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Mercurial equivilent to git's HEAD~1

In git it’s quite convenient to identify a commit relative to the latest commit in the repo with HEAD~1. I have searched and cannot find an equivalent for this in mercurial. I find mercurials revision numbers rather annoying.

How to make Hg/Git a remote repo?

I’m a beginner in DVCS (I’m from SVN world) and now that I mastered my own local repo, I would like to set up a remote computer (Amazon EC2) to hold my Web files so I can easily update the web application without FTP or some sorta things I would like to end up using: […]

Best way to migrate mercurial repo with subrepositories to git, preserving history?

I’m trying to migrate a mercurial repository to git, but the problem is that the mercurial repository has subrepositories (some with branches), and lots of merges and branches itself. I’d like the final git repository to keep all this history and be correct and complete when checking out earlier parts of the repository or other […]

Are merges in Git different than in Mercurial?

Hopefully, this isn’t a loaded question. I’m a longtime user of hg, and it’s meeting our needs quite well. Lately I have been working with a consultant and he keeps going on about ‘managing several repos and pushing/pulling/merging them is easier’ than hg. More specifically, I believe he means that pushing changes to a remote […]

Any ways to resuming download on HG or GIT changsets pulling?

I try to find way for update speсial software (Python application) on client. Client already have HG or GIT, and I can dictate any requirements for client environment. But client have slowly and breaking out internet connection. HG, GIT and others tools ideal for update procedure by changesets with minimal traffic bandwidth. But if changesets […]

Set vim current working directory to the current project root or to the directory of the current file

How can I (automatically, basically I shouldn’t have anything to do apart from initial configuration) set vim cwd to the project root directory (if there’s any) or to the current buffer directory (in an autochdir fashion)? Here is an example of a file path to expected cwd: ~/foo/bar/SOME_FILE -> ~/foo if there is a ~/foo/.git/ […]

How to setup distributed version control in a company

From my experience with distributed version control systems (DVCS) like git and mercurial in open source projects, most setup models use a centralized setup for their project (think GitHub). When introducing distributed VCS into a company, do you have a centralized setup model?

TotoiseHG: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

I wanted to push a project from from TortoiseHg to GitHub. I know that, TortoiseHg is a front-end to the Mercurial distributed version control system; where GitHub works with Git. But I love to use TortoiseHg (instead of TortoiseGit or GitGui), and want to keep my project in GitHub. So, I configured TortoiseHg (File>Settings>Extensions>hggit) and […]

Hg equivalent of “git log master..HEAD” when using bookmarks as lightweight branches?

Git users seeking to achieve a workflow involving lightweight branches in Mercurial are often pointed to Mercurial bookmarks. In a nutshell, the recommendation is to maintain multiple heads that would correspond to the git branches, and name them with bookmarks. A common desire in such a workflow is to see a list of all commits […]

How to import a Bitbucket project into Github on Windows

This question already has an answer here: Converting a Mercurial (hg) repository to Git on Windows (7) 5 answers

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