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Etckeeper + git and remote server

Is it some possible to clone etckeeper git repo on my computer, make some changes and after that push to /etc folder on server? I tried this but i have problem with push because etc is noa a bare repo. Thanks for help. BR,

Gitolite bug when pushing to server

I have a Linux server with Git and Gitolite. Until now, always works fine, but since yesterday I have a problem. I can connect and pull my repos but when I push I have these types of errors : remote: Empty compile time value given to use lib at hooks/update line 6 remote: Use of […]

Handling line endings for git

Here is what I messed up so far, I copied (not cloned) a rails project from windows to linux pc Then created a new branch and made lots of changes At last commited twice whole project and pushed it to a remote repository with windows line endings. Problem: so my problem is that, since I […]

Git push changing ownership of files causing 500 server error

Problems with git push causing 500 server errors. Appears to be a file permission problem according to the server errors. the ownership of the files change each time I do a git push from my local machine. In order to get things working again, I have to go into the public_html folder and chown potter.potter […]

Windows git client over ssh for local repository?

I have a set-up where I have a remote git server, a local git/development machine running Linux, and a Windows development machine. I generally use putty from windows to log into my local linux development machine, which is where my local git repository resides, as well as where I do my compiling, etc. I’d like […]

GitHub taking forever to push/pull on Ubuntu 11.04

I’ve installed git on Ubuntu 11.04 and I’ve cloned a private respository on GitHub. Whenever I try to push or pull to/from the repository, it takes about 30-60 seconds. Even if their are no changes in the repository. When using the same repository on Windows 7, pull/push requests only take a few seconds. I can’t […]

Deleting Git LFS storage from server?

I recently set up a small Linux server with Gitlab CE in order to test out Git LFS for game development. In order to get a feel for the Gitlab and LFS workflow I made a test project in a popular game engine with a number of large binary assets. After writing a quick .gitignore […]

Fatal: git was built without support for git-add–interactive (NO_PERL=1)

When I do “git add -i” It pops this error: fatal: git was built without support for git-add–interactive (NO_PERL=1) I desperately need help!

git submodules: ln -s

How can I create a directory link that will survive git submodule update? Given the following example directory structure: proj |– lib3 | `– submod | `– lib `– lib I created a soft link from proj/lib/ to proj/lib3/submod/lib using something like the following command: brad@bradpc:~/proj/lib$ ln -s ../lib3/submod/lib submodlib creating the following directory structure: […]

GIT send-mail failing to send mail

I am trying send patch to linux–mailing list using git send-email but it is failing with following error Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use –smtp-debug. VALUES: server=smtp.gmail.com encryption=tls maildomain=xyz.domain.name at /usr/libexec/git-core/git-send-email line 1040. following are my smtp setting [sendemail] smtpEncryption=tls smtpServer=smtp.gmail.com smtpUser=xyz@gmail.com smtpServerPort = 587 Am I missing anything? Please Help!! Thanks

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