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linux kernel not booting after building from git checkout

I have a weird issue here!! I am building kernel for an android system. I am able to build the kernel from a local copy and then generate android boot images which work fine on my device. If I check in this code to git, and then checkout another instance and follow the same build […]

Building Debian package without upstream

I’m replacing a hacky Debian package build script with http://jenkins-debian-glue.org/, which uses git-buildpackage. The generate-git-snapshot script runs this monster of a line: gbp buildpackage -nc –git-force-create –git-ignore-new –git-ignore-branch -S -us -uc –git-verbose –git-builder=/bin/true –git-cleaner=/bin/true –git-export-dir= This fails every time with an error: gbp:error: upstream/1.0.0 is not a valid treeish. 1.0.0 is the initial version string […]

etckeeper doesn't checkout files automatically to /etc

Somewhy since I upgraded to Debian Jessie 8.3 and compiled GIT 2.6.0, etckeeper v1.15 doesn’t doesn’t checkout files automatically to /etc. Reproducing steps: 1) create file ddd.txt locally (Windows 7, git version 2.6.3.windows.1) with content: root@local-debian8:/etc# printf “ddd\n” > ddd.txt 2) see with git $ git status On branch local_master Your branch is up-to-date with […]

What solutions exist for lightweight version control of an entire system image?

Say you’re building a safety-critical software appliance to run on a capable embedded system like the NVIDIA Jetson TK1. The main application will run in Linux, and that is managed with Git. But you also want to have tight control over the entire system state – changes to the network settings, startup, shared libraries, etc. […]

How do I pull from a git repo on a remote machine through ssh?

I have several remote machines that need to pull from a repo after I’ve completed testing and ready to make updates to production (python Flask app and supporting classes). A couple of the machines need to pull from a different branch, as well. I’ve been SSHing to each machine to run the git pull, but […]

Using a *.patch file to change a Linux kernel's source

I have been provided with a patch file for Linux kernel 3.18.3 and must use it with a custom Linux kernel scheduler. By default, it’s used in “Debian GNU Linux Wheezy 7.8.2 (32bit) – linux 3.18.3″. Details here. But now, I want to use it with Linux kernel 3.18.3, downloaded from kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.0/. I downloaded that […]

Git settings configured for Linux on Windows computer

I’m trying to configure my Git account run automatically authenticate via ssh however I am having problems with the publickey Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/home/aamcarr/.ssh/known_hosts). Permission denied (publickey). When I first installed it, I think I chose the wrong settings and no matter how many times I retry […]

How do i add and sync my local git on server? What is bare repo?

I am using git from a long time but never set it up on server. Refereeing to this Git: move existing repository from PC to server, clone from server I have initiate a bare repo on server but while adding origin in local “git remote add origin server:path/to/repo” i have no idea what to add […]

running git from crontab – permission denied

I’ve looked this up and found lots of answers but I am a unix/linux dummy. Not able to follow peoples instructions. Not sure which files to edit etc.. need simple step by step instructions here I have a shell file set up like so: #!/bin/bash exec &>> /var/www/nginx/yokohama/laravel/storage/cron.log today=’date +%Y-%m-%d.%H:%M:%S’; cp /var/www/nginx/yok/yok_data.xml /var/www/nginx/yok/yok_XML_Files/backup-$(date +”%Y_%m_%d”).xml git […]

How to specify more than one email address in 'git config –user.email'

I have specified two email addresses in my GitHub account. Now I want to have the same in the command line so my commits are assigned to both email addresses. How is this possible?

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