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Pushing local repo to remote does not push submodule files using GIT

I’m new to GIT and am struggling with it. I’ve got a website that is stored in a repository. The website requires a theme folder that is setup as a separate repository. I’ve used the git submodule add command successfully to add the theme repository to my website. So now I have a website repro […]

Error “Failed connect to github.com”

I am a beginner to start with git. I have created my account on github. I created a new repository. But I am not able to push or update changes in github using the terminal. I am running the following commands: mkdir ~/TestApplication cd ~/TestApplication git init touch README git add README git commit -m […]

Install git or update git without apt-get or yum

I have some linux boxes that do not allow me to use yum to install packages. Instead I need to download the zip or tar and then use a package manager to install the items on my linux boxes. When you go to the git-scm page, the only way they provide to install git is […]

Git post-update hook as a deploy management. Just like heroku

I want to git push to server repo, and then post-update hook will pull lastest repo to deploy folder, and restart the daemon. but git user can not access deploy folder and can’t restart the daemon. How can I do git push deployment as heroku.

How do I completely remove Gitosis and then run Gitolite?

I removed the gitosis-admin folder, but naturally something is still screwed up when I run gitolite. I ran apt-get install gitolite and then gl-setup on the new .pub key I created and used to set up the passwordless access. The set up seemed to run fine, but now I’m prompted for a password (of course […]

Does user.name in Git need to match my GitHub username?

I am installing Git on an Ubuntu system. I need to set user.name. I already have a GitHub account. If my full name is John Doe, and I’ve set up my GitHub account with the username “Jon-D”, do I need to use that name for the Git user.name or can I (should I) use my […]

git clone fails when uses ssh connection

I used the following command to clone a git repository git clone ssh://git@test.server.com/project.git I placed the key files id_rsa.pub and id_rsa in the folder ~/.ssh/ but I get the following error when trying to clone with a above git command. ssh -v git@test.server.com OpenSSH_5.8p1 Debian-1ubuntu3, OpenSSL 0.9.8o 01 Jun 2010 debug1: Reading configuration data /home/user/.ssh/config […]

Git – SSH – Hosts: How can I delegate different IPs to remote origin, depending on what works each time?

When at home, git fetch origin master should connect over ssh to git@192.168.xx.xx. When on the road, git fetch origin master should connect over ssh to git@xxx.linkpc.net. Possible Solutions Having multiple remotes for the same repository/branch works but git tracks multiple heads unnecessarily. This solution just messes with the beauty. Assigning a hostname to remote […]

Using Git with a Samba shared folder

I am new to Git, and trying to determine how to best implement it. I have the following four machines: Linux server running GitLabs which stores my main repository. Linux production server running Apache, etc. I am not currently concerned about this part. Linux development server running Apache, etc. It also runs Samba and maps […]

How do I force LF in a Windows git sandbox for a specific file?

One of my project’s third party build steps requires LF line endings in an XML configuration file, regardless of whether the build occurs on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Our git sandboxes use CRLF on Windows, and LF on Mac/Linux for convenience, and our repository is LF. I need just this one file to be LF […]

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