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How to do “hg backout X” in Git?

I have to use Git and want to undo one commit that was some commits before the tip. In Hg it’s hg backout. What’s the analog command in Git? (I duckduckwent before posting this and dont’s see an analog command.)

When considering git vs svn for work projects, is Mercurial best of both worlds?

Lately I’ve been searching for the best source control technologies for my work projects. I’ve been a subversion user for a while, but heard more and more about git. So I checked it out, and I very much liked the fact that it allows you to easily put your projects under source control, even offline, […]

hg equivalant of git revert

I have a commit on a public repository. I would like this commit to not be there (I’ve moved that work off to a branch), I obviously don’t want to destroy the branch history, basically just do an inverse of that commit. In git this is just git revert, but I’m not using git 🙂

Wikis with VCS backends?

I’ve recently stumbled upon some wiki‘s which use version control systems for their backend, namely Gollum (git) Hatta (mercurial) This seems like a pretty neat idea to me and I wanted to play around with one such wiki. I was wondering if the StackOverflow community has been using such wikis and could provide a list […]

Why is checking in files called a 'commit'?

The act of checking in files in a source control repository like git, mercurial or svn, is called a commit. Does anyone know the reason behind calling it a commit instead of just check in? English is not my mother tongue, so it might be some linguistic I don’t quite get her, but what I’m […]

Putting a project in Eclipse under source control

I’d like to know a step-by-step procedure for a noob on how to create a hello world project in Eclipse that is Subversion/Mercurial/Git integrated. I know this is easy, but I am unsure how to do it. I’ve: downloaded helios and put it on a local folder. created a new java project on directory “C:\workspace\tests”. […]

is `hg forget` the same as `git rm –cached`?

i’m having a hard time understanding hg forget. is it the same as git rm –cached? i.e. will remove the file with the next commit and stop tracking it?

DVCS Repo Design – separate dev from stable using branches or separate repos?

I’m working on a “plan of action” at my job for migrating our source control from SourceSafe 6.0 (ugh) to a DVCS like git or Mercurial (preferably git ATM). Right now I am working on the future repository design, i.e. branch layout and how to configure the ‘central’/blessed repo(s). Now, insofar I have only really […]

Deploying only changed part of a website with git to ftp (svn2web for git)

I’m having a website with many big images file. The source (as well as the images) is maintained with git. I wish to deploy that via ftp to a bluehost-like cheap server. I do not wish to deploy all the website each time (so that I won’t have to upload too many unchanged files over […]

Static web frontend for Git/Mercurial/Darcs

Recently I’ve found the project git2html: git2html is a simple git web interface. Unlike other web interfaces, git2html does not generate content dynamically: instead of using a CGI script, it generates static HTML pages. My questions is simple. Do you know other projects for Git, Mercurial or Darcs with similar goals?. I’m interested in static […]

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