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Use Git “locally” over SSH

our company wants to switch from svn to git/hg. Our current environment is: Windows-Dev-Machines Remote Linux Server (via 1 Gbit LAN) Samba Share on Server, mapped in Windows We don’t want to work locally, because of backups (serverside) and running VMs on localhost etc (PHP-Webserver). So I can clone from Server via SSH into the […]

After converting repository from hg to git, how to migrate additional changesets?

After using fast-export to migrate a mercurial repository to git, I’ve found that open named branches that weren’t merged to default weren’t converted. Now I want to import the outstanding changesets on these branches to the new git repos. I’ve tried various approaches including hg-git and hg export, but the problem with these approaches is […]

Is there a way in a VCS to have a child branch that only syncs a few specific folders/files from the parent?

Lets say I have repository for a project that has a bunch of folders and files lets call it master. /3rdPartyJars /compass /js /deploy /js /python build.xml When I deploy to the production server I just want to push the latest deploy and python folders to the server. Previously I was using svn1.7 and I […]

Repair links between moved files in Mercurial

Over the course of having this repo (originally SVN) I’ve not been to good with keeping file links together. I’ve changed IDE’s twice, split the project into Netbeans modules, and mavenized the project over its time. Most of the file history is lost, mainly because during mavenizing I deleted the entire trunk, committed, copied over […]

Is it true in Mercurial (hg), the same as Git, that a revision you committed may only have code not modified by you? (a merge)

Seems like in SVN, when you do a merge, there won’t be a revision checked in by you. All your “commits” should only have code that is changed by you. But in Mercurial, that’s not the case. Your “merge” commits are committed by you, but they usually contain changes that are made by other people. […]

Mercurial alternative to the following git log command

I wonder if there’s a compatible alternative to the following git log command in Mercurial: git log –pretty=oneline –parents –name-only –reverse Thanks.

Can Git or Mercurial be set to bypass the local repository and go straight to the central one?

Using Git or Mercurial, if the working directory is 1GB, then the local repository will be another 1GB (at least), residing normally in the same hard drive. And then when pushed to a central repository, there will be another 1GB. Can Git or Mercurial be set to use only a working directory and then a […]

lntelliJ IDEA EAP 12 and Bitbucket ( Git or Mercurial )

My Sytem setup is Windows 7 64-bit IntelliJ IDEA EAP 12 version 122.639 Java 1.6 I am a non Admin user. I have an android project which I want to keep under version control on Bitbucket. I have tried to use the builtin VCS in IntelliJ IDEA to create git/mercurial but for both of them […]

What does hg bookmark mean in this context?

I am reading through Chris’s excellent article about working with git and pushing to BitBucket. With the instructions presented there, I managed to get everything working. However, I would like to understand what happens there. I’m specifically interested in this line: hg bookmark hg/default -r default I understand that this creates a bookmark named hg/default, […]

Bitbucket authentication to use LibGit2Sharp

I used the CSharp.Bitbucket library to authenticate users with Bitbucket (https://github.com/scottksmith95/CSharp.Bitbucket). The authentication works fine, I get the token value and token secret values. I have alredy written a logic – with the help of LibGit2Sharp (https://github.com/libgit2/libgit2sharp) – to clone/pull/push the content of the users repo. It works fine if the user authenticates with GitHub. […]

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