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Bitbucket ssh public denied

Ok so I’ve run out almost on every idea and tutorial I can find online. So basically I have a Bitbucket repo and I want to set it up to automaticly update my linux server each time someone pushes to the repo. I was trying to follow this Tutorial but at step 1 ssh, I […]

How to separate/decouple git repository into a different location

My request may look strange but it’d make more sense after I explain why I’m doing it. So I have my person projects under /path/to/myprojects. Underneath maybe C, Perl, Shell, Tcl, etc. Now I want to put those project groups (C, Perl, etc) under git, but in different location, e.g., /path/to/mygits/. The reason that I […]

Under what exact conditions does a patch fail to apply?

In the context of a patch both produced and applied by git (i.e. unified diff format)… What is required for a patch to apply cleanly? Does the context have to match exactly? What happens if a line of context is missing or added? Does it have to match at the exact same line numbers, or […]

OpenShift WordPress Theme Developer workflow

I create a application with Cartridges, PHP 5.4 MySQL 5.5 phpMyAdmin 4.0 I commit my WP file, plugin and themes into GIT. In my .gitignore, i added wp-content/uploads I did go through the book “Getting Started with OpenShift”, as the book chapter 8 said “The other directory available to you is the OpenShift data directory, […]

Send string with whitespaces as git commit message using bash

I’m creating a bash script that updates a git branch, everything works fine but now i want to add the option to specify the commit message as a parameter. I used this command first: echo “Executing git commit…” git commit -m “$1” but when i sent something like this: $ git.sh “testing commit message” I […]

Check history of the git pulls made on a local repository from a remote branch

Is there a way we can view the history of the pulls that were made on a local repository? We use a shared system and wanted to have a log of the pulls that would have been made by different users. I have searched for this on the net, but no significant luck. Does anyone […]

When using php exec() to run shell scripts, one script works (which simply does git status) and one doesn't (which does git checkout). How come?

I am trying to setup a web-based portal through which we can checkout different branches of our Git repository through a simple click on a back-end panel. So currently, I have /var/www/devportal which contains index.php, status.sh and checkout.sh In index.php I do the following: $repo = $_GET[‘repo’]; $command = ‘sh status.sh ‘ . $repo; $output […]

how to sync a “shadow” git repository with a main repository “secretly”

I have a client that I do work for via a git repository. I do not want for him to know that I am partly using another developer. I have therefore created a “shadow” repository, that my developer is using. How to sync the “shadow” repository with the main repository so that the main repository […]

Using multiple Git repos inside folder with same top level parent directory?

I am working on a Magento store (SVN repo connected to Git) utilizing the fabulous HTML5 Boilerplate based Magento-Boilerplate theme (GitHub repo) and extending it with my own child theme (private Git Repo). These all exist in a single www folder which happens to be the top level directory for all three projects. I would […]

solution for GIT GUI client for remote SSH

I am a GIT GUI user. I have not issue using in my local development. However, now we have a server with GIT repo. I would like to know any solution I can remotely push, pull and diff by using GIT GUI client to access that? Currenly. I am SSH to the linux server, and […]

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