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Can I share an ignore file between mercurial and git?

I use both mercurial and git for similar types of work, and maintain parallel global ignore files. Now, the basic syntax for the two systems is sufficiently similar that I can almost use the same ignore file for both systems. But not quite. git uses (extended) globs to specify ignore patterns. hg uses either full […]

Mercurial or Git

Hello I need a good SCM with integration in Visual Studio 2010 and ability to work over internet, I mean other users should be able to checkin/checkout files through internet/network. I saw Git and its Extensions but I had problem with VS Integration. Its toolbar buttons and menu items didn’t respond to my clicks, it […]

How do I get files from my svn repo to staging or production system?

I have just started playing with version control. I have installed svn and svnX om my Mac and setup a free project with an Subversion repo on assembla.com. I have not uploaded any files to my SVN repo as of yet. I have spent most of the day reading about the topic and figuring out […]

How to import a deleted path in a svn repositroy into git or mercurial

I need to do some research about sources in a svn-deleted path in our company svn repository. Since I need to work a lot with annotate, I want to have the history in mercurial or git. I tried so far: hgsubversion and git-svn: For both programs I can’t find a way to specify that I […]

Mercurial/Git shared repository via Samba used by both Linux and Windows

The repository is on a linux box and accessed via samba for windows. In general things appear to work. Git has some trouble with performance on windows, but works otherwise. Because of this, I’m currently only running mercurial. The problem is that “hg status” sometimes returns different results on windows vs linux. They are both […]

Convert git repo to mercurial repo

I was working on a git repository and now I need to convert it to a hg repository for some reason. My original git repository has 41 commits and had a size of 320MB. I am trying to convert the repository using hg convert git-repo hg-repo. This command starts converting the git repo to hg […]

Is it possible to add a mercurial or git extension inside a repository?

If the question is not clear enough, I will try to explain it: I am wondering if you can add the extension code/script to your repository and enable it inside .hg/hgrc with a relative path. If possible, this should enable you to distribute extensions with the repositories, as long the extension “code” can run on […]

Remote browsing Git / Mercurial in PHP

What is the best practice in remote browsing “distributed” SCM systems like Git and Mercurial? As far as I know it’s only possible to browse through everything if you have a clone/checkout. I don’t really want that because of the fact that it’s a hosted “project management” solution that does not want to store the […]

Concurrently manage single project across different SCM systems

I currently have a project hosted on a private Git repo which I manage using sourcetree. Recently I decided to collaborate with a group of friends on this project. However they prefer Mercurial & SVN to Git and I’d rather have separate Mercurial & SVN repositories created with my project for them to collaborate on […]

Convert hg branches to git branches?

I must convert a branchy mercurial repo into a git repo AND continue to pull changes from mercurial to git (one-way only) for some time. Existing hg-to-git answers do not seem to handle branches correctly. For example, a small hg repo with ‘default’ and ‘br1’ branches results in this: $ hg branches br1 3:a8914879f6bb default […]

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