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git-svn rejected Basic challenge now that VPN is required

I have been using git–svn for a few months now as an interface to the SVN repository for my company. However, about a week ago my company changed their policy such that SVN is only reachable if connected by way of Cisco VPN. I have no trouble connecting to VPN on my Linux Mint VM […]

Managing user configuration files across multiple computers

I commonly work on multiple computers. I have various configuration files, eg, .bashrc, .gitconfig, .irbrc, .vimrc and configuration folders, eg, .vim/ that contain valuable customizations. Sometimes I want small variations in configuration between the different computers. I want to use version control to manage these different files. do others use version control to manage their […]

Is there a 'git sed' or equivalent?

Let’s say I want to rename a method in source code contained in a git repository. I could do this by hand, but the method name might be in multiple places (e.g., unit test, documentation, actual method). To check where the method is used, I use ‘git grep’. I get ‘git grep’ to show only […]

How to change default permissions on Jenkins workspace directory on fedora?

I have a mysql instance that needs to dump csv files into a jenkins workspace. Unfortunately, Jenkins has permissions 755 for the workspace directory, and I need to be able to create and delete jobs of this type very often, so manual configuration doesn’t work. How do I change the default permissions on these directories […]

Configuring Jenkins to programmatically determine slave at build time from build parameter?

This is perhaps a slightly unusual Jenkins query, but we’ve got a project that spans many projects. All of them are Linux based, but they span multiple architectures (MIPS, SPARC, ARMv6, ARMv7). For a specific component, let’s call it ‘video-encoder’, we’ll therefore have 4 projects: mips-video-encoder, sparc-video-encoder, etc. Each project is built on 4 separate […]

How to get Jenkins working with binaries from a subfolder of the root user?

In my build.xml I defined some jobs, that should be executed by tools, I installed globally via Composer. That means, the binaries are stored in /root/.composer/vendor/bin/ (I’m working as root on my local VM). I set the PATH environment variable in the composer configs (without it the build process was failing): Now the building process […]

Can't find variable: loadFixtures

I am using karma, jasmine and phantomjs for my project and when I am executing start karma; I am getting following error: PhantomJS 1.9.7 (Linux) View:: Login guestRegistration Should call the guestRegistration event when btn-grey is clicked FAILED ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: loadFixtures at /apps/devops/jenkins/home/jobs/UIMod-Jasmine-Karma/workspace/WebContent/test/javascript/spec/login.view.spec.js:84 ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: spyOnEvent at /apps/devops/jenkins/home/jobs/UIMod-Jasmine-Karma/workspace/WebContent/test/javascript/spec/login.view.spec.js:89 PhantomJS 1.9.7 (Linux) […]

jenkins cannot run firefox: No protocol specified Error: cannot open display: :0

I have installed jenkins as a service on linux mint. I am trying to run tests written in python and script cannot run firefox. This line is a problem. … self.browser = webdriver.Firefox() … When i log in as jenkins user, i can’t run firefox. getting this error : (process:3758): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion ‘sys_page_size […]

Jenkins slave set-up – Both Master and Slave Nodes are Linux machines

I want to set-up a Linux node as a slave to Jenkins Master. I was going through the tutorial on setting it up for a Linux machine. Have master launch slave agent via ssh Jenkins has a built-in SSH client implementation that it can use to talk to remote sshd and start a slave agent. […]

jenkins shall fail on errors during rpm install job

I have an deployment task that is executed on my test machine. The purpose is to test the freshly build rpm from jenkins on the very same machine. Therefore I set up a deploy job in jenkins that executes the following shell lines: artifact=$(ls build/*.rpm | head -1) sudo /usr/local/sbin/jenkins-rpm-install $artifact rm -rf build/ To […]

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