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Local only, revision/version/source control

From what I’ve read: Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar are good version control software. Subversion is a server based one. But what is the best (and I encourage adding your own) system when the only requirements are: simplicity – single-user / local I want to “go back (and forward) in time” integrates well with Visual Studio […]

Git and Mercurial – can someone explain this test result

I was doing a comparison on speed for GIT and Mercurial. I choose a big project of 9072 files (mainly php files and several images) with a size of 95.1 MB. This is a fake project, and maybe give someone the idea on how to explaing the results I got – it is a wordpress […]

Which Distributed Source Control System has the best integration with Windows & Visual Studio?

It seems that both git and mercurial are rather Linux oriented. Which of them is more mature on windows?

private mercurial/git branch for backup?

Is it possible to create a non-visible branch in git or mercurial I can use as backup? Eg at the end of the day I have unfinished work (may even be left with syntax errors) but I want it to be backed up in the repository online, without annoying others about the mess that’s left.

How do you use Source Control without IDE integration?

I am currently using Subversion as my Source Control system, mainly because I found ANkhSVN to be a quite nicely integrated into Visual Studio. But many people seem to be using Git or Mercurial and others with great success. Now, I am wondering how to use a system like Git without some sort of IDE […]

Hg-Git: How to push to both Github and Bitbucket?

I just installed Hg-Git and I was wondering if it is possible to push to both Bitbucket.org and Github.com from the same repository. I’m thinking of something like: $ #make commits $ hg push #pushes to Bitbucket since it is set as `default` in hgrc $ hg push “github remote alias” #push to Github So, […]

How should I version control (sort of) unrelated scripts in the same path?

I’ve started using version control to better manage revisions to my PowerShell code. I decided to use Mercurial for 3 main reasons: As a DVCS, it doesn’t require a server. If I want to, I can store a private repository online for free (bitbucket.org) It seemed simpler to use than Git. Mercurial works well for […]

How to use Hg-to-Git tool – fast-export?

I have tried the instructions from this SO post: cd ~ git clone git://repo.or.cz/fast-export.git git init git_repo cd git_repo ~/fast-export/hg-fast-export.sh -r /path/to/old/mercurial_repo git checkout HEAD However when doing git checkout HEAD it throws: error: pathspec ‘HEAD’ did not match any file(s) known to git What is the work-around for this? Update: I managed to install […]

“Hg to Hg (Gateway) to SVN” compared to “Git to Git (Gateway) to SVN”

Question is similar to this (unanswered) and this one (same problem not involving Git). The goal is to make Hg a front end for SVN for a period of time before transitioning fully to Hg. The setup should probably look like the one depicted below (same as in the questions referenced above), however I’m not […]

git commit –verbose equivalent in mercurial?

In git, I can do “git commit –verbose” to show me a diff right there in the message editor. I don’t see any option for it in mercurial. Is there a mercurial plugin to show me a diff in the message editor or anything similar?

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