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Are there any free version control hosting applications I can host myself?

I’m looking for some server software that would allow me to manage git, mercurial or even subversion repositories on my own server (I’m not picky, I can live with any of those). The perfect thing would be of course a private downloadable version of github or bitbucket server application… The main feature I need is […]

Version control; choices, choices, choices!

Our setup as follows: We have a local development server running Ubuntu, with a setup to mirror that of our live host. Each developer works on a Windows machine and accesses the files from the local dev server. The projects in question are a number of websites built in PHP. Seeing as there are no […]

is there a way to pipe the git or Mercurial diff output to a GUI Diff tool?

the diff result in text might be hard to get used to at first. Is there a way to pipe that output to a visual diff tool, such as something like $ hg diff –visual code.rb or $ hg diff code.rb | sometool so that the result can be viewed visually?

How to do hg revert –all with git?

When using Mercurial it is possible to issue the following command: hg revert –all –rev <revision> The content of the working directory is set to the specified <revision> but you stay where you are in the tree (same parent, branch, etc). How to do that in git? It should behave like git reset –hard <commit> […]

Git: rewriting history to collapse commits with the same message and time (merging submodules)

We are working on a huge project. At the beginning of development we decided to use Mercurial with a subrepositories feature. After 2 years of development we had 10 separated modules with a repository for every one. We found, that the subrepositories are not the best solution for us and also found that Git is […]

Sharing files in different projects to the same folder in HG/Git

We are trying to move from Visual SourceSafe(VSS)/SourceOffsite(SOS) to HG/Git, there is one major problem that we have no idea how to deal with it properly. We distribute C++ source files to our users as part of our “Product X”, these source files are of course version controlled. Let’s say the source files are organized […]

Mercurial: Back out public changesets and reapply to new public branch?

We’re using Kiln and Fogbugz; Kiln is supposed to seamlessly allow git and hg to work together. However, we’ve run into an issue where git branches are treated like bookmarks in mercurial; we didn’t catch this in our repo until changes had been pushed, and now the branches are a bit polluted. I have public […]

What are branches in BitBucket and how to manage them

I have the following problem. I have a repo, which I originally cloned from github using hg-git, but since I’ve been developing on it in mercurial. The original dev also keeps updating the repo, so we have multiple heads and I merge whatever I want using TortoiseHg, it works really well (I think hg-git doesn’t […]

Why did Git and Mercurial use SHA1

This question already has an answer here: Why does Git use SHA-1 as version numbers? 3 answers Why does Git use a cryptographic hash function? 1 answer

What is a recommended way to manage git patch queues in unrelated repositories

So, I have many repositories I need to manage patchsets in git. I primarily work on what I’ll call issue-branches (Unsure if thats an official terminology for git, but its short-lived branches for each issue). I do have a habit of rebasing if they end up taking longer to iron out, or even squashing if […]

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