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Make diff between two branches from Git and Mercurial

I have two repositories. One is Git repository. And other is Mercurial repository. Is it possible to show difference between two branches between two repositories?

Git has huge performance issues on windows

I always knew Git ran better on POSIX compliant systems. However, since I recently joined a windows development team for the first time I’m having my first real life experience with a large Git repository on windows (7). To make a long story short the performance is horrible and is a huge productivity issue. The […]

backup / version control hybrid scheme

Any suggestions for how to implement something that’s about halfway between version control and a backup system? Specifics: I’ve been playing around with git and mercurial, and discovering that neither really fit my particular needs. Specifically: I’m trying to backup / version control (yes, I know – two different things. Please read on.) mostly unrelated […]

Git remote add failed

I tried running $ git remote add -f i175 “hg::https://G.nius.ck@code.google.com/r/gniusck-175/ ” and got Updating i175 hg: *** failed to import extension keyring: _type_ ‘v’ not supported hg: abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/local/bin/git-remote-hg”, line 5, in <module> pkg_resources.run_script(‘git-remote-hg==0.1.1’, ‘git-remote-hg’) File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/distribute-0.6.45-py2.7.egg/pkg_resources.py”, line 505, in run_script self.require(requires)[0].run_script(script_name, ns) File […]

git equivalent of “hg strip”

This question — or the substantially similar “how to undo git fetch” — has been asked a handful of times before, but the answers have always been too simplistic. In particular, the most popular answer (git reset –hard) doesn’t touch the repository at all. The answer I’m looking for should leave the local git repo […]

How to clone a github repo in Windows using hg-git

I am attempting to clone a github repo for the first time in windows. I am following the instructions at https://hg-git.github.io/. First I did pip install hg-git This worked fine. I then tried hg clone git://github.com/nicodv/kmodes.git following the instructions for hg-git but that failed with abort: repository git://github.com/nicodv/kmodes.git not found! I also tried the same […]

Automatically merge two XML files by selecting both conflicting lines

I have two conflicting files. Here is the first file (a.xml): <doc> <ignore name=”ignore1″ /> <ignore name=”ignore2″ /> <interesting name=”foo.a” /> <ignore name=”ignoreN” /> <interesting name=”bar.a” /> </doc> And here is the second one (b.xml): <doc> <ignore name=”ignore1″ /> <ignore name=”ignore2″ /> <interesting name=”foo.b” /> <ignore name=”ignoreN” /> <interesting name=”bar.b” /> </doc> So basically it […]

hg-git push results in duplicate commit history

We recently took a repository we had in Mercurial and decided to migrate it to Bitbucket with Git. The initial conversion of HG default to Git master was successful. However, now I’m trying to migrate an old bug fix branch from the HG repo to the Git repo and having problems. I have HG-Git installed […]

Hg clone, pull, or incoming command from any repository on an HgLab server throws a mismatch error

My question’s pretty much in the title. Again, when trying to issue a clone, pull, or incoming command using mercurial from any repository on an HgLab server (whether that repository was already created from scratch on the server, or whether that repository was already pushed to the server, in both cases prior to issuing a […]

Removing '.git' directory from git repo?

I’m trying to migrate a git repo from Kiln to Github. I can add the new remote just fine, but when I try to push master to the new remote, I get the following error: Counting objects: 8691, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (3000/3000), done. remote: error: object a9ee490ac00987835de30bdbc851da5e8d45d28b:contains […]

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