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Mercurial equivalent of “git pull –rebase”

This question already has an answer here: Hg: How to do a rebase like git's rebase 5 answers

Why is my Git repository so much larger than Mercurial version?

I’ve converted a Mercurial repository to Git, using fast-export. But the Git repository is huge: 18 GB for Git vs. 3.4 GB for Mercurial. None of my cleanup steps have helped. My Mercurial repository is dominated by one 65 MB file (Anki flashcards in SQLite format) that gets updated daily. Its history has grown to […]

hg-git push silently fails

I’m trying to use hg push to a git repository, but it silently fails. I found a single post on the mailing list and a registered hg-git issue, but both are about half a year old without much activity. So I started to think I misunderstand/misconfigure something. My ~/.hgrc contains [extensions] hgext.bookmarks = hgext.git = […]

Are there any text user interfaces (TUI/ncurses) frontends for mercurial and git?

I am looking for a TUI (text user interface) for mercurial and git? I need a solution for both, but not necessary the same.

Relational database backend for mercurial or git

What I like about fossil is that it uses plain old sqlite to store changesets, files, etc. I can use its command line tool to query the repository, but if I want something not supported by it, I can fallback to writing an sql query. Mercurial and git are more mature, they have more libraries, […]

WebDAV auto-versioning in Git or Hg or any modern VCS

I just recently learned of SVN’s auto-versioning feature for WebDAV. Although I understand this is not replacement for proper versioning, with messages documenting change sets, it strikes me as a solid and safe replacement to Dropbox (minus nice GUIs and web pages). However, since commits in auto-versioning are frequent, I’d imagine that Git or Hg […]

How is dvcs (git/mercurial) branching and merging support better than svn's?

Lots of articles on dvcs systems claim superior branching and merging support as one reason to move from svn to dvcs systems. How exactly do these systems do branching and merging differently that makes it better?

Posh-Git and Posh-Hg Together?

Hello I am a big fan of Git and Hg and have to use them both on many projects. I currently use Posh-Hg, which is a powershell plugin that places the current branch and outstanding commit right in your powershell. Posh-Git operates in a similar manner except for Git. Has anyone successfully gotten the two […]

Version control system for game development with UDK?

We’re a team thinking of making a game using the Unreal Development Kit and we’re looking around for version control solutions. I have always preferred decentralized VCSs like Git and Mercurial, and used it for all my personal projects. Though I have heard of problems regarding game development using these systems, with them not being […]

Is there an equivalent to git gui for mercurial under ubuntu?

Is there an equivalent to git gui for mercurial under ubuntu?

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