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What is a recommended way to manage git patch queues in unrelated repositories

So, I have many repositories I need to manage patchsets in git. I primarily work on what I’ll call issue-branches (Unsure if thats an official terminology for git, but its short-lived branches for each issue). I do have a habit of rebasing if they end up taking longer to iron out, or even squashing if […]

How to deal with custom configuration on versioned files? – git

This question already has an answer here: How do you deal with configuration files in source control? 19 answers

BitBucket colored diff email service

Does anyone know about anyway to send out colored diffs of commits in bitbucket? I reckon you can do that by pushing out a HTTP call to your own server, but I need a solution in case you do not have your own server to rely on. I am a big fan of SVN::Notify, so […]

Configuring PATH globally for SSH remote commands

I have a problem with the PATH variable on Debian Linux when executing commands via SSH. This happens for example when I use GIT or Mercurial and I have them installed in /opt instead of /usr/local. But I can also reproduce this easily like this: When I login to the server via SSH in a […]

How do you prevent your Mercurial (or Git) branches from being locked up?

I want to throw this scenario out there and see what the most objective, vanilla-Mercurial way to fix this would be. Suppose I have the following branches in my centralized Mercurial repository for my centralized, non-distributed web-app: repository default feature1 feature2 bugs Suppose ten developers have committed fixes to the ‘bugs’ branch and pushed. Now […]

hg clone git:… aborts: failing connection?

When trying to clone a git repository using Mercurial over hg-git: hg clone git://github.com/rails/rails.git destination directory: rails importing Hg objects into Git abort: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond It fails, but why? […]

How to list every file for every revision in Git (like Mercurial's hg manifest –all)?

Mercurial has a command to list every file that the repository has for every revision: hg manifest –all Is there an equivalent command in Git? I know about git ls-files, but it only list files from the index (the current revision).

Git or Hg bridge to SVN

What are reasons to not use a git-svn bridge or an hgsubversion bridge? What are some blatant problems with using a bridge as opposed to fully switching to Git or Mercurial? I assume the bridge will still be plagued by the slow SVN speeds right? Thank you.

how to embed DVCS revision information when building without it

In my build system, every time I run a new build I save revision and hash information of the current commit in a few variables, and use them in my sources without issues. For example the window title is formatted like “NAME-REVISION-HASH”. The only problem of this is that sometimes people build the project by […]

Is it possible to use a private git(hub) repo in Dockerfile ADD?

There are plenty of questions about cloning a git repo into a container by installing git and then cloning stuff. What I’m interested in doing is something more like this, where they use a GitHub URL in the ADD command. Obviously that’s just a public URL, though. Is it possible to use something like git […]

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