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How to change a submodule remote url locally having to commit back these changes

I have a project that should work under Windows and Linux. I put a central repository as folder on a server in our company. Next to it lies a repository which is a submodule of that repository. Now I can access this folder under Windows with something like \\server\project. Under Linux the folder name is […]

GIT don't push my files

I have a problem with git, here my process I create a file git on the dev serv git init –bare .git I clone this repository .git on my local pc. git clone ssh://root@ipservdev.com/var/www/siteweb/.git i add all my files cd /var/www/siteweb git add * git commit -m “First Commit” git push -u ssh://root@ipservdev.com/var/www/siteweb/.git master But, […]

How to extract tar (ed) Android repo?

I’m restoring my Linux partition from backups (mostly non compressed tarballs). I’m facing a problem while extracting a tarball which is backup of synced android repo. I tared my existing repo by simple tar -cf command and i’m extracting it using tar -xf blah.tar. I’m getting the following error. http://pastebin.com/rkyu9qvD Dump of tar -tvf blah.tar […]

execvp call in git's source for external shell cmd returns EFAULT (Bad address) errno, seemingly only in 64 bit. Googling reveals nothing

UPDATE: running git diff with valgrind results in Syscall param execve(argv) points to uninitialised byte(s) And the output from strace is not fully decoded–i.e., there are hex numbers among the array of strings that is argv. … This started out like a superuser problem but it’s definitely moved into SO’s domain now. But anyway, here […]

WebDAV for Nginx in Archlinux

This is a linux newbie here, so please be patient with me. I have installed Nginx onto an Archlinux virtual machine, and it works (perfectly well) as a reverse proxy to provide SSL and Auth to a farm of backend servers. Now I would like to configure a location to serve WebDAV as well. I […]

Shell script without using sudo in ubuntu

Totally new to shell script’s and I have a script that execute the following command in order to export my database from Vagrant: export_folder=”/var/www/projects/DatabaseBackup/local” schema=”wp” tables=”wp_8_options” export_data=”mysqldump -uroot -pmy-secret-password –opt $schema $tables > $file_name.sql” sudo vagrant ssh –command “cd $export_folder && $export_data” $export_folder : Is the path inside Vagrant, that corresponding on my host computer […]

finding out the last modified time of all modified files in git

If I do git status I see a bunch of changed files and a few new ones as well. I’d like to be able to see the last modified time of each of these files (and from there see which one is the oldest / newest) but it is not clear to me how to […]

GIT push creates a temporary (?) “file.html~” file of my commited file? Why?

it’s my first using the git commands on a linux environment and I got a weird problem. I cloned a git repository and changed the file “index.html” for testing purposes. I use the following commands after that: $git add . $git commit – m “test” $git push It works fine, expect that it created a […]

Changing the location of git installation on linux

I apologize if this seems basic but I’m new to linux and not really sure how to proceed. My current git version is 1.7.1 and is located in /usr/bin/git but a newer version of git (1.8) is now available in /usr/src/git/bin/git. How do I make git use this version by default as opposed to the […]

How to set the root of git repository to vi/vim find path?

I want to set vim file search path to include git repository root (which can be found by git rev-parse –show-toplevel). I can’t figure out how to append the output of this git command to “set path=.,,**” in .vimrc. Thanks!

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