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Failsafe Automated Git Update/Add/Commit

I have a website that I need to commit system generated files and folders to an existing git repository via linux command line. I have an automated process that monitors a folder for new bash scripts and runs them. The website creates the scripts and saves them to the folder. I keep getting issues where […]

No manual entry for giteveryday

I installed git using _sudo apt-get install git_ But git help everyday gives following error: No manual entry for giteveryday Even though, this appears similar to one How do I get git manual entries? I feel this is different. git-man is already installed and git help <command> works for all commands except giteveryday. I don’t […]

Git wont reset file permissions over cifs mount

I recently moved my programming stuff from local storage to a network storage. Since then Git doesn’t work correctly anymore. A typical scenario: I change files. Now I want to stash the changes. I do git stash. Git rollbacks the changes. However the files are still marked as changed in git status. git diff -p […]

execute git commands through bash script in other directory

is there a way to execute git commands in a bash script, add the changed files, commit it with a comment then push them to the server where the bash file isn’t in the directory of the repository? this is what I have, and everything works except the commit, cd /home/repos git add file.txt echo […]

How to import out-of-tree git history in-tree

The introduction to my question won’t talk too much about git, but I hope this will still bring more light to my problem (which asks for a git solution in the end) than if I mask the real-life use-case from behind the scenes. INTRODUCTION In Linux kernel it is often the case that some supplier […]

zip or tar the resulting files with command “git status” over modified files. Linux

Recently, i’ve been searching how to compress the git status modified files on command line linux. This git status before git add and git commit commands. $ git status . . modified: app/model/solicitud/Solicitud.js modified: app/view/basura/Grilla.js modified: app/view/excepcion/Grilla.js modified: app/view/modulo/Contenedor.js modified: app/view/modulo/Grilla.js . . So, i came with this solutions, to .tar.gz and zip respectively: $ […]

git alias not receiving parameters

I’ve been trying to create a new alias that send files to staging area, and at the same time it commit with a message. I’ve tried this: git config –global alias.stagecomm ‘!git add -A && git commit -m $1′ When I try to run: git stagecomm “Commit” It says that it didn’t match any files […]

Trying to follow an answer on here to show git branches in my terminal, but it doesn't seem to work

I am using Linux Mint 18, and I’ve added the following to my .bashrc: # GIT parse_git_branch() { git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e ‘/^[^*]/d’ -e ‘s/* \(.*\)/(\1)/’ } PS1=”${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$(parse_git_branch) $ ” I reload the .bashrc but after I restart my terminal and go to my folder which contains a git repo, the branch […]

Using git bundle create to backup repos to a specific directory?

I am working on backing some git repos as part of a new back up plan. It seems git bundle is the way to go, but I am wondering, and in my, in all honesty, short google searches, I cannot seem to find out if I can do a bundle directly into a specific directory. […]

Best practice to handle file permission in git with Jenkins

I have created two scripts in git hook for pre-commit to save the Linux permissions for all files in a permission file and post-checkout to restore the permissions using the permission file. This is working fine if I do a git clone/checkout/commit manually. However, when I configure the Jenkins to checkout the project, it will […]

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