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Git fatal: cache daemon did not start

I am receiving the error git push jhaase1 master fatal: unable to bind to ‘~/.git-credential-cache/socket’: Operation not permitted fatal: cache daemon did not start: fatal: unable to bind to ‘~/.git-credential-cache/socket’: Operation not permitted fatal: cache daemon did not start: Everything up-to-date However, this is not an ownership issue like in other posts I have looked […]

Jenkins transfering 0 files via publishing over SSH

I have read these 4 posts already: Jenkins transferring 0 files using publish over SSH plugin transferring 0 files using publish over SSH plugin in Jenkins Jenkins, SSH plugin, 0 files transferred Jenkins 0 files published after build Our issue seems to have the most in commong with the first issue in that list. We […]

Issue with GIT command

I am trying to execute git clone command to clone source code from github repository. I am using 2.11.1 version. command I run is git clone https://username:password@github.com/repository.git ./localpath This works fine at windows machine. But when I am executing from linux machine command is removing @ and throwing error. Execution failure is like git clone […]

netbeans c++ cross-plattform (mac & linux) at the same time with git

I am currently wondering how I can solve the situation, that I want to work on a C++ project from multiple devices with different OSs. So my idea was to just push my .cpp and .h files up. So I tried to clone it and create a project with exisiting sources files. I was hoping […]

How to clone a git repository using SmartGit as ssh client on Linux?

Unable to find clear instructions, and other questions have Windows answers. Under hosting provider I have toggled ‘Use SSH instead of HTTPS to access repositories’: gitlab smartgit And I have configured smartgit as SSH client: smartgit ssh client I have my ssh key in the right folder: /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa_4096_gitlab When cloning smartgit still asks me for […]

Gitea can't fetch repositories

I installed gitea (If someone don’t know it, it’s an opensource fork of gogs) on my raspberry pi. I tried it under user pi and under user git. In user pi the gitea was installed in /home/pi/gitea and in git it was installed in /home/git. In both situation the repository directory was in the install […]

How to manage git merge with essentially two masters?

we have the following situation: At time point t0, we took snapshot of C++ project in Unix, which was not finished (release 1702 under Unix), and worked on it migrating to Linux. This was established as Master in a new GIT server. At time point t1, I created a new branch from Master called 1702, […]


I’m trying to build the last release of the linux kernel with the option CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO=y and somehow this local version doesn’t appear in uname -r. I clone the official repo and used localmodconfig and the actual config file to generate the .config file. I set the value CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO with make menuconfig and build the kernel. […]

Git Running SSH Under Different Port

Our servers at work don’t use Port 22 for SSH – they use a 4 digit Port. Now when I try to use commands such as git fetch, git pull etc. It cannot connect because it’s trying to connect using our 4 digit Port [user@server]$ sudo git fetch –verbose ssh: connect to host bitbucket.org port […]

Cannot install git on Linux Mint 17.3

I’m trying to install git for several hours but whatever I do I get this error: sudo apt-get install git Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution […]

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