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Config file not found in github package

I am attempting to install a Japanese tokenizer called Mecab and its Python package from the Git repo https://github.com/mcho421/noj/blob/master/installing-mecab–python.md Downloading mecab itself works fine but when you hit the download mecab-python section I reach an error I can’t resolve. In trying to setup the Python (on a Linux virtual box) I run into the error […]

Where can I get the description of `–shared` option of `git init` command for Windows?

I am reading the Git documentation about the git init command: –shared[=(false|true|umask|group|all|world|everybody|0xxx)] Specify that the Git repository is to be shared amongst several users. This allows users belonging to the same group to push into that repository. When specified, the config variable “core.sharedRepository” is set so that files and directories under $GIT_DIR are created with […]

Code::Blocks crashes after 'adding files recursively' to an empty project

I am trying to navigate the Linux kernel using the Code::Blocks IDE. The steps I used were – Got the linux kernel source code from the git repo. The code is in a folder called Linux. I created a new ’empty project’ in Code::Blocks and saved the .cbp in a folder under the Linux directory. […]

Can git track files in another folder

I am new to git and I keep all my git repos in one folder inside an NTFS disk so that both Windows and Linux partitions can see it. The problem is that executable files in that folder can’t be given execution permissions in Linux. For the repos that contain executable files, I’ve been working […]

ssh git pull or push is slow compared to ssl pull/push

Git pull/push over ssh is very slow when compared to ssl. Anybody experienced that? Speed over SSL is atleast 5 times faster. Did a clone using both the authentication and SSL finished within 1 min and new clone over ssh took 5 mins. No load on the server and client during clone. I tried to […]

Missing dependency for git commit?

I was unable to git commit on an old Synology DS-106j for a while. After asking this question here a while back, I followed the suggested alternative till I found out that I now need to use git on the platform. (I am currently writing a program for it.) Fortunately, I found a way to […]

uap-parser from git on Amazon EMR

Im new to scala and so dont really know how to go about this. In R all one would need to do to install a git repo is: install_github(…) I need to install https://github.com/ua-parser/uap-scala on an Amazon EMR,this is what I have done so far: // Install Sbt sudo yum -y install sbt //Install git […]

Error during NPM install PM2 -g (Ubuntu 14.04 x64)

I am getting an error whilst trying to run npm install pm2 -g on a cloud Ubuntu 14.04 microserver/droplet. I’ve tried: sudo npm install pm2 -g and npm cache clear -f …followed by both sudo and non-sudo installation attempts. All result in the below. Verbatim outcome: npm ERR! git clone –template=/root/.npm/_git-remotes/_templates –mirror http://ikt.pm2.io/ikt.git /root/.npm/_git-remotes/http-ikt-pm2-io-ikt-git-4d23bf0d: undefined […]

Android Studio git across platforms

I have 3 computers currently, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet. The two first ones is running Linux, but the tablet is a newer Intel BayTrail with no Linux support at the moment, so I am running Windows 10 on it for now. All 3 devices is setup with my development environment auto synced using Dropbox. Each […]

Gobblin Git clone error

When trying to download and build Gobblin from git clone. By following, Download and Build Gobblin Locally On your local machine, clone the Gobblin repository: git clone git@github.com:linkedin/gobblin.git It gives following error in my Amazon Ec2 instance. $ git clone git@github.com:linkedin/gobblin.git Cloning into ‘gobblin’… Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address ‘’ […]

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