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Is there an equivalent to Visual SourceSafe's Shadow Directories in other VCS?

I have been asked to save the current versions of all files in all repositories on our Subversion server to a network drive. This is in addition to our backups of the repositories themselves. Visual SourceSafe did this automatically by means of shadow folders. Is there a way to accomplish this for a Subversion repository? […]

Using DVCS for an RDBMS audit trail

I’m looking to implement an audit trail for a reasonably complicated relational database, whose schema is prone to change. One avenue I’m thinking of is using a DVCS to track changes. (The benefits I can imagine are: schemaless history, snapshots of entire system’s state, standard tools for analysis, playback and migration, efficient storage, separate system, […]

Migrating Clearcase to X

I was asked to choose an open-source alternative to Clearcase-UCM, and I need an advice what would be the best match. Given below are some parameters I’ve collected: Half of the development teams use the Integration view, development view, rebase and delivery methodology. The rest just work straight on their integration stream with private views […]

Converting a Mercurial repo with bookmarks to Git

What’s the best way to convert a Mercurial repo which uses bookmarks to a Git repo? I’ve tried the steps listed here in Cygwin, but it converted only the default branch to master. The “branch” where I am using a bookmark on was not included in the conversion, although it did issue an error at […]

What VCS alternatives to clearcase facilitate baseline functionality

I have used ClearCase in the past, as well as subversion, bazaar, mercurial, git, and Team Foundation Server. When I used ClearCase, we used UCM, and one of the features that I really liked was the ability to break out software by components, and set and recommend baselines on those components. I have a current […]

Dealing with glade files in DVCs

I have three branches (let’s use git for argument’s sake): master, feature A, and feature B. I have a glade file in master. The glade file is updated in both feature A and B. Now, both are merging into develop: there’s a merge problem… Most of the time, the glade file is re-written and thus […]

What are is most basic set of git command you would teach first?

I’m using mercurial with bitbucket to synchronize my code between computers, there’s only me using it, I could totally use a centralized protocol like SVN, but I just like mercurial. Things are easy with mercurial, hg add/com/up/push/pull/status and I’m ready to go. I often get in trouble with merges when I forgot to pull first, […]

Git merge 2 versions no common ancestor

I have my source code in a mercurial repo, whereas the master branch has been moved from mercurial to a git repo. The current git master branch head and my mercurial version has conflicts. The git master was created as a new repo and not derived from the original mercurial repo. How can I merge […]

Specifying where Version Control repositories are stored

I’d like to use VC for development projects, however what I see in the various types (Git, SVN, Mercurial…) doesn’t seem to suit what I’d like to accomplish. What I’d like to do is have the code repositories stored on an external device (such as thumb drive or SD card), not only for version control, […]

convert old repository to mercurial

I’ve been playing around with different versioning systems to find one I’m comfortable with. I started with SVN (lets call this version of the project “f1”), then changed over to GIT. But I didn’t know how to convert the old SVN repo to GIT, so I just copied the folder, deleted the .svn stuff, and […]

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