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Access Mercurial repo with Git on windows

Since version 1.8.1 git is including Felipes git-remote-hg . Unfortunately fetching/cloning from a Hg repo with TortoiseGit 1.8.1 and Git for Windows ends in the following error: fatal: git was built without support for git-core\git-remote-hg (NO_PYTHON=YesPlease). How do I get python support into my Git?

Mercurial v Git v Subversion

I need to choose a VCS to embed within a Java application I’m developing. The Java application will interact with the VCS via an API, but the user will also interact with it directly via an Eclipse plugin. 3 candidate VCS have been identified: Mercurial, Git and Subversion. I need to choose one based on […]

Difference b/w a $ git pull and $ hg pull

Steve Losh: A Guide to Branching in Mercurial – Mercurial will push/pull all branches by default, while git will push/pull only the current branch. I wonder if my understanding is right: It occurs to me that when I do a git pull I actually do fetch from all branches but the merge happens only with […]

Differentiated access rights in distributed VCS's

I have currently collected a large part of my work under a single and nicely organized repository in subversion. When another person, say X, needs to collaborate on a sub-project, say /path/to/my/subproject, I can simply give X permissions to read/write in that specific path. From my point of view, I still have the nicely structured […]

What is branched in a repository?

From what I understand of subversion if you have a repo that contains multiple projects, then you can branch individual projects within that repo (see SVN Red book – Using Branches) However what I don’t quite follow is what happens when you create a branch in one of the distributed systems (Git, Hg, Bazaar – […]

Which is the better commit tool, qct or hgct/gct?

I’m an experienced git user now working with people who use Mercurial. I really miss ‘git gui‘ for helping me with my commits. I see that two tools, qct and hgct, both support Mercurial. The things I like best about git gui is that it shows all uncommitted files (and untracked files) and makes it […]

Can't merge feature bookmark into master bookmark in mercurial

I’ve been trying to do more branching in Mercurial and decided to use bookmarks to do it. This particular repo pushes not only to a mercurial repo, but also to a git repo via hg-git. I’m using track.current in my bookmarks configuration. Anyway, so I created a bookmark and did some commits hg bookmark feature […]

Pull to Hg repo from Git repo that is the same project but has lost the history

My scenario is as follows. The project I have cloned from was originally versioned using Mercurial and I have a clone of that original repo with all it’s history. At a certain point in time the owner of the project decided to move to GitHub but has lost all the history in the move so […]

What is the best practice for pushing clean code to the main branch in Mercurial?

What is the best practice for pushing clean code to the main branch? This is a best practice question about Mercurial, however the thoughts of other DVCS/git users would also be applicable. If there is a suitable website please point me to it. How do large projects with lots of contributers keep the main development […]

Switching Mercurial Projects (Bitbucket) to Git (Github)

I am trying to move my public projects from bitbucket to github. I see that hg-git extension will help me get this done. $ easy_install hg-git Searching for hg-git Best match: hg-git 0.3.0 Processing hg_git-0.3.0-py2.7.egg hg-git 0.3.0 is already the active version in easy-install.pth Using /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/hg_git-0.3.0-py2.7.egg Processing dependencies for hg-git Searching for dulwich>=0.8.1 why? from […]

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