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Failing to log in via publickey ssh

I’m trying to set up public key login with ssh, something I’ve done before without difficulty. However, this time I’m still being prompted for a password and I don’t know why. I’ve found tons of solutions to this problem, but none of them seem to apply to me. Here is how my localhost is set […]

Github – permission denied to old account

Problem faced: I cannot git push to my repo, error message: remote: Permission to fishercoder1534/Leetcode.git denied to MY_OLD_GITHUB_ACCOUNT fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/fishercoder1534/Leetcode.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403` Research I have done: looking at this post, I have all these correctly pointing to my new github account: git config –global user.name “NewAccountFirstname NewAccountLastname” git […]

Multiple git repositories with 1 main repository

I’m using my own admin panel for multiple websites. I have a git repository for just the admin panel, and a seperate git repository for every website. So my question is: How can I update my admin panel easily. When I commit something to the admin panel repository, how can I automatically merge the new […]

Moved local git folder and now its asking to stage most of my project files?

I reinstalled my OS (KDE neon) and I thought why not backup my project git folder, before I reinstalled I made sure I commited any code and everything in my git project folder was up-to-date. So after reinstalling, I moved my project back onto my PC from my backup drive and ran git-status and it […]

Why branch checkout on Windows is so slow, but on Linux so fast?

I got a git repository with several submodules and got horrible performance on my Windows 10 build 15063, while on my Linux Mint 18 Sarah everything is fast as the speed light. Both on Windows and Linux using the Smartgit client, where I can do checkout on a test branch, but takes like 3 minutes […]

How to get back a clean git repository?

I have got a github repo from Customer side . After that I could see the changes in the Github. But found that given old, faulty, junk tree. I have successfully push the initial code base using these commands. git clone git@github.com:ABC/ABCSoft.git cp -rv /home/LifeStyle . git add –all git commit -m “Initial codebase v1.0.0” […]

Git ignore and untrack file

I put some folders in my gitignore but as described in the documentation A gitignore file specifies intentionally untracked files that Git should ignore. Files already tracked by Git are not affected So I have to untrack some files and is where my nightmare start This is my gitignore file $ cat .gitignore /.settings/ /.buildpath […]

Uploading all my files to GitHub

I created a new repo on github called GHide. The repo is completely empty. I read the instructions on github for a hello-world repo. But I can’t find out how I can upload my existing GHide files from my computer to the GitHub repo. How is that to be done. I am using Linux so […]

eclipse : impossible to import git project

I got a problem with my eclipse, on debian. When I try to import a git project from github, using egit I got a Couldn’t create temporary repository. error after having set my project properties. However, I works ok when using running eclipse with sudo. I think it would be related to wrong permissions somewhere, […]

How to apply a git patch on a non-checked out branch?

I am wondering if it is possible to apply a git patch on a non-checked out branch? I would like to do this because I don’t want this patch on my working branch, but on a dedicated branch that I don’t use right now. This is a large branch, and checking it out will: make […]

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