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Is anyone use Activecollab with Git or Hg?

We currently use activecollab with subversion, but we want to consider using Git or Hg to give us distributed source control. Is anyone making this work, so that revisions can be linked to tickets in activecollab, just as they are for SVN?

Is there a single server I can use to store/manage version control for SVN/Git/Hg/etc?

Is there a single server I can use to store/manage repositories which could then be accessed by the common/modern open-source (D)VCSs such as SVN, Git, Mercurial, bzr, etc and still keep a good level of compatibility with all of them? We have a large number of users on SVN, some on Git, and a couple […]

Forbidding pushes on Git/Mercurial

Is there any plugin for distributed SCMs that forbids pushing code that doesn’t fulfil a certain criteria (e.g. min test coverage)?

HG: Match remote repo's changesets

I’m moving to HG from Git and having a hard time with some of the restrictions HG is imposing on me: I am in a situation where I have some erroneous commits that I want to blow away. In fact, It would be really nice if I could just match the remote repo’s history. With […]

Coming from mercurial to git – merging?

I have used mercurial for quite some time and now I switched to git, because my new team uses it as default version control tool. Let me explain – In mercurial I clone project from bitbucket, i make some changes to project. Then I pull from bitbucket again and merge my changes with everything that […]

Is there a Windows version controll client that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion (all in one)

Well The question says it all.. Is there a Windows version control client (not clients) that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion (all in one)? I don’t mind having ^Tortoise(Git|Hg|SVN)$(yes I wrote it as a regex) installed but my context menu is getting unmanageable 🙂 It would be nice if there was something like SourceTree but […]

Vim: highlight changes compared to latest repo commit

If I am editing a file in a Git/Hg repo, is there any plugin that helps highlighting newly added/changed/deleted lines in Vim? Please note that I am not looking for a side by side comparison thing. Thanks.

git –bare clone analogue for Hg (Mercurial)

I want to checkout only history of a repository. Does there any option to clone history as like as git –bare clone <repo_url> option?

Disconnected Version Control

My team works in disconnected mode. i.e. They develop the applications and use SVN inside the company network to manage versioning for the code. I am sitting in customer’s office with no direct access to my company’s network from customer machines. I maintain my own SVN where I checkin the code drop received from my […]

mercurial (hg) syntax equivalent of git's “^”, meaning the commit PRIOR to the specified commit

In git, for a given commit X, X^ means the commit prior to X. Is there an hg equivalent?

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