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repo 'bisect' for debugging Android?

git bisect works by counting the number of commits between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and checking out the change in the middle. Unfortunately this wouldn’t work well for repo because one project (e.g. framework) may have a lot of changes early on and another project (e.g. kernel) may have a bunch of later changes, so ‘repo […]

Make a GIT repository read only for some users using gitosis

We are running a GIT repository using gitosis and we need to forbid the push to some people of the team. So i want everybody have read access to all repositories (got +10 repo and +20 machines where the users can do commit pull and push) I need to restrict only the push, i want […]

I get “fatal: unable to create threaded lstat” error when I run “git status” command

Hi StackOverflow Team! Recently I got strange responses from git I use on my SiteGround hosting. When I run the git status command in my repository I get the following error: serv01.ams38.siteground.eu [~/www/cledu (cart-editor)] git status fatal: unable to create threaded lstat serv01.ams38.siteground.eu [~/www/cledu (cart-editor)] On the net I found few people having similar issues […]

Linux kernel : Kernel version string appended with either ''+“ or ”-dirty”

I am trying to install latest kernel from git of Linus Torvalds, i.e., version 3.16-rc7. I have created a new branch by following using following commands: git checkout -b v_3_16 v3.16-rc7 Then I checkout on the branch v_3_16 and fire following commands make menuconfig and check the option CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO because I need the version string […]

git and hardlink in linux

I have a git repo test, and a file (zsh config file), and ln ~/.zshrc test/zshrc then I changed .zshrc file,the zshrc file in git repo didn’t change,is that git cannot deal with hardlink? if so, how can I use git to manage these dotfiles?any suggestion

Git Clean Filter Breaking on Empty Files

I setup the following filters from the Git Attributes documentation: git config filter.dater.smudge expand_date git config filter.dater.clean ‘perl -pe s/\\\$Date[^\\\$]*\\\$/\\\$Date\\\$/”‘ Now I run the following commands: touch nfile.txt git add –all And get the following error: error: copy-fd: read returned Bad file descriptor error: cannot feed the input to external filter perl -pe “s/\\\$DATE[^\\\$]*\\\$/\\\$DATE\\\$/” error: […]

How do I remove all traces of Git for my repository?

This question already has an answer here: Do a “git export” (like “svn export”)? 29 answers git – how to remove git tracking from a project? 6 answers

Using su/sudo when accessing remote Git repositories over SSH

Suppose that there is a remote Git repository R on a Linux server. R is owned by a user U for which a remote login via SSH is not allowed at all (e.g. root). Neither password-based nor key-based authentication is available for that user. What is allowed, however, is logging on as a different user […]

Can't add a file separated with space to git

I have been writing a script to add untracked files using git add . The loop I use in my script is for FILE in $(git ls-files -o –exclude-standard); do git add $FILE git commit -m “Added $FILE” git push origin master done The script runs fine till it faces a filename which has space […]

git –global switch related to one user or all user?

Suppose I have two users A and B in my Linux system. I am logged in as user A. If i configure an option using the –global switch like this git config –global user.name “my name” Will this set option only for user A? Or it will affect both users: A and user B?

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