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Getting GitHub files (and updates) onto an Ubuntu web server

I’m setting up a multi-user, multi-server environment. All developers will use Git and clone various repos from GitHub etc. (in one account I control). Now, how do I get files from GitHub to the servers (about 5 of them)? First I was thinking of some sort of automated way to push updates from GutHub to […]

git shows random files changed on Mac NFS filesystem

We have a strange problem here at work that I’ve been unable to figure out. We all use MacBooks with Snow Leopard on our desktops and we have a handful of Linux servers we also use remotely. Some of my team members put git repositories on an NFS filesystem that’s shared between both the Mac’s […]

What is the best git config set up when you are using Linux and Windows?

I am a bit confused with core.eol, core.autocrlf, core.safecrlf for git config. http://git-scm.com/docs/git-config I am using Ubuntu and Widows. I had ^M, and other issues before. Could anyone suggest the best git config setups for this problem? Thanks in advance.

Vagrant w/ windows as host, files don´t run on vm due to crlf

I´m trying to set up vagrant with windows as host and ubuntu as guest. I want to commint vagrant file itself to the repo so the steps would be, clone repo in windows, vagrant up and have the env ready and running. The problem is, since the repo is cloned in windows, all the files […]

Are CRLF lines ok in a Rails project deployed on Linux?

I have a Git repository (originally CVS, then SVN, now Git) containing a Rails project that has been deployed on Linux for a while now. Everything seems to run fine. Now that I’ve converted to git, I see that many of my files in the repository contain CRLF line endings. I’d love for it to […]

Git Install Script How to enter shell command

This is more of a git related question than openshift. When I push files to the git server using git, I see that the file permissions of my perl index.cgi file gets changed to 700 in my openshift repo. Hence every time I do a push, I have to log in to the server using […]

How secure is storing password with Git?

I use the Git on my workplace and company policy doesn’t allow me to store passwords in unsecure way. Is there any better option than using git config credential.helper store for storing password to the Git server? P.S. Can’t use key-authentication as it’s not allowed on our server.

Git pull permission denied linux?

When I run git pull origin test, I get fatal: unable to connect to cache daemon: Permission denied followed by the prompt for the github username and password. The directory is located under my homefolder (~/www/software). Any ideas? If I use sudo, it works, but I don’t feel like I should have to use su […]

Not able to “git pull” – Host key verification failed

I’ve got root access to our production server and I want to deploy the latest version in git to the server but I’m running into the error below when I “git pull” on the folder I want to update. I’ve browsed around a bit, but can’t find a clear answer on what to do.. The […]

How to detect if a git clone failed in a bash script

How can I tell if a git clone had an error in a bash script? git clone git@github.com:my-username/my-repo.git If there was an error, I want to simply exit 1;

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