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Remote browsing Git / Mercurial in PHP

What is the best practice in remote browsing “distributed” SCM systems like Git and Mercurial? As far as I know it’s only possible to browse through everything if you have a clone/checkout. I don’t really want that because of the fact that it’s a hosted “project management” solution that does not want to store the […]

Concurrently manage single project across different SCM systems

I currently have a project hosted on a private Git repo which I manage using sourcetree. Recently I decided to collaborate with a group of friends on this project. However they prefer Mercurial & SVN to Git and I’d rather have separate Mercurial & SVN repositories created with my project for them to collaborate on […]

Convert hg branches to git branches?

I must convert a branchy mercurial repo into a git repo AND continue to pull changes from mercurial to git (one-way only) for some time. Existing hg-to-git answers do not seem to handle branches correctly. For example, a small hg repo with ‘default’ and ‘br1’ branches results in this: $ hg branches br1 3:a8914879f6bb default […]

remote error : repository not found in git

I’m trying to clone a local copy of Hacker’s Keyboard, througth Git, I have tried the command : $ git clone https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboard/ but getting fatal: remote error : repository not found in git, and not being to clone of that repository, how can I clone

Version control system with incremental updates

I want to build an automatic update system for a game that I am working on and I thought I could just use an existing version control system for this purpose. My game consists of many small files and at the moment I am just using git with a git pull. So every time the […]

Use Chef with a non-Git VCS/DVCS

I’ve just started my research prior to starting to use Chef. All tutorials and sources state that Git is used as the repository for Chef. Is Git required? Can I use Mercurial, SVN, etc? Are there any limitations? The following picture from getchef.com mentions SVN:

Using hg-git, TortoiseHg and github over https gives 401

I’m using hg-git with TortoiseHg to try to push my existing repository to GitHub. I’m authenticating with HTTPS, rather than SSH. I added my username and password to TortoiseHg just like for BitBucket. But TortoiseHg says that the remove server gives 401. All the examples I could find for authenticating with hg-git use SSH rather […]

Switch to hg-flow model: how to rebase commits and branches

I started some time ago a small project and used mercurial as RCS. All commits were done in the default branch, except for one feature branch currently in development in a separate clone of the project. The project became quite important and I’d like to switch to Driessen’s model. I’ve been able to rebase all […]

When I export mercurial to git, why is the result so large?

I have an old mercurial repository that I am exporting to git using hg-fast-export. It is 115MB. When I run hg-fast-export as described here, the resulting git repository is 663M. Any idea why that would be?

compare sources from git and mercurial repositories and synchronize them

In our project due to the way of team operating and corporate security policy the same codebase hosted inside 2 repositories, one is git, 2nd is mercurial and one part of the team normally committing to mercurial repo, 2nd part commit to git. Because of such a strange way of operating with some time codebase […]

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