar with SVN and TFS for source control. One issue which I usually encounter is the same file is modified for different bugs (say bugP is fixed with revision/changeset (N), bugQ is fixed with revision(N+1) and bugR is fixed in revision/changeset(N+2) Each revision/changeset work on different part of the same file and there […]

best way to version multiple different files

I was thinking of having a versioning system for our projects folder (visual effects facility). We work on shots, and each should lets say has one file I would like to version. Here’s the thing. If I have one repository per shot (folder) is it bad? If I have one repository and move all those […]

How do I convert a set of mercurial repositories into a git repository?

What I have I currently have a set of mercurial repositories that contain source code. They use the “forked repository” scheme for branches. So, a feature “branch” might look like this: master repo A→B→C ———————↘————— cool_feature repo D→E→F Once cool_feature is ready for prime time, we hg pull it into master so that it will look like […]

How to display relative commit number in git log graph?

I’m a Mercurial user, who is exploring some code from a Git repo. In Mercurial, I like to move up and down a commit graph, doing checkout and running the code to test how the code behavior changes as I move to older/newer commits. This is easy in Mercurial since it has local relative revision […]

Theoretically possible to bundle Mercurial or Git in a browser extension?

I am building the browser-based web development software at http://gnymb.us. Eventually we will have limited offline support, such that you can edit your files offline by leveraging localStorage, HTML5 databases, or Google Gears. I am currently building in source control support for Subversion, Mercurial, and Git. This works great while the user is online. As […]

Which SCM can comfortably handle 90,000 files

I have a folder which contains a whitelabel-esque system; theres way over 90,000 files in there. Currently its stored in SVN and we just checkout the sub-folders as required. Would mercurial or another SCM be able to handle having the lot checked out at once without it dying when you try to commit.

git clone with different file permissions

On our server are three (in reality: thousands of) text files stored in a bare git repository: A.txt, B.txt, C.txt. User “admin” should view/edit them all. User “Foo” should view/edit “A.txt” and “B.txt” but he is not allowed to see the content of “C.txt”. User “guest” should only be allowed to view/edit “A.txt”. All three […]

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