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What is the git equivalent of hg summary?

What is the git equivalent of ‘hg summary’? Especially ‘hg summary –remote’ ?? I’ve seen translations for ‘hg in’, ‘hg out’, and a bunch of other translated commands, but I never see ‘summary’. I’m lazy and want to know everything ‘hg summary –remote’ would tell me in one simple command. Will I have to write […]

How to add a branch, created on a forked repo, to the upstream repo?

I was migrating my hotfix branch from Mercurial to Git. I used the hg-git plugin to import my hotfix branch into a new branch on my forked repo of my git project. Is there a way to add the newly created branch to the upstream repo? The branch does not currently exist on the upstream […]

How can I automatically add a datestamp field to a java class marking a commit date

I can’t figure out a nice, succinct title for this question, so bear with me! My overall goal is to have a variable in my source code which give the date, time, (and possibly commit id) of a class so that when exceptions get caught, I could output the error along with that said variable […]

Hg equivalent to git post-receive hook

I need the equivalent of git post-receive hook in Mercurial so I can notify another service that a push has been done to the repository. What I need in my hook is simple: changeset revision of the last changeset. Of course I understand that the difference with git is that the ref won’t be named, […]

What SCM to use to keep track of application and system configuration files?

I need to keep track of different software installation, ease the upgrade of the files. I’m planning to use a SCM to keep track of the modification and be able to roll-back rapidly if needed, or to ease the migration to a new machine. Initially I tried to use Mercurial (hg) but I discovered that […]

Is there an equivalent to Visual SourceSafe's Shadow Directories in other VCS?

I have been asked to save the current versions of all files in all repositories on our Subversion server to a network drive. This is in addition to our backups of the repositories themselves. Visual SourceSafe did this automatically by means of shadow folders. Is there a way to accomplish this for a Subversion repository? […]

Using DVCS for an RDBMS audit trail

I’m looking to implement an audit trail for a reasonably complicated relational database, whose schema is prone to change. One avenue I’m thinking of is using a DVCS to track changes. (The benefits I can imagine are: schemaless history, snapshots of entire system’s state, standard tools for analysis, playback and migration, efficient storage, separate system, […]

Migrating Clearcase to X

I was asked to choose an open-source alternative to Clearcase-UCM, and I need an advice what would be the best match. Given below are some parameters I’ve collected: Half of the development teams use the Integration view, development view, rebase and delivery methodology. The rest just work straight on their integration stream with private views […]

Converting a Mercurial repo with bookmarks to Git

What’s the best way to convert a Mercurial repo which uses bookmarks to a Git repo? I’ve tried the steps listed here in Cygwin, but it converted only the default branch to master. The “branch” where I am using a bookmark on was not included in the conversion, although it did issue an error at […]

What VCS alternatives to clearcase facilitate baseline functionality

I have used ClearCase in the past, as well as subversion, bazaar, mercurial, git, and Team Foundation Server. When I used ClearCase, we used UCM, and one of the features that I really liked was the ability to break out software by components, and set and recommend baselines on those components. I have a current […]

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