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Bundle commits / keep commits private on push

I want to keep some commits private on push, so I want that they get bundled into one big commit on the remote side. Locally they should remain splitted. A use case is for example the work on a static blog. The draft steps should be commited and tracked locally but on push I want […]

Git bridge to Mercurial

I work mostly with Git and have a lot of code on github. I would also like to have it on Bitbucket, for people using mercurial but more importantly as I want to also have the code on my domian, and BItbucket supports Cnames for hosted code. So is there a way for me to […]

Can I use git or another versioning system to private repository on http hosting acount without ssh?

I have 2 www/ftp accounts with php and sql in hosting companies but I haven’t access to ssh. Can I install there any Version Control System like git or Mercurial? Or is any public free site to set up a private encoding developing repository?

Mercurial – what is “future auditing”?

I was reading the docs. In the section about Mercurial’s bookmarks system, I read this: Bookmarks can be used as an alternative to NamedBranches for tracking multiple lines of development. Systems like Mercurial, CVS, and Subversion store their branch information as a permanent part of each commit. This is useful for future auditing of long-lived […]

Is migration from Mercurial to Git and back effortless?

I’m trying to decide between Git and Mercurial and whatever decision I make, I’d like to know how difficult is to move from one SCM to the other. I know there are export + import options in both tools, I’d just like to know if it will preserve things like branches, tags etc. Also, will […]

How does SVN 1.8 merging compare with DVCS like Git & Mercurial?

I asked a question 3 years ago: How and/or why is merging in Git better than in SVN? Back then I think we were on SVN 1.6 but now we’ve reached 1.8 and it seems merging is one area they’ve done substantial work on. So in the light of these changes, has SVN 1.8 caught […]

So “tags” for versions and “branches” for new features?

I’m a little bit new to the distributed version control systems, so I was reading Mercurial manual and what I understood is the tag feature can be used to mark release numbers, example a tag called v1.0 and another v1.1, etc. As for branches they are to be used to add new features without disturbing […]

Migration from StarTeam to distributed source control

We’re currently using StarTeam for our project, and the license is expiring soon. We’re looking at moving to Team Foundation Server or something similar, but there’s a push (mostly from myself and one other person) to move to some form of distributed version control. One of the problems is that our change manager wants to […]

How can I get the equivalent of .hgignore's regular expressions ^var/(?!\log|.dummy) and ^var/log/(?!\.dummy) in .gitignore?

I am converting my Mercurial repository to Git. Part of the file system looks like this: |– .gitignore |– .hgignore `– var |– .dummy |– asdf `– log |– .dummy `– asdf My .hgignore file uses regular expressions. Part of my .hgignore file is as follows: ^var/(?!\log|.dummy) ^var/log/(?!\.dummy) I want to track the .dummy files […]

Installing Git and Mercurial on the same machine

I have Mercurial installed on my machine, which I used to work on for one collaboration project. Now I am starting another project and want to try out Git. Should I keep anything in mind when I install both Mercurial and Git on the same client. Thanx in advance.

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