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Merging changes in intermediate branches with DVCS

I have been working with Plastic SCM for a while, but only recently discovered a flaw in my mental model of how change sets in branches work. Consider this simple scenario: Assume I have a branch A with a file foo.txt I branch latest change set of A to a child branch B. I switch […]

How to migrate from a complicated subversion repository to a distributed version control system?

Let’s suppose we have a subversion repository which looks like /original/0.1 /original/0.2 /variantA/trunk /variantA/branches/who/branch_for_xxx /variantA/branches/she/branch_for_yyy /variantB/trunk /variantB/branches/who/branch_for_zzz (… 30 or 40 alike) where variantA and variantB are forks of the original software. I am looking for a method for migrating this repository into a distributed version control system: a method not necessarily wigh a single […]

View files that I have committed locally in Git and Mercurial

Once I have locally commited my code, doing either hg status or git status will not show me the files I have already committed (but not pushed). How can I view the files that are ready to be pushed?

How does a DVCS alleviate problems with direct trunk checkins when you are trying to merge back into trunk?

We use SVN where I work. Most work is done on trunk, but some people choose to pull branches to work on large, disruptive features. We have a convention whereby we announce that trunk is locked when we are merging a branch back to trunk. The point of this is to prevent direct trunk commits […]

What is the Mercurial equivalent to `git log –graph –decorate –oneline –all`?

How do I do git log –graph –decorate –oneline –all in mercurial? I want –graph, so I can see the relationship between commits I want –decorate so that it prints the branch name for each tip and/or each commit, including the local remote-tracking branches which show exactly the situation on any of the configured remote […]

When using a DVCS in front of Subversion should I merge or rebase before pushing?

My company uses Subversion officially, but I’m using Mercurial with the hgsubversion plugin for my daily work. I tend to have more than one local feature branch (hg bookmark) going at a time. When I complete work on a branch I’ll rebase it to the tip of the Subversion trunk and push the whole branch […]

what are the pros & cons of Git and Hg Version Control System?

I am now in a condition to choose which Version Control System, so I would like to get some comment from experience developers who have used these. Which one i should use and in what condition?

What VCS allows me to add changes to multiple pending commits simultaneously?

My workflow usually involves me making multiple changes to a file, each of which belongs to it’s own conceptual unit of change across the project (= commit). What I would like to be able to do is to add certain diffs (either a whole file, or only certain lines of a file) to a pending […]

How can I work on a bzr/hg repository with XCode 4?

I have a Cocoa project managed in a bzr repository, and so far I used bzr just from the command line. But now that XCode 4 natively supports git, I wonder if there’s a way to work on it using the nice GUI feature of XCode 4. Any idea is greatly appreciated. How about the […]

Unification of DVCS commands

When working on multiple (open source) projects, multiple version controll systems start to be problematic. While they share common operations, I often make mistakes by typing hg add instead git add. I remember seeing project some time ago that made access to different source control software in uniform way by providing basic commands commit/ci add […]

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