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Need a Perforce DVCS recommendation: git-p4, hg Perfarce, or Something Else?

We’re getting migrated from Subversion to Perforce at work. I’ve been using git-svn and it’s kept me very productive. I want to keep using a DVCS for my own development. Which works best with Perforce in your experience, git-p4, Perfarce (hg) or something else I’ve never heard of? What works well (and what doesn’t)?

NPM package url as dependency in mercurial(bitbucket)

I have searched this topic for long time, currently all the solutions and examples work in git, but no direct solution for Mercurial. Working example taken from somewhere similar links. “private”: true to your package.json Then to reference private npm module in package.json { “name”: “myapp”, “dependencies”: { “private-repo”: “git+ssh://git@github.com:myaccount/myprivate.git#v1.0.0”, } } As I read […]

Which merge strategies does mercurial use?

I work in an environment with large scale multi-parallel branching. Looking at GIT I see it has several merge strategies: already up-to-date fast-forward octopus resolve recursive Does Mercurial have the equivalent of each of these? (ie is the implementation of Mercurial’s merge algorithm as good as recursive?

What is the equivalent of Mercurial's largefiles extension in Git?

I’m migrating some personal project repositories to Git from Mercurial. One of the projects relies on some non-changing, but large, shapefiles and SQLite databases These files are important and need to live inside the repo so that anyone checking out the project has access to them. With Mercurial, this was easy to deal with; I […]

Anyone use both Tortoise Git and Subversion on the same machine?

Anyone install both? Using each for separate projects obviously. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’m guessing, but hoping to fish out any gotchas. Furthermore, anyone use Tortoise Git, Subversion and Mercurial on the same machine? Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for Windows 7.

What is the standard or best way to deal with database branching with Mercurial or Git branches?

This has been a big question mark on my mind. I’m moving to Mercurial or Git very soon for my web software, and sometimes my branches require significant database changes which other branches should not see. This, I can’t always share the same database for my branches. Is there some standard way of dealing with […]

3-way merge tools for Mac that show 4 panes

I’m a fan of the 4-pane approach to 3-way file merging. In particular, being able to see Branch A, Branch B, and the ancestor of A and B in 3 read-only panes, then a 4th read-write pane which shows the results of your merge. However, I’ve been unable to find a 4-pane merge tool for […]

Git equivalent to hg update

Below is a small example with Mercurial and similarly with Git. I cannot understand how to make a hg update with Git: I have a small Mercurial setup with 4 commits – where I step back one commit hg init echo “1” > a.txt; hg commit -A -m “1. commit” a.txt echo “2” >> a.txt; […]

How to fix Mercurial stuck on Git subrepo push?

I have root Mercurial repo (web site). I clone WordPress from GitHub mirror into /wp subdirectory. Since I want very specific (stable) version of WP, but no ongoing development I do git checkout 3.4.1 (where 3.4.1 is tag). I setup it as subrepo in root Mercurial repo and commit (WP revision gets captured fine in […]

“Unregistered Git root detected” because parent directory of project is versioned by Git

I set up a PyCharm project /parent/project, that is managed by Mercurial at /parent/project/.hg. Independently of this project, /parent is managed by Git at /parent/.git. Unfortunately, this causes PyCharm to complain: “Unregistered Git root detected: The directory /parent is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.” What’s a clean solution for this? Ideally, […]

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